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Our First New Year Celebration!

Hello, friends! I hope you are all having a good day; our prayers and love go to you all. I am back after a hiatus. I was a bit busy with some things, but now I am ready to share a special story!

This was our first New Year celebration as a couple, and it was to be a very good one! My hubby works constantly, even remotely on Saturdays when he can, often taking very little time for himself. But he often spends time with me and makes sure that he is a loving husband, day after day. Even on long days, he always tries to help out at home. Unfortunately, he had also been traveling recently, and for a little over two weeks, we had barely spent enough time together. I wanted to simply spend time with him, no friends or get-togethers, just him and me! After all, who knows how busy we may be as time goes on, work gets more strenuous, and family life gets crowded with little ones someday!

Apparently, my husband was thinking along the same lines and surprised me in early December with a trip to Duluth, a city in our home state that borders Lake Superior. There, he had rented a beautiful cabin overlooking the lake. With the snowy weather, he thought that it would be quite a cozy and romantic place to go.

“We saved a lot of money when planning the wedding and honeymoon, so I thought I could at least spend some on holiday with you. I thought it could be our place, where we can visit now and maybe another holiday? A sort of retreat, that we can go back to. It’s also far from the city center, which would give us some much-needed privacy,” he said with a slight smile on his lips.

“Oh, sweet! I love you so much. Thank you for this!” I exclaimed while giving him a big hug.

While most of my mind was captivated by all the fun things we could do while in Duluth, a part of it wandered elsewhere. He mentioned that we would have privacy in the cabin—just us, together, warm and cozy next to a fire—and with that sly smile of his, I knew had some other intentions. I could not stop myself from thinking about our bodies being melded together as one as his big, veiny hotrod pounds into me and makes me moan with pleasure, his lips traveling along my body and devouring it, his deep growls as he empties the seeds of his love within me.

Now I am by no means a lady whose mind drifts towards spicy things all of the time; I am quite shy when it comes to this! 😅 But something within me fired up! I have noticed that I think about him in this manner more and more, oftentimes throughout the day when doing simple things. If I go near the bed to organize it or fold the sheets, I think about what we did the night before underneath those very sheets. I remember my moans and his groans, the way I clung to him, and how my hands traveled along his muscular back as his manhood explored me from within. In the kitchen, I might remember how he comes up behind me, gives me a hug, and says something sweet and yet so spicy into my ear, something that makes me want to fall into his arms. Worrying about burning the food is the only thing that keeps me sane in those moments.

A part of me thought that he rented this cabin so he could get some sexy time with me to bring in the new year! I could imagine it then: me and my beloved, wrapped in a blanket and in each other’s arms, next to a sizzling fire that (hopefully) would not match the heat between us. With all of the work he has been doing at his job and on home projects without any breaks, he must need some rest and relaxation with me! I intended to give it to him, give every inch of my body and soul for him.

As I have mentioned in a previous story, I am not someone who knows their way around lingerie. Apart from lacy and bras, bralettes, and panties, I really only had some nightgowns that came up to my mid-thighs, with straps on my shoulders. They seemed romantic to me, and to my hubby, but I felt like I was not doing enough. I only once spoke to him about it, and he never pressured me for or against it, although he did say that he thought I would look very nice, so I had some motivation!

God has now given us freedom in the marriage bed, and I want to show myself to my husband and give him pleasure through the sense of sight and touch. Lingerie is one way I can feel comfortable in my own skin while also pleasuring my hubby!

A few weeks prior, I had been speaking to a friend, and the topic of ladies’ wear came up. She mentioned an online store that she found to be nice and that sells lingerie. She also mentioned a nice store locally at which some ladies from various nearby places of worship worked, and it was a small business that sold ladies’ undergarments and lingerie. She said a lot of the women who worked there were wives and mothers, so they do not judge and are accepting of each person’s sensitives. But I was not ready to go to a store in person, so the online store was my chance to secure something for me and my hubby in a more private fashion.

I immediately thought of this when planning things to show him during our travels, and I got so excited! I browsed the site, and turned as red as a tomato looking at all of the things there! There were long-sleeve pieces called teddies that looked like swimsuits that models wear, but all made out of lace and soft fabric, that plunged down the bosom while leaving the legs exposed. There were sets of panties and bras, beautiful sweaters, robes, rompers, chemises, and most appealing to me, these short little dress-like pieces called babydolls. They seemed to fit snugly on the top and flow outwards on the bottom. A beautiful, champagne-pink one caught my eye, and a rose-red robe matched well with it!

