Ass-king For It (L/A)

This story includes strong language (L) and describes anal penetration (A).

Keystone Jill and I have been married for over 30 years. Since becoming empty-nesters, our relationship and sex life have steadily improved. One thing I have pushed for (a little too hard) is anal play. She has graciously tried a lot at my requests, but we have yet to find that magic combination that allows her to enjoy full penetration. There have been a few times that we have engaged in full anal sex, but the enjoyment was not there for her. We finally had a talk and I agreed to leave it alone.

The other night, things changed.

We had set aside the evening for sex after spending a fun day together. When we got home, we both showered, making sure certain areas were especially clean. When I got out of the shower, Keystone Jill had pulled out a couple of toys for our evening. One of them was her glass buttplug. I smiled because I love the way it makes more contact for me inside her.

We cued up a romantic movie and jumped in the bed. Almost immediately, she began stroking my cock while my hand wandered back and forth between her nipples and her cunt lips. The movie was a bust, but we didn’t care. We shut it off and fully focused on each other. Before long, my finger was sliding up and down her well-lubricated lips and rocking back and forth on her clit. She made it clear that she was enjoying my touch.

I slid her to the end of the bed and got on my knees on the floor. I had her feet propped up high so she could relax with her entire center of pleasure accessible to me. Just grazing her lips with my tongue made her moan and rock her hips; I could smell how happy my licking made her. I eventually began firming my strokes, covering her outer and inner lips. Occasionally I would dip down and collect my reward pooled at her opening. I love the taste of her. Then I moved back up and began flicking the tip of my tongue over her clit, feeling her legs twitch each time.

Eventually, I stood up and plunged myself fully into her, enjoying the gasp it pushed from her throat. I churned up her juices for a bit then returned to my knees to lap up my reward. I repeated the process a few times, alternating between fucking her hard and licking her softly. By this time, clear fluid flowed from her and made a mess of her and the bedsheets.

Since she was freshly clean, I began sliding the head of my cock up and down in her juices from her clit to below her ass and back several times. It is an amazing feeling that we both enjoy. Then I went back to sliding in and out of her cunt, making sure to fully exit on every stroke for maximum effect. At one point she reached up and began to play with my nipples, but I asked her to stop. I was too close to the edge and did not want to cum yet.

On one of the strokes, I missed my mark, and my cock slid down the crack of her ass between her and the bed. I asked if she would mind me pressing the tip of my cock against the opening of her ass. This is something we’ve done often. She enjoys the non-penetrating pressure, and so do I. She encouraged me to go ahead. When I pressed against her, I almost entered right away. I stopped and pulled away, telling her I had almost slipped all the way in.

“Go ahead,” she said. I nearly fell over. After our conversation a year or so earlier, this was the last thing I expected. 

I had to clarify, “You want my cock in your ass?”

She smiled, “If it’s almost going in anyway, let’s try it.”

I broke a land speed record getting the lube and getting back. I slicked myself up well and went to work on her, making sure there was plenty inside and out.

When we were ready, I aligned myself at the opening of her ass again. With gentle pressure, I was soon inside. I immediately stopped. This is where, in the past, she had changed her mind. It just wasn’t comfortable for her. Not this time.

“Yes. Yes. Yes!” 

“You’re okay?” I verified.

She was gasping again, “Yes! It feels so good!”

I slowly continued the pressure sliding ever deeper into her tightness, “Are you still good?”

“Yes! Go deeper!” Her instructions were clear.

I slowly continued until my pelvis was pressing against her, “You have it all.” I said.

Her eyes were rolling and she was tugging on her nipples, “It feels so good deep inside like that! Keep going!”

“I’ve gone as deep as I can,” I said, confused.

“No! Fuck me!” she exclaimed.

I obediently began thrusting in and out slowly, making sure to go as deep as possible on every stroke. “You feel amazing!” was all I could think to say.

She was tugging on a nipple with one hand and reaching for her Hitachi wand with the other, “It’s never felt this good! I want to cum with you in there.”

I continued my slow thrusts, going as deep as possible while she applied the wand to her clit. She was panting and moaning, and then it happened. She exploded with her ass impaled on my cock. Her sounds were much more guttural than normal. She was very throaty and lusty. I fought back my own climax as the opening of her ass rhythmically squeezed my thrusting shaft. Her orgasm dominated her for quite a while as I tried to maintain a slow deep thrust to prolong her pleasure.

