A Joyful Reunion

My wife and I were blessed by our Heavenly Father with our heart’s desire… a boy and a girl.  Our son was 2 and my beloved wife Tarah had recently given birth to our sweet daughter – only 5 weeks prior to a two-week overseas trip that my company sent me on.

Just before I left my wife to walk through the security area at the airport, I kissed my wife once a again and whispered into her ear, “Honey, when I get home we will be able to make love again and this time we will not need protection.  I can’t wait my love.  I love you!”

Since our dreams were complete with the gift of our daughter, my wife had her tubes tied after her delivery.  We had only experienced unprotected intercourse only a handful of times… our wedding night when we created our son… and then the few times we tried to conceive our daughter.  As a man, I had a desire to deposit my love deep within my beloved wife’s warm vagina each time we became one… and Tarah too, looked forward to our future lovemaking when she would receive from me my seed deep within her.  Thus, our desire for completion was one that we both looked forward to the night that I returned home from my business trip.

During my trip, both Tarah and I experience a heightened sense of excitement and longing for each other.  We hadn’t been one for 12 weeks and both of us felt almost like we did just before our wedding night.  In a way, our soon to be fulfilled freedom to have intercourse without condoms was in a sense a second honeymoon in the offing.  Tarah and I spent a great deal of time (and our phone bill) on the phone each evening of that LONG trip.  Tarah, by the first day of the second and final week of the trip, told me that she was so longing for our marriage bed that she was lubricating constantly, she even said that she would have to change her panties by noon due to the wetness that literally soaked the crotch of her white cotton panties.  Also, she said that her clitoris was erect constantly.

We don’t believe in adult videos or magazines.  Yet, my heightened state of arousal was even more that my wife’s.  I had a hard erection almost constantly.  This was a bit unsettling during business meetings with clients.  Also, we personally don’t feel that masturbation is wrong when it is a part of our foreplay as a couple within our marriage bed.  Most often, we masturbate each other – although once in a wile we enjoy self-stimulation as long as we are with each other.  Thus, we don’t self-release in private.

Well, my wife and I prayed about our wonderful yet challenging state of heightened arousal and felt the Lord give us a plan.  We each took a shower on the Tuesday before the Friday that I would return home.  Then, with the kids all tucked in bed, my sweet Tarah called me from our bedroom.  She had the lights off, a few candles on, and lay naked on our bed.  I did the same in my hotel room.  We then talked to each other of our love and longing as Tarah stroked her clitoris, and I stroked my penis.  We would stop for a minute when on of us felt close to climax, and actually made this release date last for 60 minutes.  Soon Tarah, voice elevated, said that she had never felt such a disturbance of pleasure in her vagina, her breathing became rapid and I heard my wife experience a new type of orgasm.  As she described the waves of orgasm that were coupled with a release of clear fluid, my own orgasm erupted with pearly white streams of sperm and semen that literally shot 3-4 feet in the air.  We both fell back in a wave of release that was intense.

Well, this release valve event did help us make it through the next two days and then it came back… Tarah’s wet panties and my continual erection.  It was almost as if her vagina and my penis were separate entities that knew that their “better half” was soon to be united to them.  We both decided not to have another phone release since we wanted to “save up” for our second honeymoon that Friday night.

Speaking of that night, my mother-in-law would be picking up our children at noon on Friday and my beloved Sarah would be waiting for me at the airport.  When I called her from the airport in NY at 1:00, she said that the kids were with her Mom and that she was about to leave for the hairdresser.  Her Mom surprised her with a mini-makeover gift certificate for a haircut, nails, and pedicure, at the hairdressers.

Well, thank goodness that I was wearing my relaxed fit travel jeans on the flight home as my “Bobby” (as Tarah referred to him affectionately) was in a standing room only mode.  As I tried to focus on the airline catalog my mind kept traveling to visions of my wife’s cute toes with glossy red polish, or her long erect nipples from which I would taste her life-giving milk tonight (since she was nursing).  I wanted to kiss her deeply on her full red lips, and then kiss her all the way down to my special garden.  Obviously, the airline catalog wasn’t working!

When we were close to St. Louis we experience a bit of bumpy weather.  These bumps led to a circling for 90 minutes before landing.  I was going to miss my 60-minute flight home to KC!  Well, there are always other connections.  Thank the Lord, there was but, it pushed our evening back 3 hours.