The items arrived the evening before we left, so I did not get to try them on at all! I immediately slid it under my clothes in the suitcase, trying my best to be sure my husband did not see it. I wanted it to be a surprise! We finished packing and took a flight to Minnesota, then drove up to the cabin in a rental car.

We had some rather interesting little moments on our travels, each one building a bit more anticipation and intimacy as we neared New Year’s Eve. When our flight landed in MN, my husband insisted on carrying both of our bags, making sure we had our documents and such. He manifests all of his Dad-energy in these situations 😂 But he had no gloves on for the cold; his hands turned to ice, and I could see the purple in them! He kept blowing on them to keep warm, and I was quite upset that he did not at least let me help.

Once we got into the car, I told him to give me his hands. I could feel how chilly they were. After getting pouty that he did not wear some gloves, I held his hands between mine and gave them a kiss, but when I looked up, his eyes were glued on mine. He gave me a slight smirk, and I shyly put his hands back on his lap.

“Careful, Sophia. Wouldn’t want to get me riled up by having your hands that close to… well you know.”

The cheeky boy was thinking about seeing me without clothing and making love to me, and all I did was touch his hands and give them a kiss. What is with husbands? A slight touch or a light look, and they are ready to go, lol. But I am happy my man is wired this way!

As we drove up, I could not help but watch all of the beautiful decorations still up from Christmas pass by. Blankets of white snow and beautiful scenery were more than abundant. I think some bright lights were going off in my hubby’s head too, and I am sure he was thinking of something less innocent than I;  I so wondered what it was. He moved his hands toward my neck, stroking my shoulder and neck softly and using his thumb to touch the side of my cheek and chin.

This is something that I love about him. Of course, his deliciously hard manhood is amazing, but the slight, tender touches are the ones that keep me wanting more of him in both sexual and nonsexual ways. I let out an involuntary, quiet moan, shifting in my seat and shivering to his touch.

Arye Sundari… we are almost there.”

Those first words mean “hey beautiful” in Hindi. He often uses it as a special way to get my attention, and that he did! At the moment I was flooding down in my panties, and I could feel my slick feminine folds beg for his massive bamboo. I just could not wait!

Just as he said, we soon arrived. The snow glistened in the evening light, and I was taken aback by the beauty of the lake and the greenery nearby. A thick covering of snow made the whole place look like a painting. The cabin was beautiful, even more so than in the pictures! The classy rustic style, the warm fireplace, and the discrete, private atmosphere next to the lake—I truly loved it!

We were to stay from the afternoon/evening of the 31st to the morning of the 2nd. As always, he carried our bags inside and parked the car back underneath a canopy to prevent snow buildup. He then ran back inside.

We unpacked our items, and I started to organize some things for the hiking we planned to do the next day. I knew I wanted the lingerie to remain a surprise, and I only had to hide it for a bit longer, as it was already 8:00 p.m.—I could get us out the door for dinner before he noticed anything.

We had showered before we had left, but he wanted to shower again because he felt a bit grungy from the trip. So, as he showered, I decided that would be a good time to quickly try on the lingerie! I grabbed the small bag in which I had the robe and babydoll, then hopped over to another room and quickly took off my sweater and skirt, making quick work to put on the entire set. There were panties and a bralette of a very light pink, nearly white, while the babydoll was a beautiful, pastel-esque pink that I absolutely adored.

I was a bit nervous to check the mirror, but scooted over in front of it, took a deep breath, and looked at my image, only to be pleasantly surprised. I thought I looked quite nice, lol! The babydoll fit nice and snug to my waist. Since my torso is quite short, the skirt of it did not manage to get so far down my legs, ending on my mid-thigh. But it was a delightful color and the robe looked quite nice too. The lace was amazing, so soft and yet so prominent in the design. My husband has told me lace is particularly beautiful on me, so I was happy that this piece had it. I could tell that from certain angles, my hubby would even be able to see my panties, flooded with desire for him.

I will admit, it was an exhilarating feeling! I remember when I first wore panties and bralettes, or clothing with lace and frills. I just loved the way it felt, the way it made me feel airy and light, all dainty-like. This was that feeling, but one hundred times better! I was so excited for my husband to see me like this, but part of me still doubted I looked good. I mean, what if this looks good in MY eyes and online, but not in real life? Well, I had it, and I had to at least try!

I silently prayed, asking God for strength. I wanted to show my hubby myself dressed in something I thought was pretty. I wanted to make us both happy, and although shyness is alright, I cannot be miserly because of it. So, I decided I would do it and not back out.

I quickly changed back into my travelling outfit, and my hubby came out of the shower at the same time. He knocked on the door, and I jumped a bit, worrying that he perhaps saw his surprise a bit too early!

