Romance Novels

Ladies of MH,

What is your relationship to romance novels?

I have to admit that as a guy, I have sometimes borrowed them from the local library and read them. I know that romance novels are more of a girl thing, but hear me out. My reasons are the following:

They’re hot reading material, especially the sex scenes.

They have very attractive ladies on the cover, at least the ones I like.

Many romance authors put their photos on the cover, and some of them I find to be really cute. I remember one romance author had such dreamy eyes.

I have read that the novels are very popular with women and have sold millions worldwide; they make women get horny and masturbate. I have had many different female friends tell me that they love reading romance novels. It makes me horny to think that millions of women—especially some that I know or am interested in—are reading, getting horny, and potentially masturbating along with me.

At one point, before I chose to call myself Mr. Lover, I thought of calling myself Mr. Darcy as my username, a fun tribute to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

I know that a few ladies on MH have admitted to reading romance novels. What are your opinions on this subject?

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30 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    My answer may or may not surprise you. My wife and I listen to Regency Romance Novels when we travel together. But these are what you might call tame or moral novels. There is no celebration of extramarital sex. In the few that have any sexual content it is sex within the bonds of marriage- usually a wedding night or some kind of first consummation scene of husband and wife.

    We really enjoy reading these together! Sometimes, right when we get home after listening to a Regency Romance Novel, we are warm for each other’s form. So we’ll make love right away.

    We have a poor opinion of romance novels that contain non-marital sex. In fact, at the risk of offending you, we think they are evil. Satan and his media friends have long romanticized extra-marital sex. Then the media (including book media) also implies or comes right out and says that marital sex is boring.

    I write stories for MH because I want to show that married sex can be tremendously fulfilling and hot and anything but boring!

  2. King Arthur says:

    Good Question for discussion. Here's another train of thought. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what would be the issue of men looking at porn and masturbating. Then, if porn is just fantasy, as romance novels are, what would be the issues of women fantasizing about the men in Romance novels and the men fantasizing about the women in porn?

  3. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Hi, Mr.Lover. I think this is an important question for those who are unmarried and perusing MH for ideas of how to handle their sexuality in the "waiting" period. MH clearly allows for discussion from all viewpoints on the matter of masturbation, and reading material and thought life have come up before. My advice has been to focus on God-honoring, marriage-focused imagination rather than illicit sex, and the stories on MH are a great inspiration for those. If a romance novel increases your resolve to be or remain celibate while you search for a wife, then I'd say it builds you up. And the thought of others masturbating to the same story is no different than reading a story here and knowing that thousands of others were as inspired by it as you.

    My relationship with romance novels is that they are no different than watching a movie or making up a fictional story in my head. I seldom find myself masturbating while reading (I'm too engrossed in the story) but afterward, certain scenes will come to me during playtime. I don't imagine myself in the action or lust after the fictional characters (if that could even be considered lust; I don't think so). I just enjoy replaying the tale in my mind. For me, their draw is in the emotions that they stir up.

    I think that guys can learn a lot about their wives from reading these kinds of stories, especially if the ladies in question enjoy them. The authors—the industry—know what their target audience wants, at least in fantasy, and they provide it. Most women, I think, really want to feel that rush of undeniable yearning for someone and to believe that someone feels it for them, just as Ms. Austen was able to so admirably portray in her Mr. Darcy: "You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love… I love… I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on."

    These emotions are what stir up the highest response from a woman—or at least many of us—and we dearly love to experience the highs and lows of stories that bring them out without any of the risks of having to go through the tumultuous relationships ourselves. If our husbands (or husbands-to-be) can figure out how to give us that thrill, they can woo us daily!

    Art, your question is an insightful one, and I think it has the same answer as above. If the relationships portrayed, real or fictional, are God-honoring and it builds up your marriage (or your determination to wait for one) then it is just a difference of media. If the actors involved are actually having sex and are not married to each other, I'd say that isn't God-honoring, even if they are married in the fictional story. But if even God-honoring visual portrayals cause you to stumble and desire sex with someone that isn't your spouse rather than inspiring passion for him or her, then they do not build up and are not a good choice.