When her convulsions of pleasure subsided, she looked at me and said, “Come in my ass. The giant head of your cock feels so good deep inside me. I want to feel it explode in there.”

With permission to come, I began to pick up the tempo, my slow deep thrusts progressing to a carefully paced fuck. The tightness of her ass finally became too much, and she got her wish. I exploded! And the squeeze of her opening around my shaft provided just enough resistance to the flow to really make the orgasm powerful. I lost track of myself and quit being careful with her inexperienced ass. At that point, I was an untamed stallion claiming his mare. I didn’t stop to count, but I’m pretty sure I shot twice as many spurts of cum into her as normal. It was strong. It was long. It was hot.

I held my cock inside her for as long as my legs would hold out. I knew their strength was gone, but the sensation was perfect. Eventually, I slid slowly out of her and collapsed on the floor.

After a brief rest and some cleaning, we began to crawl into bed. I noticed my wife’s buttplug still sitting where she’d left it. 

I picked it up and said, “We didn’t even get to use this.”

She smiled and said, “There’s always tomorrow.”

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20 replies
  1. RyGuy says:

    Very hot story! My wife and I only engage in Anal play once a month or so. There is that time of the month where she is up for pretty much anything in the sack.

    • Keystone Jack says:

      See, to a man, that makes a lot of sense. That time of month seems like an excellent time for the back door.

  2. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Awesome story. My wife also likes to be fucked in her ass. She has told me numerous times it feels really good. I was ambivalent about it for a while but over time I got to the place of enjoying fucking her ass because she really gets off on it.

    • Keystone Jack says:

      It's amazing the difference in the pleasure sounds she makes. It is very arousing to me for her to have a different pleasure.

  3. Hornydani says:

    Great story. I love it when my husband runs the head of his penis around my anal area, but we haven’t tried entering yet. Maybe we’ll read this story together; it’s encouraged me to try. Very sexy!

    • CreamyPatty says:

      We are in the exact same situation. Jim is long and thick, the length isn't a problem I don't think because I can control the depth of entry. It's the thickness that's a big concern. We are going to take the advice listed here and hope for the best. Hope it works because a hard ass fucking makes me wet as I think about it and I love serving my hubby in every way I can.
      Guess I'll pray on it. Bye Bye.

    • Giants05 says:

      Horni Dani def a story worth reading together . @CreamyPatty we are fairly new at the entry part ..I make sure she is super warmed up after she cums a time or too and super comfortable ..communication is the key..for instance this morning she was super hot and warmed up I went to give it to her doggy as I entered her pussy she told me I was in the wrong hole lol

  4. D&D says:

    Over the past couple of years my wife and I have been exploring anal play and tried anal sex with similar results, then much like you we got it right with wonderful results! Anal is one of the most intimate and erotic sexual activities. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully a story of our night will be published soon.

    • Keystone Jack says:

      I look forward to your story! It is very intimate and erotic. God was very creative in the way He designed our bodies.

  5. firefly says:

    Hot story, thanks. We do anal sex about twice a week, one of my favorite sex activities. Something wonderful about taking my wife's A hole. I would do it 4-5 times a week, but I think that would be to much for her A to take, maybe not.

  6. FunJames says:

    Very nice! Any suggestions for when a guy’s just a bit too thick for a willing wife’s back door? Lots of lube didn’t do the trick and her vibe/dildo only helps to a point.

    • Keystone Jack says:

      I’m thick too with a big mushroom head. First, she’s in control! If she wants it, keep working with her. Follow her lead. Listen to her. Second, with enough patience and work, any size penis will fit. Find lube made for anal. It should include mild de-sensitizer. Stay with one finger. Rub her g-spot from in her ass. Be patient and explore her interior. (Surgical gloves recommended). You can never use too much lube. Add a finger when she’s ready. She might want to rub her clit or play with a toy. Her relaxation is very important. Patience! It’s an investment.

  7. 1blessedman says:

    Awesome story. Wonderful when both spouses are in sync! We have done full anal a couple times over our 40 years of marriage. One time the wife really got into it and verbally encouraged me to get after it! However, size does matter and I am a bit much for my 5’2” petite booty wife. Although, we have enjoyed analingus and we frequently enjoy the cock on rosebud rub. So, life is good! Oh…..and I have been sexually blessed by many years of receiving anal play, fingering, and full penetration with a variety of toys and impromptu devices…..🫣

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