Caught: The one caught, or the catcher?

Alright, so, I’m Sue. I’ve been a reader secretly for years and never had the courage to get an account. My parents raised me to be very, very conservative. Masturbation was a word no one ever said to me growing up; I first came across it on the internet. I did, however, get told in no uncertain terms that to touch myself was a terrible sin. I was told never to do that—and a lot of other things—but no one ever actually told me what sex was. I learned about it from nature documentaries, which led to internet searches and porn. So. Much. Porn. So you could say I had a really healthy relationship with sex as a teenager.

It was pure guilt, always. I loved masturbating. I hated myself for it. I chose super inappropriate fantasy targets. My married youth pastor was a favored fantasy. I would go to town on my pussy, imagining him doing all the dirtiest things I’d seen on the internet, then cry after I came and hate myself. I chose terrible times and places too. The youth house bathroom during youth group was a common occurrence. Thankfully, I finally broke out of my shame spiral and the porn addiction in college. (More on that later.)

I got married after college, still somehow a PIV virgin. I love my husband, and we have kids and an okay sex life, if very vanilla. As a final bit of personal introduction, I’m a real-life Sue Heck. I look like the actress that played her, I have that ridiculous and always happy personality, and I’m deeply Midwestern!

On to the discussion piece:

It comes up a lot in comments and stories: getting caught, or catching someone Jackin’ or Jillin’!

So, have you ever caught or been caught by someone, and what happened? Was the masturbator so close they finished? Did they know? How was it handled, and how do you think it should have been? If you were the catcher, how did it make you feel? Did you masturbate later to the memory?

I’ll start. I was in college and deeply engrossed in a porn video when my roommate walked in. I didn’t notice at first, but I was so close I couldn’t stop by the time I did. I came and immediately burst into tears and desperately tried to cover myself with my pillows. I was so humiliated. I was naked, and I was so prudish that my roommate had yet to see me that way at the beginning of our second semester together. I had been caught using porn, and a particularly sordid variety, by a sister in faith. And she’d found me masturbating, which I had been taught was a horrible thing whores did. Worst of all, I came so hard with her looking, and I was terribly worried about what that meant.

Thankfully, my roommate handled the situation with grace and wisdom. She taught me an appropriate sexual ethic, encouraged our masturbation but with a proper outlook and fantasy life, and helped me through my porn addiction. It ended up being the rock bottom I needed with the wise friend I needed. She even introduced me to MH. I’ve had a much healthier relationship with sex and masturbation ever since.

I still love jilling off and often use this site to do that but now without the shame and guilt. And it is very much to Mr. Sue’s benefit.  🙂

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13 replies
  1. jwdmccarty2902 says:

    I was caught once when I was like 14. I was going to town on my dick and it was taking a long time. This was before the internet so it was all mental images. I was in my room and my father came in. He sat me down and explained how masturbating was wrong, etc. I was mortified but also knew everyone did it. I have not been caught since then.

  2. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Ah, the memories. I remember in college furiously masturbating, doing it as quickly and stealthily as possible so as not to be caught in the act….. In our marriage, masturbation is no secret and never has been. I know Lauren masturbates. She knows I masturbate. We also masturbate together on occasion. She masturbates during intercourse almost 100% of the time. She LOVES to watch me masturbate and vice versa. We’ll often tell each other after we have masturbated. All that said, the first time I masturbated to orgasm in front of her–this was a few months after we married–was a big deal. The first time I saw her masturbate to orgasm–literally that same night–was an even bigger deal. I have a story appearing soon on how I "caught" Lauren jillin' recently, but she wanted to get caught….. That aside, we have never "caught" each other.

  3. hornyGG says:

    Welcome aboard!
    I love jilling off myself and am a big advocate for the pleasure and health benefits of masturbation.
    My husband Ben and I have caught each other masturbating numerous times, and we both find it to be very erotic and hot. We often do it together and love it.
    I was never actually caught as a child growing up, but there were some close calls.
    I recently got caught by my oldest daughter ( who is married and 2 kids of her own). I was sitting nude in a chair in our bedroom with one leg over the arm of the chair and my hand between my legs diddling my clit.
    I had forgotten all about how my daughter was to come over. Well she walked in and got an eye full. I was a little embarrassed, but we got a good laugh out of it.