    Isn't it great that there is a place to ask and thoughtfully respond to questions like this?

  4. Mr.Lover says:

    Hi CrazyHappyLoved,

    A few questions, that I would like to ask,

    I am not trying to pry, I just want to get some more detailed information.

    1) You said the following: These emotions are what stir up the highest response from a woman—or at least many of us—and we dearly love to experience the highs and lows of stories that bring them out without any of the risks of having to go through the tumultuous relationships ourselves. If our husbands (or husbands-to-be) can figure out how to give us that thrill, they can woo us daily! Could you give me some advice about how you're husband does this? Also how could I as a single guy, use this information to win a girl's heart and get her interested in at least potentially dating me?

    2) How did you meet you're husband and start dating?

    I have never had a girlfriend, so any advice in how to get the ball rolling would be much appreciated.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Well, this isn't really a dating advice site, and I sure am not the person to ask about winning a girl's heart. But I can tell you that when my husband looks at me with his eye's smoldering, when he touches me lightly and groans like he can't wait to get me alone, or when he grabs me out of the blue and kisses me like he'll never get enough, it really lights my fire. Thing is, you can't do those things without first building a relationship with someone.

      As others have said, often the desire to begin such a relationship is predicated on a certain level of superficial attraction on both sides. After you get to know them, you'll probably find all kinds of things you like about them—and maybe a few that you don't. The same will be true for them. Try to be the kind of person you would like to spend time with: considerate, fun-loving, passionate for the Lord and for others… besides taking care of yourself. Appearance isn't everything, but it does affect the impression you make. No need to stress over things you can't change, though. There is someone for everyone, they say. But self-care says a lot about a person and their habits, and that can affect the level of interest you pique.

      Here's another thing: Don't come off as too eager, needy, or clingy. If my husband had shown too much interest in me right off the bat, I probably wouldn't have wanted him so much. You need to have your own life, interests, friends, and work that are as important to you as any girl. She should be an *addition* to your life whom you can share it with, not the purpose of it. And she should be able to share hers with you without jealousy on either part.

      My husband and I met in the Army. I wrote a post about it a few years ago:

  5. alwayswet101 says:

    Mr. Lover, yes I love romance novels especially when they are sexy enough to get me wet. My husband loves knowing that I read them and that I get turned on. Of course when women get turned on and wet most of us like to touch ourselves. I do think it is similar to reading stories on here. I think it’s really great that you are so interested in women’s feelings and masturbation habits. It shows you will be so caring to your future wife. I am very open to sharing with you any answers to questions you have and are curious about relating to women’s body and pleasure and even pregnancy. Can I ask what material you have read? Does it make you get turned on and do you masturbate from it?

    [We encourage communication in the comments sections of discussion posts, but they aren't meant to function as a "chat room." Be sure follow-on questions and answers relate to the topic of the post.]

  6. Mr.Lover says:

    Hi Alwayswet 101,

    I have read both mild romantic novels and very graphic detailed ones.

    I focus ones which have sex scenes involving either married couples or couples who end up married.

    Of marriage and a happily ever ending are an end theme of most romance novels anyways.

    How many years have you read romance novels and how did you first start reading them?

    Also, If our husbands (or husbands-to-be) can figure out how to give us that thrill, they can woo us daily! Could you give me some advice about how you're husband does/did this? Also how could I as a single guy, use this information to win a girl's heart and get her interested in at least potentially dating me?

    Thanks for you're insight

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Hi Mr. Lover what gets you turned on specifically from these novels or movies? All good choices but so curious as I always am so curious as to how we all vary in what specific parts/scenes in those movies or books really get you aroused?

  7. Mr.Lover says:

    Hi Alwayswet 101,

    You asked the following questions: Can I ask what material you have read? Does it make you get turned on and do you masturbate from it?

