Amazing Massage Sex Today

We got out the massage table today for the first time in 9 months. I got my wish cum true as my wife, Melodie, gave me oral as she lay on her back on the massage table! Here is what happened:

We, (of course), started out by giving each other massages. I was first. Melodie and I both were freshly showered and nude. It’s fun for us both to be naked together during a massage. We use coconut oil for massages. So Melodie rubbed oil onto my back and the oil melted. I was facedown on the massage table. She massaged my back, my legs, my arms, & my neck. She is very good at giving massages, as am I.

Melodie had surprised me this morning before our sex session – by agreeing to give me fellatio this morning as I massaged her ladyparts. After my therapeutic massage, she did not massage my manhood for a long time. So, while I was on the table.… I got just a tantalizing brief massage. This was because our plan was to eventually do some therapeutic massage – some erotic massage – some foreplay with oral – & some penetrative sex!

So, Melodie’s devastating penis massage was only done briefly this time. In this massage today she slid her oil-soaked hands alternating down the length of my erection. Feeling this as I gazed at her naked body standing by the side of the massage table is so delightful! I reached up with one hand to play with her beautiful big breasts and gently tweaked her raspberries (nipples) and that also was an amazing erotic experience. During sexy massages, she’ll often bring me to climax this way. It’s lots of fun to cum all over her hands and see my semen dribbling down her fingers like icing on a multi-layer pastry. But today my Big O had to wait.

Before my turn on the massage table was done today Melodie moved to the top end of the table and reached over my shoulders to massage my man-nips as I edged back pumping my rod to maximum size.

Next, we switched places and I massaged Melodie with a plan to do plenty of erotic massage tied in. We started her turn on the table with her on her tummy as I massaged her back with generous amounts of coconut oil. (She has a lovely back!) I love to massage her smooth sexy skin. After massaging her back I then did her legs and I “accidentally” touched her lovely labia several times.

“Oops!” I said. “Sorry!”

“No you’re not!” declared Melodie.

Then my erotic touching became very deliberate as I pushed a lump of coconut oil deep into her love tunnel and massaged her G spot. The oil quickly melted inside my very hot wife! She was sighing and clearly enjoying the sensual touches. “Mmmmmm…” she said. Next, she flipped over onto her back and the real fun began.

I massaged her arms while holding each arm to my bare chest. Then I did the front of her legs and Oops again, I “accidentally” touched her luscious labia! Next, I began to massage more oil onto her full Nordic boobies. My opinion is that they are the most beautiful breasts on the planet! (Which is a good opinion for me, her husband, to have!)

“Mmmmmmm…That feels good,” she said with a sexy sigh as I concentrated my efforts on both nice nipples at once.

Next, I began to gently stroke her pretty pussy. (I don’t find “pussy” to be a vulgar word in this married sex context. My wife has beautiful and very soft hair down there so “pussy” seems appropriate.) I slid my finger in shallowly as I stroked her sweet pussy lips and her beautiful clitoris. I leaned over and gave her clit a few loving licks. Melodie usually prefers receiving my brief oral love rather than me spending a long time down there. Although there have been exceptions to this rule.

As I stood up and continued stroking her pussy she reached over and took a firm but gentle hold of my very hard erection. I should mention that I had been pumping my rod periodically as I massaged her. This kept me at full power!

“Ooooo! That will feel nice inside me!” she exclaimed in her sultriest sexy voice. I love it when she says things like that! It makes me feel loved & wanted.

“It will feel good for me to go inside your pussy too,” I quipped.

Melodie pumped me for a while as I stroked her pussy with one hand and stimulated her nips with my other hand. Then she flexed her jaw to get her small mouth open wide enough and then she took my full-size glans into her mouth and somehow my foreskin was only partially retracted. What an amazing sensation as I gently rocked forward as she pumped my rod with her right hand and her lips/tongue/mouth gave their love to my glans and at first just 2 inches of my shaft. For a while, each stroke took me deeper into her mouth but she could only handle about half my length. I’m not bragging but the reality is that I’m kinda big down there … or at least big for Melodie’s cute little mouth that can’t take more than she does. But I gotta say that what she does to me during fellatio is breathtaking!