“Darling, are you alright?”

“Yes, sweet, one second!”

I came out of the room to find my husband standing there with nothing on but a towel. Oh dear, there went my hormones again. He was covered in a light sheen of moisture, his muscles glistening in the light. Though he said something to me, but I was absent-minded, trying not to make it obvious that I was eyeing his body up and down.

What had gotten into me?!?! I never thought I would ever be thinking like this, and yet here I was! But I am so glad I am blessed with a good marriage, both in and out of the bedroom—in this case, I was thinking of IN the bedroom, of course.

His muscles led up to the wide, bulky structure of his shoulders and down wonderful hips. His towel was slung just low enough that through glimpses I made when he was not looking, I could almost see where his manhood would start.


“Erm… yes?”

“I said, I made plans at that nice place down the road, maybe a 10-minute drive.”

“Oh, yes!” I said, trying to cover up the fact that I was nearly staring at his lower half! Hopefully, he did not take notice of that.

“And Sophia?”

“Yes, sweet?”

“While I am very much not against you seeing me without clothes on in certain circumstances, I am a bit bashful about you watching me change…” he said with a sly smile.

“Oh right, yes. Sorry, sweet. I was just, erm…. organizing some things.”

“No problem, haha. Why don’t you go change in the bathroom? It is much warmer in there, and you can also freshen up if you need to.”

My mind still scattered, I shuffled with my evening outfit and some other items to the bathroom, giving my hubby a smile before shutting the door. Whew, that could be have been a bit embarrassing!

The dress I had was a soft, jet-black sweater dress that i would wear with tall boots. It was fancy enough to wear for a night out but also comfortable enough to keep me warm. (I am not a fan of cold weather!) I slid it over my head and put my hair into a half chignon that let my curls cascade down my back, adding a fancy hair clip he bought me a few weeks prior. I put on some lip glossy—that nice cherry red that my hubby loves so much—and then some rose-scented lotion. I wanted to blow his mind and his senses!

I stepped outside the bathroom, placed my things on the cabinet near the door, and turned to see my hubby relaxing in the bedroom. He was sitting in a chair, leaning back with one leg outstretched and the other bent. One hand hung over the arm of the chair while the other perched casually in the air with his elbow on the armrest. He looked like a model, at least to me. He doesn’t think so, but I certainly do! Oh dear, I married a handsome, handsome man <3

He saw me, got up from his chair, and walked towards me. He was dressed very fancy, with a nice suit and shirt with tie, and shined shoes. He always knows how to dress sharp for any and all occasions, even on a budget. He had also shaved, giving me a view of his jawline that I love to press my lips to every once in a while. After shrugging into his peacoat, he put an arm around my waist and leaned in for a delectable kiss, being sure to probe my mouth. I was taken aback at his desire, but I so wanted to let him throw me on the bed that instant. I prayed for some self-control, needing patience. I could not have him just yet; I had plans after all! I backed away from the kiss and gave him a tight hug.

Retrieving my coat, my darling husband slung it around my shoulders and offered his arm to me. Then He walked me to the car, opened my door, and beckoned me in. What a gentleman he is! I have always been delighted by the way he treats ladies, especially me, with such cordiality and tenderness. It is one of the reasons I feel so safe with him.

He drove to the restaurant, opened the car door, and offered his hand, walking us to the front of the eatery. The establishment was beautiful, quiet, and yet so warm and welcoming! I noticed that it was full of couples. What a nice place to go for a special dinner! We had a wonderful meal, and I felt that maybe I should play a little game to get back at my hubby for his antics thus far!

I used my leg to reach over to his, softly rubbing it. I wanted our feet entangled under the sheets, his body holding me tightly and tenderly as we made love with the blessings of our Heavenly Father, but this would have to do for now. His eyes widened, and he stammered while speaking to the waiter. I tried my best to not giggle!

“Erm, yes right, one second…” he fumbled his words trying to get his wallet as I kept rubbing my foot up and down his leg.

Now, let me just say that I do not know what got into me on that trip, but something within me unlocked. I was doing things I would never dare even think of! I had read about this sort of stuff in Christian romance books, sometimes on MH… but me, Sophia, doing this stuff, in public?!?! And yet I was melting away, and I needed my husband badly. I missed him. We had not had physical intimacy at all for nearly two weeks. Did he not have that same hunger? Why had he not acted on it? I started to feel a bit worried and retracted my leg.

He turned his head to me and gave me a smile. It was reassuring, but some insecurities cropped up again. Maybe he was too busy at work, and did not have the energy to pursue me? But what if he just did not like me in that way anymore? I was fighting my own thoughts. It had been mere months since we got married, and there was no way we could reach this point so quickly!

