Wife, face hidden by hat, kneels nude on a large stone.

Back To Lake Powell

Note to readers of MH:  This story is a sequel to a story I wrote way before I discovered MH.  Someday I may work over the prequel and post it.  For now, it is way too long for MH.  But I think you will be able to enjoy this sequel on its own merits.  


Eric was excited! He and his wife of four years were going back to Lake Powell, where they coincidentally met and got reacquainted.  They had known each other as work colleagues and platonic friends for years when both had been married to someone else.  That was before both got divorced, and Bridgette had moved to Pagosa Springs… but the day they re-met at Lake Powell 4 years ago had been epic! 

They had signed marriage papers and gotten married right then and there (thanks to some rather unique laws for that county). 

Bridgette was also excited to be going back to Lake Powell.  They had a strong marriage, but a very long bout with cancer had led to some rough times this past 3 1/2 years.  She was finally cancer-free, and her hair had grown back as well.  As she rode in the passenger seat of their truck that was towing their cabin cruiser, she thought of how supportive her new husband had been when the liver cancer struck her only six months into their marriage.  

“I love you, dear!” she said to her handsome husband.  “And I’m going to show you just how much I love you while we’re at the lake!”  She gave him her sexy smile and added, “Consider it my anniversary present for you.”  

Eric was intrigued.  His wife was in her mid-to-late forties, but she did not come even close to looking her age.  Her curvy frame had lost a few of its luscious curves due to nausea from the chemo, but if anything, she was more beautiful to him than ever before!  Her brown curls were coming back, and the way they framed her face made her look so cute.  

How Bridgette dealt with this three-and-a-half-year fight had impressed Eric to no end.  She kept saying that God was in charge and that she was just happy that Eric had come into her life as so much more than a friend.  Yet she and Eric were, if anything, still the very best of friends!   She had been very supportive in helping him deal with HIS health challenge of severe asthma.  

They were the best of lovers, as well.  Their sex life had to be adjusted because of her cancer and his asthma, but they had never stopped loving on each other in whatever ways were possible at the time.  

Bridgette reached over and stroked her husband’s thigh and then stretched a bit farther to cup his man parts.  “I want my anniversary present too, you know,” she teased.  “Hmmm…” She felt an erection start to form under his jeans.  “I think I may be getting to you!” 

“Duh!” was all Eric could say as he tried to rearrange himself in his seat to be more comfortable.  He chuckled too.  On their wedding night, after their first time making love, Bridgette had called his semen “her present.”  Eric drove on, anticipating some great loving ahead!  How wonderful, he mused, that God had allowed them to continue in life together with more great living and loving ahead! 


The Next Afternoon

They had docked their cabin cruiser up an inlet and were climbing on the rocks at the water’s edge.  No one was around but Nature, so as Bridgette balanced atop the stones, she pulled off her tankini top.  

“I gotta get a picture of this!” said Eric as he quickened his pace to move up beside her.  

But she made it even easier as she stopped in her tracks and stretched her hands up high with her tankini top and her dark wide-brimmed hat clenched in her hands.  Her back arched, and her shapely and still full breasts protruded in the way that always made Eric’s heart skip a few beats.  Bridgette was between him and the lake, silhouetted by the sinking sun, itself partially obscured by the peach clouds.  He quickly raised his cell phone camera and took a few photos.   

“You like the view?” Bridgette asked.  Then she put her hat back on and began to pose in various ways for him.  She went to one knee and gave him a profile pose. A semi-pro photographer herself, she knew that her silhouette would look great against the lit-up sky. 

“Sooooo beautiful!” exclaimed Eric.  

“Trade me places,” requested Bridgette.  “Let’s capture some of that alpenglow on my skin!”

“Such amazing skin!” commented Eric.  But he knew that his wife had a good eye for photos and respected her skills, so he quickly complied and was glad he had.  As he scrabbled down to the shoreline, his nimble wife had removed her bikini bottoms and lain down onto rocks up-slope that glowed with the scattered light of sunset.  She extended her arms up over her head with the backs of her hands resting on the rocks.  Then she slowly arched her back as she turned her beautiful face, and her big Norwegian eyes peered out from below the brim of her dark hat with a naughty glint.  The Sun’s last ray lit up her eyes, and they positively glowed! 