    My husband Ben got caught by one of his Aunts when he was a teenager. She walked into his bedroom and caught him beating off. She kinda scolded him and said that she was going to tell his parents about what he was caught doing.
    He said he doesn't know if she did or not because his parents never said anything. Though it did cause him to stop masturbating for a brief time.

    Loved the story! Keep writing and stay horny darlin!

  4. Tulsa says:

    We have never had a problem with each other masturbating. It was a good plan, since I worked out of town, generally for weeks at a time, for many years.
    We also masturbated together, which started as a ‘show and tell’ thing. It was so fun, we still do it.
    So, yes, we have caught each other, many times. Yes, those times have been an absolute turn on, especially those times we got to watch unseen, to the climax of the other.
    And yes, those memories are something we ‘use’, to masturbate to!

  5. Frankie says:

    SuzyQ69 – I don't mean to sound critical, but a word of warning often missing in these comments on various stories involving masturbation. There is a danger in masturbation – the object of the fantasy that goes with it. There is no harm in masturbation itself, but if your fantasy involves someone real outside your marriage, you might want to look at Matthew 5:28.

  6. Satin King says:

    Hi Sue! Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading your post, and could identify with a lot of it. Especially the descriptions you have of how you felt about masturbation as a teenager, (“It was pure guilt, always. I loved masturbating. I hated myself for it. ”) and how you have come to feel about it now, (“l love jilling off and often use this site to do that but now without the shame and guilt. And it is very much to Mr. Sue’s benefit. 🙂”) That pretty much sums up my experience too. (Except it’s jacking not jilling! 😉)I did get caught once by my mom, when I was about 13 just rubbing my Hard-on through my pajamas when I was watching ladies figure skating. All she said was, “I don’t want you to do that.” also had “extra” guilt, not because of porn use, but because I’ve always had a “taboo” fetish for silky, lacy lingerie that I endulged when masturbating, so when I was a teen and was home alone, I’d “borrow” a pair of my mother’s thigh high nylons, or a silky slip or satin panties and stroke with them – making sure never to cum on them- until I’d shoot my load on my stomach, then I’d clean up and put her things back in her lingerie drawer. Then the guilt and shame would flood in. I knew I wasn’t gay or transgender – I had no desires AT ALL to be with men or to be a woman- in fact my greatest fantasy was to share my kink with a future wife- but I thought if anyone ever knew about it, they would think I was gay. I simply loved how those silky items felt against my skin and on my hard cock as I masturbated. So I went in cycles of guilt and shame… but always returned to my love of jacking off with lingerie. Shampoo rinse repeat. After I was married, I hid my fetish from my wife for several years – although she knew I loved silky lingerie because I bought her a lot! – she didn’t know how much I loved to jack-off with it. Thankfully, I eventually told her about it and it was a relief for us both. Now we often masturbate together! At first It was something she had to wrap her head around and sometimes she felt like maybe I liked solo sex more than being with her (which was definitely not true!) but now it’s something that God uses to bind us together rather than it be a secret and a wedge between us. She actually loves watching me stroke my hard cock and cum all over a pretty little pair of satin and lace panties or shoot a big load of sticky white semen all over a black satin half slip! We like to talk dirty to each other and tell each other fantasies while we watch each other get off. Honestly, she didn’t really like wearing lingerie, she much prefers being naked and fingering herself or letting me bring her off with my fingers or tongue while she watches me enjoying the lingerie! Now we enjoy great freedom together and I, like you, still love masturbating! I enjoy using this site AND silky lingerie with my lovely wife’s blessing and encouragement …without the guilt and shame! She keeps my bedside table stocked with sexy lingerie for me to cum on! Sue, keep jilling-off, sister, and loving it! And keep benefiting your blessed husband!

    P.S. I’ve written four stories on here about our silky sex life together. Take a look and give me feedback!

  7. HornyHubby says:

    I noticed you mentioned a couple of times that you felt ashamed and hated yourself after masturbating. I find this to be common. I did a study of what scripture has to say about masturbation and posted it on here. I would encourage you to read it. I'll link it here. Even if you feel you don't have guilt or shame anymore, I would encourage you to read this just to have a solid, biblical argument in favor of masturbation. Let me know what you think!