He drove us back home, and on the drive back I could not help the conflict in my mind. It was quite stupid of me to believe he lost any interest in me this quickly, but maybe a part of me felt that I could not take things up to the next stage. I could not wear lingerie like other girls could; I was just too insecure and shy to handle it. I’m not confident in myself.

Before I knew it, we were back to the cabin. He parked the car and opened my door, but had to put a hand on my shoulder to make me realize it. Soon, we were inside. It seemed that he noticed something was wrong but was not sure of the dilemma. He softly took my hand, turned me around, and looked into my eyes.

“Sophia, what’s wrong? I wanted to take you out to dinner, and I got a nice cabin just for us. But you seem distant. Did I forget something?”

“Oh, sweet, no! You remembered everything, you always do! I just wish I was deserving of that sometimes…”

“What?!?! How are you not deserving of it? You’re my wife, darling. I love you—more than my own life.”

He put my face between his hands, thumbing my tears away as they started to flow.

“I’ve just missed you a lot these past few weeks. You had work, and you helped at home, but I don’t care for any of that. I wanted you to just come home and take me…”

His eyes pierced into my soul, reading my innermost desires. “I missed you dearly, Sophia. I was traveling, I had work… and so I looked forward to these few days we have here.”

“I just wish I was not so insecure and shy about things. I am trying, really! Sweet, am I enough for you?”

“Darling, I am going to tell you candidly, that is the stupidest question you have ever asked me. You are more than enough for me. I pray, asking the Lord every day why He gave me you as my wife, what I have done to deserve such an angel. I intend to spend my life finding out why, with you.”

“Oh sweet, I love you!” I threw myself into his arms, giving him a big hug.

“If you ever feel like something’s wrong, or maybe you don’t appreciate yourself, remember who you are to me. You are someone’s everything, my everything…”

I was tearing up, and his words of love were stoking the fire down below, which was raring to go.

“And for such a shy lady, you were quite the naughty girl back there…”

My eyes sprang open. I began to turn red as he lowered me to the ground. I looked down at our feet.

“Rubbing your leg up and down mine, giving me smiles that made my heart practically stop… You, shy? Well yes, you are, and I love that about you. You don’t have to be bombastic. That’s not you, and that’s alright. I want you, not someone you are trying to be.”

“Thank you, baby. You really do not know how much that means to me!”

“Of course, darling. Although, I must say that sometimes a part of you does come out that is special, that only I witness, and I am blessed to see it. The part of you that would, oh, I don’t know, wear a tiny pink dress?”

Oh, goodness gracious, he knew.

“How did you find out?” I asked as he pulled me tight to his warm body.

“Well, you seem to either be very bad at hiding things, or you wanted me to see it, haha. I saw when you were changing back into your clothes. You did mention such things for the bedroom, but for such a shy girl you managed to pick something special out, didn’t you?”

“Did you see me in it? I wanted it to be a surprise we could enjoy together!”

“I didn’t see you in it, but I bet you looked sexy,” he said with a grin on his face, and I knew he wanted me. I was in a state of delight. Me, sexy? Well, I was certainly feeling better, lol.

His voice got quieter, but his deep, manly tone rang in my ears. “Now, why don’t you go put on that lovely little thing you bought. I want to see my gorgeous wife wearing something beautiful.”

I nodded my head softly, grabbed the bag from the cabinet, and looked back at my hubby, who was loosening his tie. I gave him a smile and a slow blink, which made him freeze, and I scurried into the bathroom. Now I had HIM in knots. 😘

I quickly changed out of my dress, standing in front of the bathroom mirror with nothing on.

Me? Sexy? He really does love me that much…

I looked at my breasts, with the buds perched sharply on top. I ran my fingers over them, which sent chills down my spine. For the past two weeks, I had been paying attention to my breasts in the shower, running my hands over them and imagining my hubby’s strong hands grasping them, his mouth devouring them in ecstasy.

I looked a bit down to see my tummy, then my flower. It was wet and glistened in the light, and I knew what it desired: his touch. His manhood. I turned around, twirling about on the balls of my feet and looking at my body. He was right. It’s alright that I am not as open or as lively about it. As long as I put in a concerted effort to be myself and to embrace who I am as a woman with my man, that’s all that I really need.

I took a deep breath, silently said a prayer, and then put on the babydoll. I tied the robe around my waist, and took one last good look at myself, undoing my hair and tossing it around until it looked nice. There was also a candle in the bathroom, which I quickly lit. The bedroom was dark, with only the light coming from the stars and moon as I emerged from the bathroom, candle in hand.