“Such beautiful eyes… and beautiful everything else, too!” said Eric as he quickly took a few more pictures. 

“I can get a more authentic expression in these eyes if my view improves,” said Bridgette in the husky, sexy voice she reserved for their intimate encounters.

Eric looked briefly confused, but then he realized that the “improved view” that his wife wanted involved him shedding his clothes too. So he quickly slid his swimming trunks down, and his already hard erection popped out.  

Bridgette cooed, “Oooo! THAT’S the view I needed to see!”  The look in her eyes became hungry, so Eric quickly took more photos as she crept down the rock slope to him.  She kneeled in front of him, seized his hard erection, and said, “This will feel good inside of me!”  Then she pumped him three times, adding, “Let’s get him ready first.”  And then, her mouth engulfed his rod and, out there in Nature, began to do what Nature and God require of a loving married couple… that is. to become one flesh.  Oral was just the start.  Bridgette and Eric soon found a familiar rhythm of him gently thrusting his member into his loving wife’s mouth and her rocking forward to take him in deeply into her mouth.  

She suddenly pulled back, and Eric’s hard penis popped out of her mouth.  “I need some photos of YOU!” she said. 

“Now?” complained Eric. 

She looked up at him and smiled wickedly again, then answered, “Turnabout is fair play!  Hurry before we lose the light!”  

Eric knew that arguing would be pointless.  Besides, he liked posing for his wife.  They had a private photos app loaded with nude or lingerie photos and videos of them, both alone and together.  So he turned sideways as Bridgette backed up the hill and snapped some shots of his fit body with his hard erection sticking out like a long unicorn horn!  

“I LIKE it! exclaimed Bridgette.  “Now head uphill.”

They passed each other, each trying to slap the other on the bare buns so that they both missed.  As he climbed up, Bridgette shot some rear-view pics and said, “You’ve always had such a nice butt!”  

“Glad you appreciate the view!” joked Eric as he situated himself on the rocks, reclining on one elbow and facing his sexy wife.  He lay with the leg closer to Bridgette down, and the far leg bent at the knee.  His still very excited penis stood at full staff but leaned a bit down and pointed towards the rocks. 

“You look for all the world like a male model!” said Bridgette as she snapped away and zoomed in on his man parts.  She adjusted the light settings and took a few more frames as she walked closer to him.  But she couldn’t resist this beautiful man any longer. He WAS pretty good-looking, but she knew his kind and loving soul too, and that took him from pretty good looking to spectacular in her eyes.  So she set the cell phone down and gave him a gentle kiss, then a light push on his shoulder to get him to lie on his back.  

Eric watched in amazement as his beautiful nude wife mounted him.  She slid her pussy effortlessly onto his stiff, sky-oriented rod.  This “cowgirl” sex position had been a favorite before cancer had made it uncomfortable for her.

“Can you do this?” asked a very pleased but concerned husband.

“I am fine,” said Bridgette as she leaned forward to share a long French kiss with her man.  “I knew you’d ask that, and the fact that you DID  ask is even more reason to love you.  How’s your breathing?”  

“Fine,” he answered.  “Much lower elevation here than back in Durango.  Thank YOU for taking care of ME!” 

“It’s more the other way around!!” Bridgette insisted.  Then her Kegal muscles squeezed his hard shaft, and she added, “The most intimate thank-you hug I can give you,” just before she dived in for more Frenchies.  

Eric could feel his wife’s hard nipples against his chest as they kissed.  She then knelt up and began to rise and fall on his shaft.  She kept working him with her Kegal muscles and began twerking on his erection.  

The view of her gorgeous nude body lit up on one side and glowing in the now red-orange sunset was amazing.  The whole western sky was lit up. Since they were at a 90-degree angle to all of the fiery clouds; both of her still ample breasts were glowing on one side!  Her nipples and areola looked especially tasty, so he leaned up to take turns sucking on each.  Then Bridgette pushed her boobs together to let him take both nipples into his mouth at once.

