No Ordinary Sunday (L)

This post contains strong language (L) and mentions anal penetration (A).

It started as just an average Sunday. After church, I dropped our three older kids off at a youth group event. However, we still had our six-year-old daughter at home with us, and it had been a tiring weekend, so I wasn’t expecting any sort of sexual escapades. Happily, I was wrong.

After lunch, my wife and I took a nap while our daughter watched cartoons in the living room. When we woke up, my winsome wife asked if I wanted to play some video games together. Following a couple of rounds of Fortnite, my wife noticed that our daughter was no longer playing in the living room and was suspiciously quiet. My wife went to look for her and found her sound asleep in her bedroom. I was still staring at the TV with a PlayStation controller in my hands when my wife walked up behind me and casually asked, “Wanna quick fuck before you pick up the kids?”

Her bluntness and use of language were startlingly arousing. Dropping my controller, I replied, “Absolutely, I do.”

She led me to our bedroom where she kissed me passionately, her wet lips merging with mine, before aggressively removing all my clothes and grabbing at my suddenly stiff penis along the way. She then pushed my chest forcefully enough to send me flopping onto the bed. After wiggling out of her jeans, she crawled on top of me and immediately guided my dick into her wet and waiting pussy. She rolled her hips back and forth enthusiastically like a cowgirl on a mechanical bull.

I grabbed at her red knit sweater and pulled it over her head, tousling her hair in the process. Then I unhooked her bra and threw it aside to expose her ample breasts. Sitting up, I wrapped my arms around her and brought my mouth to her taut, rosy nipples. I wanted to lick and latch onto her sweet, succulent tits, but she quickly pushed me back down onto the mattress as she rode me even harder.

It had been less than sixty seconds since she mounted me, but she was already erupting with pleasure. She orgasmed wildly as she bounced on top of my thick cock, moaning aloud. After climaxing, she dismounted and collapsed on the bed beside me momentarily to catch her breath. Then asked, “How do you want me?”

“Right now, I just want these,” I replied as I reached for her ripe, luscious tits. I firmly squeezed and caressed each of her full, firm breasts with my hands before leaning in to suck on her sumptuous nipples.

“Oh, yes,” she whimpered, as I worked my tongue around one nipple while imitating the motion with my fingertips on the other. Meanwhile, she slid one hand toward her pussy, her fingers sifting through her recently-trimmed bush until finding her swollen clitoris. She let out a soft moan as she manipulated her clit, then slipped a finger inside and started working it in, out, and around her sweet cunt. I continued to pinch, pull, lick and suck on her nipples, which seemed to taste more delicious with each passing second, while she worked two fingers wildly around her clit until she erupted with another exquisite orgasm.

As her second orgasm subsided, she pushed me aside again and got onto her hands and knees, then lowered her shoulders and lifted her ass toward me, inviting me in. I positioned myself behind her and grabbed a hold of her hips. Her pussy was so slick with her juices that my dick slid easily into her, penetrating until my entire shaft disappeared.

I began thrusting back and forth, my engorged dick pounding against her inner walls. As she spread her legs wide apart, her cheeks separated and the sight of her tight, puckered hole tempted me to pull my dick out of her pussy and fuck her voluptuous ass. Instead, I continued driving into her hot, cavernous cunt. My balls bounced rhythmically against her clit, sending her right into another decadent orgasm. She buried her face in the sheets to muffle the sounds of her squealing.

I slipped my dick out of her pussy as she rolled onto her back. She grabbed me by the arms and pulled me on top of her, then grabbed my aching penis and began working the tip around her clit. Her tiny hairs tickled the tip of my dick as she rubbed it vigorously against her fleshy folds. The pleasure was so intense I could hardly take it.

Finally, she released my dick, now dripping with precum, and allowed me to plunge into her glorious pussy once again. I slammed into her almost violently, my tight balls slapping against her ass. Her head draped over the edge of the bed and her full naked breasts bounced rhythmically as I continued fucking her as hard and fast as I could.

She squealed and moaned as another orgasm sent shock waves through her whole body. As if on cue, I felt utter elation as I began to orgasm along with her. Explosions of cum filled her pussy as my penis pulsed repeatedly. A sense of relief and complete relaxation washed over me, and I collapsed on top of my worn-out wife. After catching my breath, I felt one last burst of intense pleasure as I slowly pulled out of my wife’s perfect pussy.

After recovering, kissing, and expressing our love for each other, I got dressed. My beautiful bride, however, stayed naked and hid beneath our comforter, watching me dress. As I got ready to go pick up the kids, she said, “You don’t mind if I get my vibrator out and give myself one more orgasm while you’re out, do you? Maybe I’ll find an exciting story to read on MarriageHeat.”

I got hard again just thinking about her pleasuring herself in my absence, and immediately gave my hearty approval. And so, I headed out to the car as she indulged in her fifth orgasm of the afternoon. I smiled contentedly as I drove off, reveling in the euphoria of our spectacular love-making and thankful to be married to such an insatiably sexy woman.

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