    Here is the link to that post:

  8. Sarge says:

    I’ve been masturbating since I was around 10 years old, and I’ve only been caught by my late wife. That opened a wonderful discussion between us and was quickly entered into our sexual relationship. I’m LDS and we were taught not to masturbate, but I honestly never felt guilty for doing it. And I found out that as a teenager my wife jilled off twice a day. That excited me because I knew her back then.
    I’m now 64 and alone, so masturbation is a frequent relief for me, but sadly I need a stimulant like female masturbation porn. I don’t watch anything but that, but it does cause me some guilt. But oh well, I still do it because I want to.
    While in the military, we were at Desert Ground Combat School when one of our troops got caught masturbating. He became the brunt of some cruel taunts until I stepped in. I was one of the three ranking senior NCO’s and so I took upon myself to remind his roommates that they do the same thing and he just got caught. I said we can’t criticize others for what we all do. Masturbation became a joke among the troops. We called it “busting one out.”
    My wife and I never told our four children that masturbation was wrong, even though the LDS leadership still discouraged it. In the past few years our church hasn’t said much about masturbation, but continues to stress staying virtuous and avoiding any sexual contact outside of marriage. So masturbate away everyone and have fun.

  9. Ron33 says:

    My mom gave me a sex book when I was about 12, it talked about everything you can think of and one or two chapters was about masturbation, my favorite part back then, lol.

    I did get caught by an aunt when I was about 13ish, I had been doing it regularly since about age 10. I had stayed at their house in the country for a week or two in the summer and didn't get the alone time I was used to. Everyone was gone one day except my aunt. She had gone outside and I thought she was going to be gone a while. She came back and I didn't hear her, I had left the bathroom door open a bit so I could hear her if she did come back. The bathroom was kind of long and I didn't see her standing in the doorway. I was stroking and came in a tissue and looked up and saw her. I was SO embarrassed. I didn't come out for a while, but when I did she gave me a big hug, I don't remember exactly what she said, but something like it's normal or something, I remember the hug though. She was always my favorite aunt after that.

    My wife caught me about 5 years after we were married, we had never talked about it and she just laughed. Many years later she caught and got pretty mad.

    We do openly with each other now though.

  10. firefly says:

    My wife and I were engaged to be married. We were in her room with the door open watching TV. Fully clothed, she playfully jumped atop me and we began wrestling on the bed. Thinking back, boy was I horny. My penis was bone hard and pointing toward my navel, and she riding me began to rock on me back and forth. She told me she was excited and about to orgasm, and we both came about the same time. I figured my underwear would handle my load, I was about to be late getting home, so I gave her a quick peck on the lips and ran out the door. When I arrived at home, my dad and uncle were there watching TV. As I talked to the both of them about my future wife, I noticed the both of them kept glancing down at my crotch. "You pee on yourself?", one asked. No, why? I looked down and I could see on my khaki shorts this cup-size wet spot. Trying to act all innocent, "what is that," and I went for the bathroom. I came back out with another pair of shorts on, and one of them said, must have gotten a little hot over there. I knew I had been found out.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      Hearing your story made me hard! 🍆🍆🍆 Sooo sexy dry humping like that. You got caught, but I’m sure they understood. I was a freshman in college when my GF got “handsy” (outside of jeans) and was the first time I jizzed in my pants. I had to get on a crowded dorm elevator to go up to my room knowing that my pants had a huge wet stain and that I reeked of cum. 🤣

  11. CreamyPatty says:

    Glad you navigated the choppy waters of guilt regarding self-satisfaction sex, and now your hubby is a beneficiary of your experience. I was self-taught in the ways of masturbation and killing an average of twice daily up until college, where my hormones were in overdrive and I needed to cum 3-4 times daily. I couldn’t get enough then—Jim will say it’s true now, also—and I managed it well. I did think often that whoever I married would have to be very sexually charged; I feared I might “burn him out” otherwise.
    Anyway, I hope you two are enjoying a healthy sex life and are exploring the limits of pleasure together.

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