“Ahhhh..that feels soooo nice!” cried Bridgette.  

“I rather like it myself!” said Eric’s muffled voice.  

Then he lay back down and grabbed Bridgette’s hips.  He began to lift her then slam her down onto his erection.  He also began to simultaneously thrust upward as he rammed her pussy down onto his rod.  He knew that she liked it this way when she was really wired for sex!  And he loved taking her this way too! 

Bridgette gasped in pleasure each and every time that his dick drove deep, then deeper, inside her vagina.  This was a new sensation.  This felt like nothing she’d ever experienced before.  Surrounded by Nature and so in love with her caring husband—it felt like a cleansing shower of love.  All the worries of the past 3 1/2 years were washed away and replaced with joy!  She saw the ecstasy on her husband’s face and was certain that her expression must mirror his.  

“Please come inside me, baby!” she cried out amid her groans and sighs of pure pleasure.  She reached a finger down as the slamming continued and she rubbed her clit hard. “Oh, honey, I’m so close!  Please come in me now!  I want my anniversary present up inside of me!”  

Eric actually had no choice. Bridgette was so beautiful and cute at the same time in her floppy hat.  And she was so sexy as his cowgirl riding him with abandon!  She had gotten him so worked up that he HAD to come.  He couldn’t stop himself if he’d wanted to.  (And he really did want to cum!)  So with one last slam down, he exploded spurts of cum deep up inside his wife’s pussy as she gasped and twerked on his dick, cumming with him! 

Then she laid down across him and they both felt the sexy sweat of their lovemaking. “Did you like your present?” she asked. 

“S-s-so amazing!” he managed to say.

“We’re not quite finished,” she said, and there was that wicked smile again.  She got to her knees again and quickly slid forward so that her leaking pussy left a trail from his pubic hair to his chin.

“I need you to put your tongue inside of me,” she said in a matter-of-fact voice.  Then she said in a pleading voice, “Please, Eric, honey.  Don’t ya wanna taste OUR honey? “

Eric couldn’t resist, nor did he want to.  He only did this post-coital oral on his wife on rare occasions because she had to be in the mood for it; he always loved doing it.  As Bridgette smiled down at him, he began to lap up their remaining juices.  His tongue curled and mimicked his thrusting penis, pushing in as far as he could get it.  Then he focused on her clit.  

“Yes!  Right there!” cried out Bridgette, who had been rather quiet for a couple of minutes.  Suddenly she climaxed!  “Ahhhhh… I’m coming! Ohhhhh…” 

Her coos faded, and she slid back down his body to rest his still surprisingly hard erection between her full breasts.  Looking him eye to eye, she pushed her breasts together and began to work them down and up, over and over again, his dick buried between them.  “Two orgasms for me and one for you so far.  We wouldn’t want to be unequally yoked, now would we?”  

It was too much! Eric exploded again, this time all over his chest and his wife’s breasts.  The cum came out with such force that some shot up onto Bridgette’s neck and even onto her chin. 

She laid her head down onto his chest.  They were a mess, but it was a God-given mess from God-sanctioned married sex.  They both verbally expressed the love for each other that they had just expressed with their entire bodies.  

Eventually, Bridgette and Eric moved to a shallowly submerged rock on the edge of the warm lake and washed each other off as best as they could.  They splashed and cuddled and soon were kissing and making out again.  It was getting dark, and the stars were beginning to appear.

“Take me cougar style!” Bridgette whispered into Eric’s ear as she nibbled on it.  (She was a bit older than him, so early on in their marriage, they decided that kneeling doggy style sex ought to be called “cougar style.”) She got on all fours in the water with her shapely buns and wet pussy up out of the lake and on display for her husband.  He knelt behind her and began to rub his tip up and down her labia and her clitoris.  

“DON’T TEASE ME!” she snarled.  “I want all of you NOW!!!”   