    1) Some actual titles of books that I have read are the following: The Heiress Hunt, a few Amish stories, Johanna Lindsey (cutie), some Harlequin ones. I have never read any Jane Austin or the Notebook. However, I have seen the movie versions of both. I have seen bits of the Pride and Prejudice version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. Mom my likes the Colin Firth/ Jennifer Ehle version and I personally think that Jennifer Ehle is the best/ best-looking actress to portray Miss Bennett in my opinion. The only romance movie that I have completely seen is the Notebook. A cool fact about the Notebook is that Ryan and Rachel who are the main actor and actress are fellow Canadians. We Canadians are truly romantic people. It also does not hurt that Rachel McAdams who play Allie is a real cutie. Furthermore, Rachel McAdams graduated from the same university as my Mom. That is another really cool fact.

    Finally, I was recently reading that during the 2008 global financial crisis and World War I, romances helped keep up morale. In fact during the 2008 situation, romance novels kept up the publishing industry and sales went up. I bet there are alot of ladies, especially some that I know, who have busy been reading romance and masterbating during this panademic situation. When this virus ends, my weekly swing dancing events are going to be alot of fun. Me and the rest of the guys will be in the driver's seat. Bring it on ladies.

    2) Does it make you get turned on and do you masturbate from it? Yes, I most certainly do!

  8. Mr.Lover says:

    Hi Alwayswet 101,

    In books, I get turned by love-making and how it is depicted in the novels. I love the hot words that are used. I can't remember anything specific though, except that in one romance novel, the words describing how he"thought she looked so lovely as she rode his throbbing manhood". Just writing those words makes me horny.

    I can hardly until my future wife gives me a good romp.

    In movies, I love the love-making scenes and female masturbation scenes. Some examples from movies are the love-making scenes in The Notebook or the female masterbation scene in the movie called The Secretary.

    If you are asking about specific aspects of certain scenes, I would say when the lady in the female masturbation scene in The Secretary has her hands buried in her panties and the sound/look on her face when she orgasms.

    Finally, in another movie with a female masturbation scene, I liked when the lady was playing with her boobies and had her hands buried in her panties. I love seeing female masturbation and seeing a lady playing with her boobies. I hope I get to see my future wife masturbating.

    What about you, Alwayswet 101? What gets you turned on specifically from any novels or movies? What specific parts/scenes in those movies or books really get you aroused?

  9. Leigha95 says:

    I avoided them like the plague up to a year ago. I got married and was a frigid ice queen in bed. I was raised in a very, very sex negative home and it did a lot of damage. My husband was desperate and found MH for me and told me to start reading. I was so angry at him at the time. I felt so dirty. But my husband had told me to, and my upbringing demanded I obey. So I did. It has been a wonderful opening of my mind. I picked up a romance novel during the pandemic and it was gas in a newly started fire. Now here I am, with a real login and engaging! I'm so proud of me!

  10. Mr.Lover says:

    I remember once reading a female writer of erotica stating that she gets really hot writing a really hot story and knowing there are hundreds of men out there getting off on it, imagining hundreds of hard cocks in pumping hands, reading her words and ready to come…

    Sounds like what happens to me when I read some stories on MH.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      This is exactly what happens to my vagina when I log onto here. I read comments and stories on here and I’m wet within a couple of minutes. I also get really horny when I’m commenting and reading others comments (especially guys) telling me how hard or horny my words made them! It’s such a turn on! I imagine making a man hard, and I’m instantly touching my wet pussy.

    • Mr.Lover says:

      I just recalled that the lady's commentary about making guys really horny with her stories was in audio form. She also had some stories about her masturbation techniques and all the stuff about guys that made her hot. Just listening to her voice was great for some jerking-off. From what I could gather, she had a lot of male fans. It is so hot listening to a woman talking sexy.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Mr. Lover that sounds so sexy even for another woman to listen to! Is this on marriage heat or elsewhere? Please let a horny pregnant woman know!

