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Our Hotel Plan

After our big move, we’re in a living situation where the kids and we are on top of each other until we move into a bigger place in a few months. It has put a damper on our sex lives. We still connect, but we feel the need to be far more quiet than we […]

We Are More Important

I love my husband very, very much, but sometimes he gets focused on something, and, as we regularly say, he’s “like a dog on a pork chop” about it. Lucky me, often I’m the pork chop, but there are times other things take his attention. For the most part, that’s not a problem, as I, […]

Morning Glory

I awakened gently for the second time that morning. As I slowly came to consciousness, I felt a sticky sensation on my upper thighs and shaved mound, and I remembered with a satisfied smile how I woke up the first time this morning. When the alarm goes off, I don’t even hear it, but I’d […]