My beloved sat side-on to me on the fabric bench in the bedroom, removing his socks and shoes but still in his trousers and shirt. A few of his buttons were undone, and his tie hung around his collar. He’d laid a towel on top of the bench, always one to make sure the place was clean and comfortable for me to lie down on. What a gentleman! He looked relaxed, but the rugged gentleman attire suited him perfectly. He looked… sexy.

I glanced at the alarm on the nightstand, which read 11:00 pm. Putting the candle beside it, I turned to face him.


He turned to me, and I saw his jaw drop to the floor. Slowly, he rose and walked over to me. His presence was large, strong, and commanding—just the way I like it. Though the room felt chilly and I had goosebumps on my skin in my sparse clothing, the warmth radiating from him soothed me.

“Darling, you look spectacular. That robe, a beautiful red, really. It fits you so well.”

He put his hands on my waist, massaging my hips and my bum. I had missed his hands being there. Then he tenderly cupped my face, and we kissed. I thrust my tongue deep into his mouth, wanting to reach his heart, and he so lovingly returned the favour. After a few moments, I leaned back from his lips and stared deep into his eyes.

“Thank you, my beloved. You really do make me feel sexy.”

“Not feel… you are sexy. It is a fact you’ll have to live with, and that’s final!” he said with a slight smile.

I giggled at his rather assertive love and kindness.

“Now, why don’t you show the main event? I have been patient long enough, I want to see my wife in all her beauty.”

Taking a few steps back, I untied the robe and let it fall behind me. His eyes widened, staring me up and down, planning where he would touch, where he would grab to make me moan in desire and whimper in rapture. He took my hand softly and asked me to twirl. I felt like a princess, spinning in a beautiful dress covered in lace only for the eyes of my sweet husband.

“Wow, you look like an angel, darling—so beautiful. That lace, those little straps… You look amazing.

The wait had gone on long enough.

I pushed him onto the bench, and he leaned back, striking a pose fit for a king. I quickly climbed onto his lap, facing him, and we kissed like lovers who’d found one another after years apart, as my hands clasped around his neck and my lips met with his. His hands were not idle, either, rubbing my waist and bum and legs with abandon. I could tell he missed me just as much as I missed him. His lips traveled to my neck and nibbled before traveling to my collar bone, sucking on my skin hard and fast. It was a strange feeling. Not quite pain, but something equal in intensity that I absolutely loved.

“Ohhhhhh… ahhhh… Oh, sweet, please do that again. Oh, goodness, please eat me up just like that, baby…” I begged as he sucked on every square centimeter of neck and upper chest, moving down to my breasts. But soon he paused, backed off, and gave me a kiss on the lips.

“How dare you claim to not be good enough? Have you looked at yourself? Those beautiful little buds…” he said as he used his fingers and rolled my nipples between them. I was moaning loudly, arching my back and offering my globes to him. They were his to play with, his to use to give me pleasure. And I more than welcomed the pleasure. I soon reached my peak, whimpering with what strength I had.

One of my married Christian friends whom I speak to for advice said that this was called an orgasm. I never knew what this was before I got married, but now I was having them back to back with my husband! I am glad I can help him reach the peak and have an orgasm too!

“Oh sweet… oh, don’t stop, please. I need you to touch me down here.” I grabbed his hand and led him down to my fire. The fireplace was not on, but we didn’t need it. We had enough heat there anyway, lol.

He got up from the bench, carrying me with just one arm, and laid me back on the bench. He started grabbing my bum, occasionally giving it a nice little pat or slap.

“Ooh… oh, that feels so good, baby.” I was moaning extremely loudly as he continued devouring my neck and face. Soon, his hands found their way to the straps of the baby doll and untied them. It started sliding off my body, and he tenderly removed it and threw it on the robe that lay next to the bench. He then quickly unlatched my bralette and got my panties off. He was becoming quite an expert at this, lol.

“I love that dress, so soft and beautiful on you. But you know I prefer to see you the way you were made,” he said with a grin on his face. I giggled at his romantic advances; he was just as charming as he was stoic.

His fingers trickled down my body as we continued our steamy kissing until they found my petals down below. He began by tenderly stroking one fold at a time, causing me great pain. Not physical pain, mind you, but the pain of waiting. I wanted him, badly. I needed that thick, veiny hotrod to be pushed into me, marking me as his own tonight. I started to hear fireworks in the background; it must have been the townsfolk marking the night as the new year slowly approached.  Just then, the first wave hit me.

