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Outback Steakhouse Fun

It was a few weeks after our first son was born & my wife & I both needed a date night. My mom & sister volunteered to watch our son & we couldn’t wait to spend some alone time together. As we were getting dressed for our date, I couldn’t help but notice how fit […]

Hard & Damp; Wet Anniversary

My wife is 26, and I’m 25 and it was our 3rd year anniversary this past week. I took a 2 week vacation from work to take my wife and son away for a bit. For our anniversary, we left our son with her parents. I had booked us a very nice hotel room at […]

My Erotic Anniversary (L)

I want to dedicate this first true story of mine to my beautiful, sexy, wife of two years. Love you baby and I’ll be in bed soon to put you to “sleep” ;-). We are a young Christian couple, still in our 20’s and it was our two year anniversary on June 2nd of this […]