Ten-Minute Warning (L/A)

This post contains strong language (L), anal play (A), and mild domination.

All morning she had been dreaming of her husband. The last two nights had been full of hot sex, and she could hardly believe it was real. Just then, in the middle of remembering the delicious feeling of his finger in her ass, her phone chirped with an incoming text.

It was him. “You’ve got ten minutes to get naked in the bed. I better find you ass up with your pussy good and lubed.”

She sat there, stunned for a moment. Quickly, she checked the time: 10:10 am. She knew he had an appointment with a prospective tenant at 10:30. So, without further delay, she went upstairs.

Upstairs she found the lube left out from the night before. The air still smelled of burned incense and sex from last night’s insane session. As she stripped, her body shuddered in delightful anticipation. Touching herself, she found she was already wet, her pussy still touched with a bit of cum. It didn’t take long for her labia and clit to become engorged and tingly as she touched herself in preparation.

The front door opened. When she heard him take off his coat and boots and begin climbing the stairs, she quickly got into position. The door opened, and her lover walked in. He went straight to the window and opened the shade. He wanted enough light coming from behind that he could see her hot, wet pussy and ass.

Looking back from her position on her knees, she saw his pants drop to the floor and watched as he took off his undershirt and sweater in a single motion. His cock was fully erect and rock hard, swollen with desire. Climbing onto the bed, he immediately touched the tender flesh between her thighs, ass, and pussy, stroking her with a tenderness she knew would not last long. He let out a soft moan and said through gritted teeth, “Yeah, baby, that’s the pussy I’ve been thinking about.”

Now on his knees behind her, he spread her ass open, parting her pussy lips so he could get a good look at her pink flesh. Her open cunt glistened with lube and fresh juices. After moistening them in his mouth, he used his fingers to encircle her juicy opening and rubbed several long strokes from her cunt to her clit, back and forth, while she pressed her head into the pillow, still somewhat in shock about what was happening. Then, after applying more saliva to his fingers and his cock, he stuck his thumb in her pussy, going straight for her G-spot while at the same time rubbing her pussy and clit with the rest of his hand.

“It’s time to get fucked, little girl,” he said. “I know you want it.”

“Yes, I want it,” she managed to say, whimpering with desperation to feel his hard dick in her pussy.

Pulling his now gooey thumb out of her cunt, he pressed it immediately to her asshole, stroking her up and down a few times before applying steady pressure to her sphincter until he hit the sweet spot, just on the edge of penetration. Then his cock was inside her. First, he took a couple of long deep strokes, reveling in the sight of her tight pussy encircling his eager member. Then, removing his thumb from her asshole, he grabbed a huge handful of her right ass cheek and squeezed it roughly before giving her ass a sudden slap.

Now, with both hands on her hips, he began to thrust in earnest. She could feel his cock banging against the upper wall of her pussy as he began to press her into an angle for maximum pleasure. He was moving fast now, smacking her backside with his pelvis with every thrust and spreading her ass open so he could take it all in.

“Oh, God,” she moaned as he fucked her from behind with reckless passion. Waves of pleasure radiated out from her pussy and all over her back as he moved his hands eagerly all over her smooth, luscious curves.

Soon his thumb was back on her anus, pulsing and rubbing and threatening to penetrate her tight hole. Next, she felt his left hand groping for her breast until his oily fingers found her hard nipple. He stroked it between thumb and forefinger, purposefully squeezing from breast to tip as if trying to draw the sweet milk of her pleasure out of her body. Even as she shuddered with the pleasure coming at her from all directions, the power of his thrusts increased.

Now inflamed with passion, both of his hands returned to her hips as he fucked her with single-minded abandon. Pressing her shoulders into the bed and lifting her ass, he thrust his cock again and again into her greedy pussy. She could no longer hear him breathing and grunting, only the hard slaps as their bodies met in an inflamed frenzy.

Then the dam broke. Spurts of hot cum coated her insides even as he continued to ram himself in and out of her quivering flesh.

Finally, twitching and whimpering, he removed his still hard member from her pussy as she collapsed fully onto the bed. Lying on top of her with his sticky cock pressing against the small of her back, he smelled her hair, neck, and ears, growling and kissing her as they both felt the waves of love, unity, and pleasure overcoming them. Afterward, he kissed his way down to the small of her back, where he laid his head for quite some time before finally he got up, gave her one last kiss on the back of her head, and returned to work.

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6 replies
  1. LovesHisHotWife says:

    Nice story, except for this part: “It’s time to get fucked, little girl,” he said. “I know you want it.”

    That to me sounds like child rape!

    I really think statements like that have no place on a Christian erotic story site.

    • MarriageHeat says:

      As stated in our guidelines: "We will not publish stories that contain language that we believe involves even a fantasy of degradation, physical harm, under-age sex, or incest. That said, we don’t consider pet names such as “Daddy” or “Baby Girl” alone to imply such. Context and our interpretation will guide whether they are allowed or not. We won’t try to tell you what terms are right and wrong in your private conversations, only what is fitting for our mission. Again, as in all of Christian life, the guiding principle is mutual love."

  2. LovingMan says:

    Great story. I’ve written this before but given this story I’ll state it again: I am amazed by just how much my proper conservative wife enjoys a good pussy pounding in doggy style… especially when she is really turned on! Of course I love loving her in this position too! When we were younger my orgasms sexually loving her in doggy position were so intense I’d black out for a second or two!
    We have found that bed height matters a lot. (Not too high & not too low.) Most hotel beds are just the right height.

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