Midnight Love Dance

It was a little after midnight when Ben and I returned home from our daughter Alicia’s house. Her husband, Trey, cooked up some ribs, and we watched a movie and had a really good time.

Once home, Ben and I locked up and made our way to the bedroom. We then stripped off our clothes and showered together, then dried off and proceeded to bed.

“Want a glass of wine?” He asked me, as he texted Alicia to let her know we had made it home okay.

“Sure, I’ll have a glass, ” I replied as I crawled into bed naked, then watched as Ben walked nude to the kitchen. He has a really nice ass.

He returned moments later carrying two small glasses of wine. His limp cock hung over his balls and kinda danced as he walked. He doesn’t really like for me to talk about his size in my stories, but I will say that the good Lord definitely blessed him.

“Here ya go, babe!” He said as he handed me my glass before climbing into bed.

“I really enjoyed going to Alicia’s tonight,” I said, taking my glass.

“I did, too! It was really nice.” Ben took a sip from his glass.

“Alicia and I talked about maybe running into town tomorrow,” I said as I adjusted my pillow.

“What are the two of you going to do in town? Shop and spend all my money?” Ben asked with a grin.

“Very funny! No, we thought about maybe going by Walmart and then by the adult store. She’s looking to buy a new vibrator. I may get a new one myself,” I replied.

Ben grinned and shook his head. “Sorry I asked,” he said with a laugh.

“What? She’s a married grown woman now!” I said with a laugh.

“I know, but I really prefer not to hear about her personal sex activities!” Ben replied.

I laughed and moved over next to Ben to rest my head on his chest. “Oh! And Alicia informed me that she and Trey have been fucking for some time,” I said.

“Very funny, Gina! You’re freaking hilarious! Damn.” He replied with a laugh and shook his head. I cracked up laughing.

“Speaking of fucking… are you tired?” I said as I traced my finger over his nipple, then down his torso and under the covers.

“Maybe a little, but not that tired!” he replied as I took his limp dick into my hand and began massaging it. We then kissed.

“Want me to suck your dick?” I whispered into his ear as his cock slowly began to swell and lengthen in my hand.

We kissed again, a lingering and very passionate one in which our tounges entwined and danced together. His dick now stood fully erect as I slowly pumped it with my hand.

I began kissing his chest, nibbling and teasing his nipples as I slowly worked my way down his body.  Pulling back the covers, I exposed his beautiful erection. I smiled as I took the head into my mouth and sucked on it, slowly taking in more and more as I continued to stroke it with my hand. Ben groaned in approval.

“I do love the way you suck cock, baby!” He groaned as his hips slowly thrust into my mouth.

After a couple of minutes, I took my mouth off of his cock and said,  “I love sucking your dick. But I want this monster inside me! I wanna ride you until you fill me with your hot cum, baby. Would you like that?”

“Oh, most definitely, sweetheart!” Ben replied.

I began kissing my way back up his body, taking my time and loving every moment. Our lips locked as I moved up over him and straddled him. With my hand, I guided his cock to my pussy hole and slowly took him in, inch by inch.

Ben grasped my breasts with both hands and gently massaged them as I began riding his cock. Rotating my hips, I screwed him, my clit rubbing against his groin. We looked into each other’s eyes as I leaned back with my hands upon his upper thighs.

“Damn! You’re so beautiful, and my dick feels so good inside you!” Ben said, then gave both my nipples a slight twist with his fingers. It hurt, but the pain, mixed with the pleasure I felt, was exquisite.

“Ohhhh, baby!” I moaned as I worked my hips, grinding myself on him. His hips matched my movements in our pleasure-filled love dance. “Oh God, baby, sooooo good!” I panted as my breathing grew shallow. Placing a hand to my clit, I began jilling as I rode him, the passion inside me growing.

“Ben! Ohhhhhhhh, baby! I’m gonna cum! Baaaaabyyyy… yes! Fuck, yesssss!” I squealed as my hips jerked and my body trembled with my orgasm.

As my orgasm subsided, I looked at Ben and smiled. His dick remained lodged inside me as I placed my hands on either side of him and slowly began to move up and down his cock.

“I love you so much, my big bear!” I panted as the bed made that familiar rhythmic sound to our movements as we fucked.

“I love you, too!” Ben replied.

We continued to gaze into each other’s eyes as I kept riding him. There is something about the look in your lover’s eyes when making love; something just erotic and intimate about it.

Ben rolled us over until he was on top and began thrusting long and deep. Our moans and groans of pleasure filled the room as our naked bodies entwined, and we moved together. We kissed, and my body trembled and clenched from my second orgasm, my pussy muscles squeezing and releasing his cock as if hungrily sucking him in.

“Ohhhhhhhhahhhh! Mmmmmp-fuck!” I cried as Ben began thrusting with more vigor, his nuts slapping against my ass as he supported himself with his arms. Hearing his grunts and groans of pleasure soon sent me to the edge of my third orgasm. I gasped and my breathing came in short pants as I went over the edge.

“Fuck me; fuck me! I’m cu-cu-cumming! Mother-ohhhhhhhmmmmph!” I squealed.

Ben slowed his thrusting until my orgasm subsided, then had me get on my hands and knees. Grabbing my hips, he pushed his dick in slowly, then began fucking me doggy-style (his favorite position.)

I gasped and groaned as he pummeled my pussy with long deep thrusts. Reaching a hand between my legs, I began to manipulate my clit as Ben continued fucking me. Soon my fourth orgasm washed over me in waves of pleasure.

It soon became apparent to me that Ben was once again having trouble reaching climax. I looked back at him; his face and chest were covered in sweat, and he was breathing heavily.

“It’s okay, baby!” I said.

With that, Ben pulled out and began beating himself off as he held his nuts with his other hand.

“You’re so fucking hot!” Ben growled as he continued beating his meat furiously.

“Cum for me! Cum, baby!” I said as I worked my fingers over my clit while still on my hands and knees.

“Fuck! Fuck! Gonna cum!” Ben groaned, then pushed his dick deep inside me with a hard thrust that made me cry out.

I came a fifth time as I felt Ben’s dick throb and inject me with his warm cum. We collapsed, both of us sweating but satisfied.  Happy Pussy, Happy Wife!

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9 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    HornyGG, this is a beautiful & sexy story to me! We have had similar situations and found that I could masturbate until I was close then go back inside my beautiful Melodie’s pussy to come.
    My wife and our daughter seem to have a similar relationship to you & your daughter. The other day our daughter recommended a new type of vibrator that she said gives spectacular orgasms and my wife wanted to buy one. So we did. As I write this we are about to try it out!

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      Wow. What an open house! That's amazing. Mother & daughter talk about a vibrator. That's actually beautiful

  2. Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

    This was hot. But you know the hottest part?
    When "she rested her head on his chest." Both naked. Close. Intimate.
    What a beautiful picture. Rest her head. On his chest.
    As a man, that is what I want someday. What a compliment. That's a picture of trust and safety.

  3. SouthernHeat says:

    You two are just the cutest 😘
    Love reading your stories always inspiring us to have some fun of our own! I appreciate how your true love for each other always comes through in your writing.
    So glad you're writing again; well done!

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