  11. Mr.Lover says:

    Hi alwayswet101,

    I asked CrazyHappyLoved some questions earlier on in this discussion questions relating to romance novels and winning a girl's heart. Do you agree with her responses?

    Thank you for your advice/ opinion

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Mr. Lover, I totally agree. She was spot on. You have to build a relationship first then you will have those deeper connections, flirtatious remarks that are amongst you two while out in public, and understanding of what get the other one going. There are going to be certain things that will just make your cock twitch and start to fill when you’re spending time (even if it’s just an ice cream date or grabbing a drink or a late summers night walk) with a woman you’re attracted to/start to get feelings for.

  12. Mr.Lover says:

    Hi alwayswet101,

    Here are the stories that I listened to:

    This story is very similar to my Listener story. This is an audio story.

    Her first time using a vibrator. This is an audio story.

    This is a typed up list.

    This is a typed up list.

    When first started reading erotic stories online, I started with the Literotica website. However, I looked for something different because this website had too many elements and stories that were going too far, in my mind, and were very in favour of cheating and group sex and not in the spirit of faithfully married life.

    I had previously viewed porn to see how women masturbate. However, I stopped watching because when my parents realized that I was watching porn, they told me that it would give me unrealistic expectations of initmacy, and I read about the shady side of the porn industry. I do not watch porn any more because of how addictive that I have heard it can be and how it can potentially ruin intimacy with my future wife.

    During this pandemic, I have been masturbating more than usual, since I can't get out as much. I have been jerking-off to MH stories.
    When I feel like watching porn, I deal with my desires for my future wife through MH and the hot stories on here. I am so glad that I found MH. Hopefully, my future wife will be into MH too.

  13. Mr.Lover says:

    Hi alwayswet 101,

    I will say that many of the MH photos are very hot and great jerking material. All those lovely boobies, legs, and asses. Not to mention all those sexy stockings, heels and panties. Pantyhose are a nice, but stockings are my favourite. They make a women's legs look so sexy. I also love the clicking of heels. It drives me crazy. Like I said in a previous story, I had a university teacher that I had a crush on that often wore stockings and always wore heels. I should have asked her out, but I could not get up the courage. Oh well. Life goes on! On a personal note, when it comes to women's bodies, I mostly an ass. leg man. I love big and small boobies. I like checking out boobies of all sizes. However, I usually first look at a women's ass or legs. It is a toss-up which is my favourite. Both big and small boobies have advantages. Small boobs stay perky and don't sag like big boobs. On the other hand, with big boobies, there is more to play with/ suck on. The appeal of big boobs to so many guys versus is small boobies, is that you can take big boobies and put them really far down in you're months as compared to small boobies. I have a married friend who has a wife with huge boobs and he likes gets as much boob in his mouth as he can and his wife loves it. I have liked girls with every boob size there is. It's just a girl with a big ass that you just want to grab or smack or long legs that you want wrapped around you. it is the same thing with height. Long legs wrapped around you is part of the appeal of girls my height or taller. Also with taller girls my face is a boob levels. With shorter girls, you just hug them, protect them and carry them home to Mom and Dad. Sexual attraction does not always make sense. When I think a girl is cute, I think a girl is cute. There has been girls that I think that are cute and other guys don't. There has probably been guys that you thought were cute and other girls did not. This is just my opinion.

  14. Mr.Lover says:

    Hi Alwayswet 101,

    Thank you for you're dating advice. I was just curious how you met you're husband.

    In my story Friend To Girlfriend, a few others mention how they met their wives/ husbands (a.k.a. their better halves).

    [Please respond there to keep comments on topic.]

