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Passion Remembered

I recently came across a story I wrote for my wife many years ago, long before MarriageHeat existed. I was going out of town for a few days, so I wrote this story below, printed it out, and hid it in our bedroom. The kids are both at school and the house is refreshingly quiet. […]

Honda Heat

“Wear one of your sexy summer dresses or skirts, and some sexy underwear.” That’s all the message from my husband said about our date night, so like a loving wife I obliged. I picked a short cotton sundress and a strapless black bra and matching thong. We got in our Accord and headed down to […]

Halftime Entertainment – Sexy Halftime

Halftime Entertainment – Sexy Halftime Southeastern college football is a big deal around our house, so our fall Saturdays are always full with us going to games or watching with family and friends. This particular Saturday, however, our favorite teams were off and the kids were away, so my wife and I went out for a […]

Mountain Spa, DIY Style

It was late June and our kids were away at camp for the week, so my wife and I decided to take off for a romantic getaway while they were gone. Her aunt and uncle have a cabin in the mountains and it was available for the weekend, so we packed up a few things, […]

Being Missed

For the past few years, neither my husband nor I have had to travel for business very often, a fact for which I’m grateful, but recently I got a great opportunity to go overseas for a week and I had to take it. It was one of those 12 hour days, dinner with clients, crash […]