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Is this Goodbye?

Note to MH editors: what I say below is obviously not a typical MH story, and some may perceive it as being critical of the site. I do not mean it that way at all, and hope that you will still publish it as food for thought for other readers. I would appreciate their feedback […]

Polishing the Grape

One of our favorites times for lovemaking is Sunday afternoons when we allow the kids to watch a movie or listen to a book while we “take a nap.” On one of these lazy summer Sundays, we did just that and then headed to our room, locked the door, and got right down to business. Kissing […]

Midnight Dream Come True

On rare occasions, my wife and I will awaken in the middle of the night and find ourselves naturally, in our half-sleep, kissing or fondling one another. Recently, we had one of these spontaneous midnight “rendezvous” – I dreamt I was kissing her neck and chest and woke to realize I was doing just that! […]