After a couple of minutes of her giving me oral as I reached over to stroke her ladyparts… we stopped briefly and I retracted my foreskin and we went back into her giving me oral love with her mouth and tongue. Interesting, but the time with my foreskin retracted was more intense! We did this for a few more minutes as I stroked her ladyparts with one hand and her boobies with my other… as she gave me incredible oral on my erection. She would lean in as I gently thrust into her mouth. Her mouth really is rather small so it was remarkable how much of my length she eventually took in. Before we were done she had over half my shaft pumping in and out of her small very sexy mouth

This was one of my fantasies and here it was happening! Though you may think it odd, I said a silent prayer thanking God for this wonderful experience and for my beautiful and sexy wife, Melodie giving it to me.

After the oral Melodie pulled her knees up with her hands until her knees were beside her luscious boobs… and that is her signal that she is ready and wanting to feel my erection deep up inside her.

She also said, “Go inside me, now!”

So. how could I refuse THAT invitation? I climbed up onto the massage table, (It IS very sturdy.) so we could have intercourse in the Missionary position! With her knees up I slid in very very deep in one long stroke! Needless to say, it felt wonderful to us both.

“Oh thank you! Thank you, Tom! That feels sooo nice!” Melodie said as I rested deep inside her and gazed into her huge Scandinavian eyes.

You are so beyond beautiful!” I said to my Melodie as I pushed a lock of hair off of her
line-less face. I can’t explain it but when aroused my Melodie looks like a beautiful and ravishing 20-year-old… at least she does to me!

I kissed her deeply and then I began to pump away and added even more kissing on her mouth and love sucks on each of her very ripe raspberries! I also began to increase my thrusting pace.

The missionary position doesn’t usually work for me anymore but this time was an exception! Melodie had me so wired from the oral that during intercourse I came rather easily and very nicely. I kissed her and got down off her and off the massage table.

Next, she used her bullet vibe as I loved on her nipples with manos & mouth! It was especially fun to kneel by the massage table and cup her left breast and love on her beautiful left nipple as my other hand reached over to stimulate her right nipple.

Finally, we went over to the bed. I had placed a picnic blanket (w/ one plastic side) on the bed to protect the bed from the coconut oil. I was praying that Melodie would have a nice orgasm. Then, following a prompting I think, as she laid her beautiful body down I turned on our G spot vibrator and slid it deep up into her already very well-lubricated pussy. Then I laid next to her & I attacked her nipples with tender kisses and tongue flicks plus vigorous sucking as she buzzed her clitoris with her vibe. My free hand was pinching the far nip. The G spot vibrator was buzzing her pussy on the inside!

I loved it as did she. I could do this for hours. But eventually, her body began jerking hard as she gasped out “I’m coming!” She said afterward that it was a very good orgasm. But of course, I already knew that. I knew because the magnitude of her orgasmic jerks and spasms indicate the scale of her orgasm… & it had clearly been a big one!

It’s was great to have had my prayer for her to have a nice climax answered and for my old & occasional prayer for oral while she’s on the massage table to be answered! And it was great to be inspired with the idea to use her G spot vibe. Thank the Lord. He DOES care about our married sex life! In fact, for believers, married sex is something we can pray about… even during the lovemaking session itself!

After she came Melodie loved on my man nipples as I laid next to her on the bed and I came rather quickly a second time! Both of my Os were excellent… O = 9.8 or maybe even 10. 10 being highest. With my new medications and some med doses upped we need to follow our rule of sex for Tom… which is:  ”If I can then do!”  (I’m Tom!) So for now if I notice I’m getting close the standing order is to fire away! Lately, my bride usually cums when I’m loving on her nipples & she’s buzzing her clitoris with one of her vibrators & sometimes she cones really strongly with two vibes because I’ll insert her G spot vibe all the way into her pussy… like I did this time!

Later in the day, as we watched our college football team beat a higher-ranked team, I thanked my cute wife and told her I was proud of her for overcoming her inhibitions about giving oral to me while we were in bed & on the massage table.

For the majority of our almost 30-year marriage, she has been only willing & able to give me oral in the bathroom. It’s great and often she’d give me oral in the shower then she’d bend over to have me love her sexually in standing doggy style. So I wasn’t really complaining. Still, oral sex on the bed and on the massage table was incredible! Both happened within a month of each other!

I also profusely thanked Melodie for the amazing memory we created! She is so incredibly beautiful that I told her that one day I hoped that she would be able to see herself as I see her. (Incredibly beautiful!) By the way, I took one photo as she lay aroused on the massage table. Yes, she had a beautiful line-less face and beautiful full round Nordic breasts in the photo. And I’m the man who is blessed to enjoy those attributes and all of her beautiful mind, body, and soul!