I shook and shivered as he held me, continuing to kiss me and not allowing a moment to be wasted. Every second, I felt great pleasure at his hands. I entrusted him to make me happy, and he was more than doing so. His fingers quickly found my orifice and plunged deep.

“Yes, darling, focus on me. Let me guide you there again,” he quietly whispered as his fingers found the soft part of my flower that made me jump every time he touched it with his fingers or slammed it nice and hard with his manhood.

“Yes yes yes yes… yes…. yes yes…..ooooohhhhhh….”

I could feel myself being drowned in pleasure, just as his fingers were being drowned in my fluids. He spent what felt like hours, but was probably a few minutes, pleasuring my flower and my lovebud below, drawing little circles with his thumb. I grabbed his shoulders, cupped his face, kissed his muscled arms as he explored me in my most intimate of places. Grabbing my breasts in my hands, I panted over and over.

I was running out of energy, but I also never felt more alive. Ladies, do you know what I mean? When you feel like you are on top of the world, and you have this tremendous heat, but you also feel weak and you want to surrender to the pleasure your man gives you? Like you are freefalling, where you do not have any control, but it feels so liberating. Who says married intimacy is boring?!?! It is the most free of them all, a love blessed by our Father in Heaven, a path we can all walk, blessed by Him. It’s a duality I love, one that only my hubby gives me, and one that I pray I give to him as well.

He slowly retracted his fingers, tasting my rivers.

“You taste wonderful, darling. Like cinnamon candy.”

Cinnamon candy? Well, I would take that as a compliment, lol.

I grabbed his shirt and started unbuttoning it. I needed to feel his muscles. I started rubbing my hands up his chest and abs, so strong and bulky, an absolute tank of a man. He got up and took off his trousers, and then his boxers, without any hesitation. I turned red, and looked away for a brief second. He apparently saw that, and gave my bum a slap, which startled me and made me even wetter down in my ladyplace.

“You may be shy, but trust me, I have been waiting for this for a while now, darling, so I have no need to be shy,” he proclaimed with a hearty laugh.

He climbed onto the bench, but I wanted to try something.

“Erm, sweet… I… maybe..”

“Is there something wrong? Are you alright?” He started to sound a bit concerned.

“I am more than fine, sweet. I was just wondering if maybe I could climb onto you?”

He smiled and lifted me up in his arms before leaning back on the bench. I sat on his lap, my ladyparts dripping wetness onto his abdomen. I was fixated on his eyes, dark and chocolatey—I love looking into them. I raised myself on my knees, and slowly grabbed his manhood, big, thick, and boiling hot to my loving touch. As I stroked it up and down, I heard some sweet groans escape my beloved’s lips. They made me giggle before placing his manhood at my flower’s entrance. I looked back into his eyes, and slowly let his manhood enter me. It felt wonderful, like I was missing something inside of me and I finally got it back. We locked gazes as we joined in a wonderful union.

He was back where he belonged, inside my flower. This is his home, and just as I receive him back home every day when he returns from work, I shall receive his love when he enters me so tenderly. I started to move along his hotrod, letting his organ move back and forth inside of me. My arms stretch up, bending back and then cupping my breasts as I let myself discover happiness with my husband.

I feel as if he touches new places inside of me every time we make love; no two sessions are ever the same. I am an endless grove of flowers that he can explore as he pleases. He grabbed my bum and moved my body to help me get pleasure, as I placed my hands on his chest for some balance. I leaned down to hug him, experiencing a jolt of pleasure when my breasts’ buds touched his chest and moved across it. He tightly gripped my waist and bum, each in one hand, and started moving more rapidly.

“Oh yes, darling. God, you feel so warm and tight on me…”

“Yes, baby, faster. I want you to go faster, baby…”

I grasp at every inch of him I can reach—his biceps, shoulders, hair, face—and he holds me up from his waist, and rams his rod into me. Over and over, I feel his rod touch that soft spot inside, making me yelp.

“Oh.. my.. good…ness. yes… yes… yes… oh baby, make love to me, please…”

He hugged me tightly to him as he pounded, and I was fast approaching my third orgasm of the night. I yelled loudly, but it did not matter. It was just us, in a cabin, by the lake. No one but us, making love under the chill of the night, and the fireworks that were steadily getting louder in the background.

He slowed down his strokes now to a pace where I could move my hips around, giving his engorged manhood some pleasure while letting him find new places within my womanhood. It was delightful, and I moanfully sighed, knowing that this was what I had waited for. But I was not done, no, and neither was he!

He latched onto my breast and started to kiss my buds, feeding at my bosom. Then he lowered his head to between my breasts and started to kiss away the goosebumps from the cold.

