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A Day Over the Horny Top

Sometime last November, I was over the horny top. Hans was going to be gone for five days. Being pregnant, I am emotional. I cried that he was going to be gone for five days. He assured me that I would be OK. He said the time would pass quickly. He left on a Monday […]

Hot Horny Pregnancy

Hot horny pregnancy – Credit mission work and plenty of missionary position sex for the incredible wonder of pregnancy. I think it happened on our trip to Botswana. Six weeks later pregnancy was confirmed. Now I am entering into my 18th week. I am showing nicely and horny as I have never been in my life. […]

Breakfast Delights

I was getting the meat and cheese out for breakfast when Hans asked me, “Jenne, what gets your pussy wet?” “Hans, why do you ask such questions?” I retorted.  Hans can ask such curious questions about my sexuality. “Has your pussy ever gotten wet in church?” he asked. “Yes. Sometimes when we hold hands in church […]

Masturbation Fun – Sexy Boredom – Sexy Worker

Masturbation Fun Being a missionary in South Africa is rewarding. Adjusting to life away from Amsterdam is filled with some loneliness and boredom. The good part about all this boredom and loneliness is I am getting more in touch with my sexual side. The lack of outside video streams and media has been good for my creativity […]

I Think About Sex A lot and My Husband Does Too

(Read Part One – Sexy Adventure in Africa) Our work with the mission teaching English literacy in South Africa got off to a great start. We are working hard to bring the love of Christ to our community. We work hard in the day. When we come home at night, Hans and I find ourselves […]

Sexy Adventure In Africa

My name is Jenne.  My husband Hans and I are from Amsterdam, NL. We recently married. I am 24, and Hans is 25. We finished at the University. We decided to give our time for a Christian literacy mission in South Africa for three years. We will teach English, even though we are Dutch from the NL. […]