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On The Water

It was a beautiful, crystal clear day on the lake. The water appeared glass-like except for the small ripples that brushed across the smoothness when the wind blew. One could “see” the wind—until suddenly, it stopped. While it lasted, it had driven my small sailboat to the middle of the lake, but the calm meant […]

Stuck; What to Do?

My wife finally admitted that she was “stuck” with me, and I admitted that I was “stuck” with her. We’ve been married 40 years and she and I both want something different, but because of religious background, divorce is NOT an option. Suggestions? (We’ve been to counseling, etc.)

Watching TV.

As we sat in the living room of our house in our underwear while watching TV, I glanced over at my wife and noticed that she was rubbing her pussy on top of her panties. Her bra was lace cupped and her panties were sheer bikini style.   It was after supper and we were […]

In the backyard

With the cool breeze blowing on me I slowly stepped into the backyard. We have a very tall privacy fence so no one can see. My wife is very shy. After persuading her to come into the backyard with me, she being totally naked and so was I, we then began kissing and hugging. It […]