We also tried various other positions, like one with him on his back and me sitting facing away from him, as well as one where he got on top, making love to me as he first did on our honeymoon. It was all delightful, and I experienced another two orgasms. I love orgasms. I love having them with him. I love it when his fingers, his lips, and his manhood cause them to occur. Even as I write this, I want him home so that he can take me again, and make sweet love to me.

After some time, he softly beckoned me to get off of the bench, and he got behind me. I was on my elbows on the bench and my knees were on the ground.

“Darling, spread your legs as far as they can go.”

I did as he said, and he carefully lifted my legs and placed them on the bench. I was in an upside-down-T position, with my bum flexed at him. He gave it a soft slap, which made me even hungrier for more loving.

“Mmmm, sweet I love it when you do that. It makes me feel good.”

“Of course it does, you naughty little minx. You’re my beautiful bride, my Godly wife, and my one and only sensual lover. You better not ever believe otherwise.” His deep, rich voice sent a shiver through me.

He was right when he said that some part of me does come out when I am making love with him. It’s the part that cups my breasts in the shower, wishing he was there under the water with me, the part of me that dreams of his manhood during the day and welcomes him home with a kiss and open arms every evening. How liberating it is to know that I am made a woman for my man, and he is made a man for me.

I could feel his deliciously hard rod on my bum cheeks, moist from being in my flower. I felt its heat; he was still raring to go. Wow, he truly held himself together all this time! I needed to give him his own orgasm; he always deserves it!

He grabbed my legs and stretched them out a bit more, so that now I looked like an upside down bow. Then he slowly put his manhood inside of me, stretching me out. This was by the best position I have ever been in. The stretching opened up my ladyparts like never before and yet tightened me on the inside such that I could feel his massive hotrod searing its way into me. I was lying on my tummy, and I arched my neck back. He softly grabbed my neck and leaned forward giving me a delicate kiss on my forehead before drawing out his manhood and slamming it back in.


I screamed at the top of my lungs. This was the best way he has ever made love to me, and I did not have the words to say anything. I moaned, groggy from his loving.

“Oh, Sophia, you feel so good to me, baby. Bring back your bum. Make love with me.”

Apparently all he could muster were groans and moans after that, and our collective moaning filled the room, filled the cabin. He started to speed up, and his manhood felt harder and harder until I could feel it slamming into that soft spot inside of me.

Every time it came back, I whimpered. I loved the raw power he had. Though always so soft and tender with me so as never to even touch me with too much firmness, when he is making love to me, he is such a commander. I love that about him—so strong and powerful. I prayed IN thanks to the Lord, happy that he sent a man like him for me. I moved my bum back and forth, slamming into his waist, wanting him to go faster and deeper. I wanted to feel him in every part of me, deep in my heart and soul.

“Oh my goodness! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

As I had another orgasm, he growled, “Sophia, I’m….. oh, YES!”

I felt him slam into me one last time, and his love released into me. That thick, white liquid poured into me, painting my womb with the colors of his love. I felt so much pour into me, and I savored each bit. It was his love, his manhood’s honey that not only showed his love for me but would possibly combine with my body to create a new life. He bent down and started sucking on my back as he reached his own orgasm, and our moans slowly started to subside over the course of a few minutes. We lay in bliss, his lips still sucking on my skin.

Then he whispered into my ear, “I love you more than my own life, darling. Please never think that you’re not enough for me. I try to be a good man, a man deserving of your love, every single day. It is a blessing to be able to wake up next to you, to make love with you, to spend my years with you.”

I cried. Tears flowed openly from my eyes as he exited my womanhood, turned me around, and lifted me in his arms. I hooked my legs around his waist as he held me up. I love him so much, and that bliss of knowing that I will spend my life making love to this wondrous man is something I cannot begin to imagine.

He carried me to the bed, and offered to help me clean up.

“No sweet,” I whispered with what little strength I had remaining, “I want to feel your love in me forever. I want to keep it there. I always keep it inside because I want to have you inside of me as long as I can.”

“You do?”

“Yes! I keep you within me, every time. I love you that much and more.”

He smiled, kissed me on my forehead, and then lay down on the bed, covering us with the blankets. The fireworks were getting louder and louder, and soon we heard people cheering. I peered at the alarm on the bed. It was now the New Year. I looked back at my husband, who neared my lips and gave me a beautiful kiss before wrapping me in his arms.

“Happy New Year, sweet!”

“Happy New Year, darling.”



“I’m very cold. Please hold me?”

“Of course, darling, of course.”

