Husband Kissing Wife's Neck Against Wall

Not So Shy (L)

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Christian husband here, using my wife’s account.

One of the sexiest things in the world is a secret between a husband and wife. This secret I didn’t know about until I was married.

You see, my wife is shy. She has always been shy. Her shyness is cute. You don’t know her fully unless you’ve gained her trust and she feels safe. Even then, her shyness shows. When we got married, I didn’t expect this shy lady to show a side only I see. She is shy in public, but her alter-ego, her second self, comes out when we make love. I was surprised that a sweet, shy, Christian girl could turn into someone different in bed. It is one of my biggest turn-ons and the sexiest thing I’ve experienced.

I remember one occasion when my wife and I attended a gathering with friends and family. The whole time we were there, she was sitting next to me, all shy and sweet. But when we left to go home, suddenly this shy woman transformed before my eyes. I felt her hand on my dick in the car; she told me she wanted me to fuck her “right now.” Then she started playing with her breasts and licked her lips. There was no way I could pull over, and it about killed me. Just a few minutes before, she was shy and retiring, and now her other side that only I get to see had come out.

We finally made it home, and my erection was throbbing. My wife sat on the sofa, and when I follow her, she pulled out my dick and started playing with it. My precum made a splash on my boxers. My wife, with a sparkle in her eyes, licked her lips then kissed me. She asked me if she could suck my dick.

I nodded yes, and before I knew it, her lips were on my dick. The way her eyes looked into mine while she sucked my dick was one of the most beautiful, sexiest things ever! I couldn’t help but moan slightly. Then, she pulled my dick out of her mouth and said, “You like this? You like it when I suck your cock like this?”

I nodded and said, “Yes.” So she continued to suck me off until I told her I wanted to see her pussy.

My wife told me, “This is your pussy, and it’s wet for you.” Instantly my dick was concrete.

She led me to our bedroom, and we both got fully nude. Her nipples were hard when I went over to lick them. Her slight moans are the sexiest sound in the world to me. I laid her back and kissed her all over, taking in every inch. Then, I started rubbing her pussy, and her moans intensified—sweet sounds to my ears, and only I ever get to hear them. My shy wife doesn’t make those noises for anyone else but me.

I put my finger into her sweet, dripping pussy. Her reaction almost sent me over the edge: “Fuck me, fuck me. Please just fuck me. I want you inside me.”

I told her, “Not yet.” It was so sexy and another turn-on to hear her beg me to fuck her. I stuck another finger inside her, and her cries turned me on more. I went down on her.

It amazed me to see my wife in her own world, enjoying the pleasure I brought her. She moaned sweetly and panted, her hands pulling the sheets and her legs clenching around me—a show only for me. This shy woman wasn’t shy anymore. I had a front-row seat—the only seat!

Then I heard, “Please, baby, just fuck me. I want you to fuck me. Just fuck me. I need you inside me.” So I came up. She met my gaze and our eyes locked. “Fuck me. I want to feel your hard cock inside me.”

I felt her hands guiding my erect dick into her sweet vagina. Its walls separated, and her warmth surrounded me. The pleasure emanated from my wife’s face and whole body. She pulled me on top of her and whispered, “Fuck the shit out of me.”

I kissed her lips and thrust very slowly, and her brows knit as a groan escaped her parted lips. Her face flushed, her nipples could’ve cut glass, and sweat covered her body. When I thrust a little faster, her moans increased in pitch. I thrust faster and faster, listening to her squeal climb as she tightened around me. She lost herself in the action, another sexy turn-on for me. She didn’t care how much noise she made or who heard us, didn’t worry about what she looked like. This shy woman was shy no more. She got louder and wilder, her breaths coming heavier. Her fingers clawed at the sheets, and her legs wrapped around me.

She cried, “Baby. I love you, baby. I love you so much. Don’t stop, baby.”

Sweat dripped from my body onto hers as her sweet tits bounced up and down to my thrusts. I felt her vagina gripping my erect dick, felt every inch of my wife wrapped around me. I kissed her neck. Happiness welled up in me at her intensity and complete immersion in the moment. It wasn’t put on, but it was an enthralling show only for me.

My wife’s arms snaked around me, and she begged, “Cum in me, baby. I want to feel your cum.” But I told her I didn’t want to cum just yet; I wanted to continue fucking her, giving her pleasure. I didn’t want the show to end just yet. But I struggled to resist her urging me to cum in her; it turned me on so much, and she knew this. She kept encouraging me to let go and fill her up, whispering, “Cum in me. I need to feel your hot cum.”

I tried my best to hold out, but hearing my wife say “Cum in me” over and over again, sent me right over the edge. I picked up speed, thrusting harder and faster. Loud moans from my wife filled the room. I heard, “Yes, baby, right there. Baby…” completely lost inside her as she was in me. We didn’t care about anything else but each other at that moment. Our heavy breathing and moans filled the room. “Yes, baby, cum in me. Fuck me harder.”

I felt my excitement climb, felt myself about to release inside my wife. When I could hold back no longer, I grabbed her tight, thrust deep into her, and shouted, “I’m about to cum.”

When my wife felt my body tighten up, she told me to look at her when I cum. She wanted to see me cum in her and fill her up. A few seconds later, I felt my release detonate inside my wife. I moaned hard and loud while looking deep into her eyes. I felt a connection that nobody else has. My wife moaned and growled, “Yes, baby. Yes, fill me up. I want your cum inside me.”

Once I finished, I kissed my wife and stayed inside her until I went soft. When I pulled out, she stuck two fingers inside herself, then brought them to her mouth. She licked my cum from them and told me, “You taste so fucking good. You fuck me so well.”

The next day, my wife went right back to being the shy woman everyone knows and love. However, I get the shy woman and the woman nobody else can see, hear, or know about. The shy woman who isn’t so shy.

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7 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    I love your story because I’ve LIVED our own version. My wife is reserved yet friendly and she’s very conservative. But many times she is over the top when she’s super in-the-mood! We call it being wired. This has happened in our bedroom usually… but also at a wildlife refuge, on the way home from a family member’s wedding, on our massage table, in a private hot tub, at hotels etc. Those experiences have become some of my favorite memories!

  2. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    I love this! Not only because it is a great story, but because I relate so much to the feelings. There is something so wonderful about that secret between husband and wife of how wild our wives can get. I loved the line about the sweet sounds she makes only for you. I love those personal sounds my wife makes only for me, but in our case I’m sure there are several fellow hotel guests and maybe even some neighbors who would attest that I’m not the only one who’s heard them 😉. Keep on writing and keep on enjoying that secret.

    • Honeymooners says:

      Yes. It's a turn on to see and experience. Then after, she goes back to being shy. It's our little secret. God bless

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