Licking My Wife’s Little Clit (L)

We have a sort of routine for my wife to get her little clitoris licked until she comes quite a few times. Since we have three kids running around all over the place and a house that isn’t designed to give us much privacy, we have a custom of going into the bathroom and locking ourselves in. If the kids knock on the door, we just tell them that Mommy’s taking a bath 😉 My wife either completely disrobes or at least becomes naked from the bottom down. She then puts a towel on the window sill and sits on it, and I sit on the lid of the commode, which is the only strategic spot in this cramped little bathroom to lick her from.

She then leans her back against the window—I’ve always wondered if the neighbors can at least see her bare back and breasts as she’s leaning directly against the window. I’m almost sure she wants them to see her, as frequently she’ll insist that we make love right in front of a window, or she’ll walk right up to the window in the bedroom and take her top off as close to it as possible, facing the outside. Anyway, she’ll signal that she wants me to start by saying, “Okay, c’mon.”

I begin to stroke and smell her beautiful, thick, reddish-blonde pubic hair and savor her strong, pungent, feminine odor. I kiss around a bit, then pull the hood of her clit back and begin to lick the head. My wife is very slow to get aroused this way, and I know it, so I just keep licking. For the first minute or two, she’ll down look at me as if I’m reading the sports section of the paper to her, but I’m persistent: lick, lick, lick, lick, lick… I love it so much that I could do it all day.

Finally, I begin to feel her clitoris swell a little under my tongue. I know this means she is starting to get excited, and this and her strong, feminine taste drive me wild. She’ll begin to touch her pretty little perky breasts in the special way that she always does: she touches them lightly with her fingertips below her peach-colored nipples and areola, and sometimes she directs my hand to her breasts and wants me to be really rough with them; it seems I can never be rough enough to please her. I love to scratch her nipples with my fingertips, as I know this greatly increases the level of her horniness.

By now, she has her eyes closed, and her head is back against the window. I know this means that she’s really into it and is savoring every lick. I alternate between licking the head hard with the tip of my tongue, then very fast and hard with the flat of my tongue. This always makes her moan and her legs shake, and sometimes I suck on her little clit and draw as much as I can in between my lips. As I lick harder and faster, she grabs my head tightly and strokes my hair, and she gets this “Oh, I’m in such an awful amount of anguish” look on her face with her eyes tightly closed. Just seeing that sexy look on her face makes me almost cum in my pants (if they’re on.) Sometimes she wants to watch me stroke myself while I lick her, and other times she’ll open her eyes, bend her head down, and insist that I pull her pubic mound way up so she can see the connection between my tongue and her clit.

By now, I know she is close to orgasm, and I reach up with one hand (the other is pulling her clit’s hood back tightly so that her clit protrudes as much as possible) and stroke her beautiful face and tell her that I love her. Finally, her legs come together tight against my head. She shakes, moans, and writhes around for about 5 to 10 seconds. After she recovers from her first orgasm, she immediately mashes four fingers into her pussy and rubs frantically, masturbating herself to one or two orgasms, cumming within seconds of beginning her rub. (She loves to masturbate and was doing it daily to many orgasms a day since she was about 13).

After she’s rubbed herself to one or two very quick orgasms, I then begin to lick her again, making her cum several more times until she’s worn out and begs me to stop. When I do, I stand up and hungrily suck her nipples, my dick now aching from excitement and my pants soaked with precum, if they’re still on.

If the kids haven’t banged on the door and spoiled the mood, she will proceed to deep-throat fuck me fast, or let me fuck her standing up, or will bend over and put me in her so that I can ejaculate deep in her vagina while grabbing her perfect, shapely butt. I’ve got myself incredibly turned on writing this—I hope it did the same for you 😉

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18 replies
  1. Tulsa says:

    Nice improvising with kids about! Sounds great to us, and quite similar to our good weather and go to picnic table position!
    She sits on the table top, and I sit on the bench and go at her! Not a spot we could frequent when the kids were around though.

  2. texasman76 says:

    This was so hot! Love to eat my wife while she squeezes me with her legs. All I can see, taste and smell is her. Dude, to answer your question – yes incredibly turned on. My wife's not home, so I may have to take care of business now.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Oh boy I need to get my pussy eaten tonight…holy moly a fire is burning down there. I love to be licked and as I feel the pressure on my g spot and more pleasure on my clit I can’t help but “death squeeze” my hubby with my thighs. Oh I need his mouth and tongue

    • Diligamus says:

      Oh, I've asked her, but she always denies that she wants anyone to see her, although I'm almost sure she does. She'll routinely change clothes right in front of the window and get as close to it as possible, facing the window as she changes. Sure, we're on the second floor, but it's highly unlikely no one's ever seen us, especially because the curtains are almost always open (the way she wants it). We fuck close to the window and she masturbates very close to it also. She is kind of an exhibitionist, but there's not much I can do about it

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Noticeably and enjoyably hard is what I am experiencing in terms of wetness…panties came off during this story lol. It’s such a turn on to read when a guy gets visibly hard on MH.

  3. ParkerJen says:

    This story got me more than a little flustered, and now I’m tempted to take a long shower when I should be making dinner 😉 Your wife sounds like a girl after my own heart! I started just as often just as early, 12 in my case, and she probably knows like I do that the removable shower head is a girl's best friend hehehe!

    And if she’s as like me as I think, your suspicion is correct, and she absolutely hopes a neighbor gets a naughty peek 😉

    • Diligamus says:

      She says she's never used the showerhead, but she started masturbating multiple times a day when she was about 13. She usually uses all four fingers on her clit to masturbate or one of her vibes, which make her moan and cry and scream 😉 I'm pretty sure she wants the neighbors to see her.

    • Mr.Lover says:

      Screwing with the window open sounds really hot! Sometimes, I jerk off with the window open. Hopefully, my future wife might get a naughty peek! I certainly would not mind catching my future wife masturbating, that's for sure!

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Oh ParkerJen I was about the same age when I was a naughty girl and found a few of my moms toys. She had a conversation with me once she realized her smallest vibe had gone missing and she literally found it in the panties I was wearing. When she realized I was rather aroused from the moisture between my legs she realized it would be better for her and I to have a good long talk. I haven’t stopped pleasing myself since that day. It wasn’t until a couple years later I found out for myself how pleasurable a shower head could feel!

  4. Mr.Lover says:

    Hi Dilagamus,

    That's almost what happened to me. I almost ended up seeing my buddy's mom playing with her husband and with herself in "The Listener" which was based on both real-life events and the story "The Watchers". As it was, I did hear my buddy's mom having sex with her husband many nights and playing with herself some afternoons/evenings.

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