As the noise outside quieted down and the light of the fireworks subsided, we fell into a peaceful slumber with me wrapped in his arms. I could feel his manhood, spent but still warm, radiating his manly energy. I could also feel his wonderful spurts of love, deep within me, and I hoped that it would stay there until we next made love.


The next morning, we woke up and took a shower together. I love doing this. We can clean one another while also having some hugs and kisses underneath the water. I exited the shower and put on a towel, going to the sink and mirror for some face care. That is when I noticed some things. I saw a slightly red, bruised sort of mark on my right collarbone, and one on the back of my left shoulder, and I turned to see one on my upper back as well.

Those were the places he sucked on me; he had left marks! My hubby saw me looking at these marks, and he rushed over.

“Oh, good Lord, did I hurt you?”

“No, sweet, they don’t hurt at all—just bruises. No pain, believe me.”

“Oh… well, then, I must have really loved doing that, hmm? Sometimes I get lost in you,” he said with a sly smile. Cheeky boy, always ready to entice me to the marriage bed. Not that I wouldn’t want that, too, lol.

“It really seems like you did,” I said while blushing. I could not believe he had left these spots on me!

He hugged me from behind, and I held his arms around my waist.

“I marked you as my own, darling. But you, Sophia, have made me a very happy man, and now I am all yours.”

Indeed. I am his, and he is mine. Just as we are blessed with a holy marriage bed, we are blessed with love and devotion to one another. I loved that trip, and I hope he does take me there again. But until then, these love marks will serve as a sensual souvenir.  🥰

As of writing this story, I found out that I am pregnant! I am so very, very happy it is indescribable! We found out on my birthday that I am pregnant, and by tracking my cycle back we came to the conclusion that on New Year’s, our lovemaking created a beautiful child. Just two days before I submitted this story to MH, the doctor confirmed it. My husband has entered Dad-mode, being so caring and tender with me ever since I told him. I am so happy that our lovemaking has blessed us with our first child. We prayed for a child, and we are so glad that God has given us that blessing! I look forward to the experiences of pregnancy and motherhood, and my husband is already preparing to become the best father he can be!

God bless you all, have a wonderful day, and as always thank you for reading!

Joyfully in Christ,


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10 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Welcome back, SophTea! I really enjoyed your story. The way the sexual tension built up was awesome! I have to tell you that you ARE more than enough for your husband! I still am crazy in love with my wife after three decades, and she’s still gorgeous to me at 70 years old! I am very happy for you two. Keep treating each other with kindness & respect, and keep up the passion, and you’ll have a happy life! Also, congratulations on the pregnancy! I believe that a married couple making babies is doing God’s work. And it’s wonderful how you two had such a good time making that baby!

    • SophTea says:

      God bless you, for the love you show to your wife <3 and thank you so much, I feel such joy knowing that our intimacy created a beautiful baby and it brought me closer to my hubby! Glad you enjoyed the story, sending prayers and love heart🥰

  2. Peterpan says:

    Hello Sophtea, first of all, congratulations on your pregnancy, hope you will enjoy that time in good health. What a great and hot lovemaking story. I loved the language you used in this story. Had to laugh so hard to this phrase: " At the moment I was flooding down in my panties, and I could feel my slick feminine folds beg for his massive bamboo."

    And there was a phrase that was almost like a poem: "I felt him slam into me one last time, and his love released into me. That thick, white liquid poured into me, painting my womb with the colors of his love. I felt so much pour into me, and I savored each bit. It was his love, his manhood’s honey that not only showed his love for me but would possibly combine with my body to create a new life".
    Thanks for sharing such a great story, hope for many more to come.

    • SophTea says:

      Sometimes I write something, and I end up thinking it is funny or very profound (neither of which I think I am inherently capable of) and so keep it in the story🤣 and thank you for your well wishes, I look forward to my pregnancy journey! 💖

    • SophTea says:

      @LovingMan thank you for your kind words, I will admit MH is making me a better writer😊 and I am glad it is through writing about the adventures me and my husband share on a Godly marriage bed!

  3. Honeymooners says:

    Oh my Gosh this is the hottest sweetest story I've read. From your description and how your words showed your act of love. It was so beautiful. Reading at the end I almost teared up. What a beautiful story. Congrats on your pregnancy. Just knowing this story resulted in your beautiful baby is so beautiful. God is so good. God Bless You! Please write more.

    • SophTea says:

      Thank you so much! I read some of your stories and I enjoyed them a lot, particularly "Special Gifts", because I connected with that one the most.💗I believe that my husband's physical love for me is a special gift, just as in your marriage, and his love has made me a mother, and every time I look at my tummy I remember how our love has given us the chance to show love to our child. Thank you for your kind words, and God Bless "n_n"

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