I told Melodie that marrying her was winning the lottery of life! She responded with a kiss and told me that the feeling is mutual. We both credit God for bringing us together.

I’ve been dealing with persistent asthmatic breathing problems and tons of coughing that is made worse from my bad heart, but I told Melodie that if I died & went to the other side and complained or whined to God about my health challenges in mortality then He’d just point out that I got to be married to Melodie! Enuf said about that!

Finally, I have to add that as I was writing this up I remembered the Holy Ghost telling me (back when we were dating) that Melodie was one of Heavenly Father’s choicest daughters. It suddenly occurred to me that it included all of Melodie – including her sexuality! I’d never considered that before. Maybe because we weren’t having sex while we were dating. That deepening of our relationship and sexually shared mutual love started on our honeymoon!

I am sooooooo blessed to have this very kind, highly intelligent, remarkably beautiful, and sexually skilled sexy wife! She has overcome so much and she is still overcoming. I know this may be a buzz kill but as a girl, Melodie was sexually abused. She has had therapy, and I hope some kind understanding from me. She also has had her tremendous faith in the healing power of Jesus Christ. I too was molested as a child but not nearly as much as Melodie. Her willingness to try to expand our sexual menu in our marriage may seem small but I think it is a giant step forward in her continual healing.

The latest new medications we each have been recently put on and the increased dosage of her chemo meds & my heart meds are making it more difficult for both of us to reach climax but with God’s inspiration to me, & her… and us both being creative, persistent, patient, & kind…we get to the top of Mount O nearly every lovemaking session… including today’s massage sex lovemaking session!

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10 replies
  1. RockyGapMan says:


    I’ve read a lot of your stories. But these last two are the best!

    Not so much for the hot eroticism (although that’s definitely there) but for your openness & vulnerability and that coupled with your loving patience in waiting for your wife to come around to give you the fellatio you’ve desired for so long in light of her history of sexual abuse.

    That love & patience in waiting for something so physically (and probably mentally/emotionally???) important to you makes you a rare commodity (these days), a Hero of The Faith, and worthy to be included in a revised version of Hebrews 11 (Faith Hall of Fame) if God ever chooses to add to the list! LOL

    Thanks for not only being a Sex-positive in Marriage Senior, but a prime example and role model of how a “Loving Husband” should temper his desires with his wife’s hesitancies/growth status in regard to sex. And also giving us an example that the aging process/health challenges we face as we age need not squelch such a vital gift needed for our connection with each other.


    • LovingMan says:

      RGM thank you for your very kind words! We hope our true stories are inspiring to others and give them hope as well.

  2. LovingMan says:

    RGM . . . That was one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. Thank you. I look back and feel like I could have been more patient and more kind. I know I am truly blessed!

  3. LovingMan says:

    Hey my MH amigos y amigas, please keep us in your prayers. I just found out that I need urgent surgery on Tuesday. I’ve been doing better but the doctors found that something seriously went wrong from my December surgery. I know that there is great power in prayer.

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      Father in heaven, we lift our prayers up to you for our friend and brother. We thank you for his part in our lives and for his example of love and dedication to his wife and to you. We thank you that his doctors are caring well for him and for their skill and insight in finding this problem that needs addressing. We ask that the doctors, nurses, and technicians would be your hands in caring for him. Fill their minds will all the skill, knowledge, and insight needed to make this surgery a success. And we pray for comfort for his wife as he goes through this. May she feel your presence holding her as she waits through this. In the name of our blessed redeemer and great physician, Jesus. Amen.

  4. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Father in heaven, please bless and heal my friend, LovingMan, and bless his wife and his medical team as they care for him. I pray for hope, peace, clarity in decision making, precision in procedure, and confidence in Your presence. In Christ Jesus' name, amen.

  5. SecondMarge says:

    As wrong as it might be, I can’t imagine not having some pleasure from a massage given by a professional. Not the porn story happy ending massages. But a normal therapeutic massage with no direct touching of my breasts or lower area. Is it wrong if a person of the opposite gender gives the massage? Wrong that I get aroused? Wrong that I go home and pleasure myself? Maybe no longer having a husband has me too horny. Because of back issues I need the massages. But truthfully I enjoy them in a sexual way. Just having hands on me which I miss so much.

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