  15. Mr.Lover says:

    I guess if I am talking about all my boobs/ass/ legs and other preferences, I should also mention my preference for some pussy hair. As previously mentioned, I have always found a hairy pussy more attractive than a shaved pussy. I have seen both when looking at some porn in the past. However, even though I do not watch porn anymore, I still find a hairy pussy more sexy than one that is bald. I don't mean necessary a full bush, but some would be hot. Pussies used to be hairy in the past and up until the middle/ late 90's from what I can gather. I have heard from a married friend, who told about his wife having a hairy pussy and from conversations with a close female friend or two in the past, I have heard that hairy pussy is coming back into style, at least to a certain degree. Either way my feelings on this subject are my personal feelings. This is what I like about MH. As long as you're intentions and eyes are focused on a path to hot marriage sex, everything is great. I have learned some much about women through MH and it will help me with my future wife. I think the discussions on MH are important ones to have with parents and children and with potential husbands and wives during the dating/ relationship phase. As long as boundaries and opinions are respect, I think encouraging discussions like those on MH can lead a higher amount of positive, fulfilling and sexy marriages that are as enriching and rewarding as God intended.

  16. Mr.Lover says:

    I often like to read World War II veteran's accounts. They are very moving and are a great reminder of what is important in life. On a lighter note, during one book, a veteran was talking to his wife on the phone sex one night from his military training base. His wife told me that she was thinking about him and playing with her boobies. They ended up being married for 50 years and had three children. My kind of love stories. I also enjoy reading war brides' stories as well. True love conquers all.

  17. Mr.Lover says:

    I believe that MH is the best place to explore healthy sexuality that is focused on marriage. Reading brings me no guilt and hours of joy and happiness.

  18. Mr.Lover says:

    Mr. Lover that sounds so sexy even for another woman to listen to! Is this on marriage heat or elsewhere? Please let a horny pregnant woman know!

    Hi Always wet,

    I found some free Ignitie content. These are hot audio stories. Just type in Ignite Story. This is just what I was looking for. Thanks MH. Thank you Jesus. I need to go to stroke now.

  19. Mr.Lover says:

    My mom knows that I have read some romance novels from the library. She told me that it was okay to read them, just remember to read the whole book and not just the sexy parts.

  20. LochMaree says:

    Dear No Longer With Us,
    I had never read a romance novel before this year, 2021. However, I wrote three of them within the last year and published the first one, “Saltair” (by Mare Loch) on Amazon. I didn’t think that they were romance novels, but my friend read them and told me I needed to change my idea about that. It’s a humorous, sexy look at people who nearly gave up on love. It has tragedy, family drama, laughter and dirty talk without being too vulgar. They are whole people, not just galloping from one sex scene to the next. I’ve written about finding love in midlife after divorce, the temptation of waiting on sex by two Christian people who are dating – they’ve been married before and know what they are missing, and they miss it A LOT. Now they are dating through FaceTime and it’s hard, if you know what I mean. I was scared to write sex scenes, but I found it very easy to do. I was scared to release it on Amazon and Kindle, but I did anyway. I’m certainly afraid to talk about it with other Christians and don’t exactly know how to market it.

    One of my chapters is called “Fifty Shades of Baptist” so you can imagine where that’s going. Another chapter is “Don’t F*ck With Gerry” and that’s exactly what happens. Then I found this website, MarriageHeat, and well, I feel a lot more comfortable about it now. LOL And yes, it gets me worked up reading my own book and yes, it got me worked up writing it. I have since looked at some romance novels and while mine is more romantic and about Christians, I still won’t be telling my Sunday school class that I write bodice rippers. But I can tell y’all. 😊 And since I can’t afford to hire a hunky model for the cover art, the cover gives nothing away – it’s palm trees (it’s set on Saltair Avenue in California – hence the palms).

    • MarriageHeat says:

      Mare was kind enough to send us a copy of her ebook. Though I'm only to chapter 6, I am really enjoying it. As a marriage site, we don't want to ignore that some Christians have (or get?) to navigate courtship or dating more than once after various tragedies. Mare has written the story like a memoir, and though I sort of know the ending, I'm eager to see how her relationship with "Gerry" evolves.

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