15.0 Anne and Ron On an Afternoon Drive

Leaving their teenagers at home, Ron and Anne headed out for a Friday afternoon drive. Ron wanted Anne to see a partially forested, deserted farm where he had arranged camping rights. It was completely secluded, and all the buildings were gone except for a small wooden deck. Upon arrival, they went over to the structure to enjoy the cool, pleasant evening. It couldn’t have been nicer—the kind of evening made for a couple in love.

Anne lay on her back as Ron started a little fire in a fire pit near the deck, then joined her. They talked about various things until he asked how she liked the privacy and intimacy of their being there all alone. She answered that it was a real turn-on.

He slowly reached over to touch the top snap of her jeans, then blind-sided her asking, “Has your pussy ever seen the sun.” He wasn’t just asking if she had ever been naked outdoors. She had been naked outside when changing clothes or when it couldn’t be helped, and he knew it. He really asked if she would purposely choose to be naked outside. The naughtiness of his suggestion touched an unexpected thrill button between her legs.

She didn’t answer, but her silence gave her away. She just lay there with her eyes closed. Ron popped the snap and then slowly unzipped the zipper, giving her plenty of chance to stop him if she wanted to. She didn’t. The jeans fell open, exposing the front of her white panties. The panties weren’t quite see-through, but neither were they opaque enough to completely hide the dark brown curly hair underneath.

Giving her a few moments to adjust to what was happening, he knelt and pulled the cuffs of her jeans. The jeans came down, but in the process, they pulled down the back of her panties past her cheeks. She shivered to realize that her bare bottom was exposed, and the front of the panties barely covered her pussy.

Ron began lightly running his fingers over her tummy in a feather-like massage. Each time he touched the waistband, the panties slipped a little lower. She could feel her pussy hair begin to peek out. As the panties fell lower still, her lady lips began showing; finally, Ron exposed her vagina. Of course, being naked in front of Ron was no big deal, but to her surprise, she realized that purposeful outdoor nudity felt naughty—WONDERFULLY NAUGHTY.

Ron finally pulled her panties completely off. He looked at her face and asked, “How does your pussy feel about seeing the sunshine?” She didn’t need to answer. As he looked down, her swollen feminine lips protruding from her brown curls broadcast her excited enjoyment better than any words. She lay there for a few minutes, relishing the guilty pleasure of being bottomless outdoors. Then pulling her heels toward her hips, she let her knees fall apart. She felt her lips separate and her vagina open, warmed by the sunshine.

Ron began to lightly stroke her pussy lips. He smeared some of the female lubricant leaking from her vagina up her lips to her clitoris. His fingers seemed to glide up and down, barely touching her. Once her clitoris was lubricated, he began gently rubbing it in a slow circular motion with just enough pressure to make it feel good—very good. She thought again about the fact that she was outdoors. The thrill of being completely exposed took her over the edge, and she came, pulsating again and again with orgasmic contractions.

Exhausted after a dozen contractions, she grabbed Ron’s hand to stop him as her clitoris became too sensitive. Letting her afterglow wash over her, she slowly relaxed and enjoyed the guilty pleasure of exposure in complete violation of the modesty she had been taught when growing up. The longer she lay there, the more she enjoyed the sun and breeze on her naked pussy, her bare derrière against the wood, and the feeling of risk. Even if only Ron could see, choosing to be exposed outdoors was a new and delightful experience.

Eventually, she stood and stepped back, facing Ron. She spread her arms and legs as if to say, “Look at me.”

Ron smiled. This was a side of his usually extremely modest wife that he’d suspected but never seen before.

Surprised, Anne became aware of wanting another orgasm. She went to Ron and asked him to play with her again.

Giving her the admiring look he always did when he saw her naked, he didn’t have to be asked twice. He smiled and began gently massaging her clitoris again. It was still wet from the first orgasm. More than wet—there were drops of feminine lubricant leaking from her vagina.

As the pleasure of his touch became more intense, she thought again about the fact that she was wholly exposed OUTSIDE. It was like a switch had been thrown. With a groan as if the air were being forced from her lungs, she came again. Her legs trembled, threatening to buckle under her. Only holding Ron’s shoulders kept her from falling.

As he felt her relax after her orgasm, Ron stood and pulled her to him in a most intimate of hugs. She was pleased to feel his erection pressed between them. Ron obviously wanted to have sex but seemed confused. Any sex position he could picture would result in bruised knees for at least one if not both of them on the hard deck surface. He finally asked, “How can we do it? Do we have to wait until we get home?”

Anne released him and turned her back. Spreading her legs, she bent from her waist as if trying to touch the deck. Her cheeks separated, displaying her still glistening vagina to welcome Ron’s erection.

Dropping his shorts and Jockeys and bending his knees slightly, Ron accepted her invitation. With this much foreplay, and her cheeks being so soft and her vagina so warm, he couldn’t last more than a couple of strokes before coming.

Spent, he pulled Anne to stand. With one hand across her teats and the other on her pussy, he pressed her cheeks to him as his spent erection slowly slipped from her vagina. She melted against him, and they enjoyed standing there for a moment more—outside, naked—before Anne reached down to get her panties to wipe up the backflow.

Then, staying bottomless, she led him to sit by the little fire. There wasn’t much conversation but a lot of cuddling for the rest of the evening as they both enjoyed the afterglow. Finally, they redressed to head back to their house, children, and responsibilities. Since her panties were soiled with Ron’s cum, Anne chose to go commando. Driving home, she rested her head on his shoulder, thinking it had been a great Friday afternoon, one they definitely needed to repeat.

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6 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Very sexy story! We’ve only done outdoor sex 4 x but every time is very memorable! There IS something about being naked or partially naked outdoors for sex that feels so naughty. I suspect that public nudity – like a family nudist resort with other people around – is very different.

  2. Love2pleasemyhubby says:

    Beautiful story. I love to feel my hubby’s cum leak out after sex. The drive home without panties and feeling that cum drip would be such a turn on for me. Hubby likes me to put my finger in my pussy and lick it off. So yummy

  3. Flying Hubby says:

    Oh my, love being naked and naked outdoors is even better. Loved how your story progressed. Grats on crossing that threshold and enjoying yourselves.

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