“You really are a cougar,” joked Eric as he looked down at the lovely sight of his wife’s engorged labia.  Talk about a beautiful and sexy view!  But he quickly complied and thrust his resurgent erection into her pussy.  She was tender but wanted it hard and fast.  Soon Eric’s balls were slapping Bridgette’s buns with a sound similar to the waves lapping at the rocks all around them. 

Bridgette began saying things like, “Oh!  Like that!  Harder!  Right there!  Don’t stop if you don’t have to!  Faster!”  She reached a finger up to titillate her clit, then gasped out, again in her sexy-husky sex voice, “I’m coming again!  Pant, pant, pant…”

Eric let loose with another load of semen in an orgasm that maybe was not quite as intense as the last but lasted waaaay longer! 

Bridgette was panting and sort of crying. “First time for three orgasms since before…” She couldn’t say it, but she meant since before chemotherapy.  

Eric slid out of her, scooped her up into his arms, and kissed her.  “I’ll love you forever, my dear, sweet Bridgette!  Thank you for sticking around for me!” 

“Bridgette actually looked shy, but she reached around and squeezed his not yet soft penis and joked, “There is a lot to stick around for!”  Then she added, “There is this…” and she gave his shaft a couple of pumps… “but then there’s everything else about you that’s just so darn lovable!”

Eric responded by kissing her on the lips before lifting her a little higher and kissing each of her nipples.  They were harder to see now that it was getting dark.  “You too are the complete package, my dear,” he said.  “Don’t sell yourself short!  I know what a treasure God has given me!” 

Bridgette leaned into him, and Eric stood there in the warm shallows, holding his wife and lover.  Neither wanted this deep bonding experience to end, but it WAS getting pretty dark, so they had to head to their boat and use the shower to clean up properly—lake water without soap doesn’t wash off semen very well.  As he held her, Eric could feel his love-cream leaking out of her, and their chest areas were still quite sticky. 

But do ya know what?  What Bridgette and Eric had shared there on the scarlet-tinted rocks by the lake was erotic and intense, but at no time was it dirty.  Married sex can be absolutely mind-blowing, but it is never dirty by God’s standards.  In fact, it is a commandment.  So as the Holy Bible says:  don’t deprive each other… rejoice with the wife of your youth (or the wife of your old age)… and be one flesh emotionally, spiritually, and sexually!  

And remember that the closer you each are to God, the closer you will be in all aspects of your married life, including the sexual part!  If you treat each other kindly and fairly, your sexual relationship will be a big part of the bond that keeps you together.  

Written on our 29th wedding anniversary for my kind, beautiful, and sexy wife.

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7 replies
  1. Sarge says:

    Wow that was amazing. You’re a very good writer; I look forward to many more such stories.

    My late wife and I took some amazing photos of us having incredible sex, but only once, and that was before cellphones and private apps, so regrettably I no longer have them. She was so aroused by the photos that that night of lovemaking seemed to go on forever. Oh, how I wish it did.

    I have to say that living in Utah and knowing that area pretty well, they’re pretty lucky not to have left some burnt skin on those red rocks. Lake Powell gets to over a 105 degrees in the summer, a lot. I imagine this couple was there in the spring when there were fewer people boating nearby, and those rocks would provide just the right amount of warmth to add greatly to the comfort of their lovemaking.

    Please keep on writing.

    • LovingMan says:

      Thanks for the compliment, Sarge! We are still sharing mortality for now, but our health is precarious. Those memories you have of married love are a great blessing! (We have a lot of great memories as well.) We are still finding ways to make love, but we definitely have had to adapt to our changing circumstances.

      I did not think about how hot the rocks might be at Lake Powell. But this is a fictional story, so it doesn’t have to be steeped in realism.

    • Sarge says:

      LovingMan, like I said, your story took place in spring. lol.

      My wife had several health issues that we had to adapt to, and our sex life was still wonderful except for the last year. We had to cease intercourse and me giving her oral sex, but we used masturbation a great deal along with the blowjobs she was so talented in giving me. Alas, time rolls on. I miss her every day for just being with me.

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