Finally, I exited the plane and there was my beloved waiting for me.  She was radiant!  She glowed.  In spite of her thick bra, her nipples were showing through – something she would have been embarrassed from normally.  It wasn’t her fault, or her bra’s, her breasts were longing for the touch of their beloved.  We kissed and for a moment, I wanted to ease her to the floor and make love to her there and then.  We both recovered to walk hand in hand to the empty parking garage.  Once there, we embraced again next to the van.  She said, “Honey, feel my love for you” as she gently took my hand and placed it under her flowered dress.  She wasn’t wearing any panties and she was so wet.  A wetness that actually was trickling down the inside of both thighs.  I kissed her deeply on the lips as I slowly pulled back my hand.  It was wet with a clear, shining lubrication.  I like my fingers clean, as I smelled the warm sensuous fragrance of her womanhood.

We hardly made it home safely, but we did.  Once inside, our clothes fell off as we walked arm in arm to our bedroom.  We managed to dim the light, turn on some music, and light a few candles.  We kissed and kissed and our arms and legs were tangled like a KamaSutra drawing from old India.  Her breasts fed me both spiritually and physically.  I drank her Mother’s milk from each erect nipple and she thanked me for making them lighter and less sensitive.  All through our lovemaking we bathed in the stream of milk that trickled from her stimulated body.  We didn’t mind.

Once I lightened her breasts, she kneeled down before me and took my penis in her mouth.  She tightened her lips around its shaft and made a slow comfortable up and down motion with her mouth welcoming my full length into her soft mouth.  She squeezes my butt cheeks as she held me captive with her lips, mouth, and hands.  As she felt my muscles tightening and my love seed moving up the shaft, she gently slowed her pace and squeezed the base to allow me to recover.

We kissed and then I laid her back on our bed and gently massaged her legs and feet.  I kissed each toe and was aroused as never before by her sliver toe ring.  I couldn’t hold back any longer, as I quickly kissed her along her leg to her inner thighs and then I looked with excitement on her womanhood.  My garden of delights located between her soft legs.  I noticed her lubrication had wet the edges of her pubic hard nearest her outer lips.  I parted this moist hair to reveal her pink lips and her erect clitoris.  My tongue entered her vaginal opening and I drank unashamed at her center. I kissed her lips and pulled them softly with my teeth and then gently pulled back the soft skin near her hard clitoris. My lips encased it as her lips had encased my erect penis just minutes before.  She moaned in pleasure as I suck with firm pressure on her clitoris.  My finger entered her wet vagina and as it moved within my tongue sucked her love button.  She came with major muscle quivering.  I didn’t stop the sucking of her clitoris and she just moved into a second wave of orgasm.  Suddenly, my mouth and chin was splashed with a gush of warm, clear, love juice.  Still, her orgasms continued.

As I lifted my head from between her thighs and saw the large spot of wetness on the sheet, my erection got harder (and dare I say it) longer than I can ever remember it. I gently lifted her legs up and moved in close to her.  My penis slid into its long awaited home as both Tarah and I moaned in pleasure.  Skin against skin, no more rubber condoms between us.  I began thrusting into my wife’s vagina as we both moaned in pleasure.  I felt her body gripping my penis as yet other waves of orgasm flooded my wife’s vagina.  Her breasts were flowing with a stream of white milk to herald our pleasure.  We were wet and one and I was thrusting.  My penis’s head was touching her cervix gently at the conclusion of each thrust, and it felt good to both of us.  We were one flesh as our God has intended us to be!

Suddenly I felt the flood of pressure and seed traveling from my testicles up the shaft of my hard penis.  I said, “Honey, I am going to release my seed in you now!”  Tarah, said, “Please fill me full of your warm love my love, and shoot it deep within me!

I came and almost felt light headed as I grabbed her butt cheeks to draw her up and around me.  Her cervix was in contact with my throbbing penis as a stream of my love shot repeatedly into her most private parts.  We lay as one for three minutes speaking love to each other.  Then, as I withdrew my still erect penis from her vagina, a stream of pearly white sperm and semen gushed from her pink lips, down her thighs and onto the moist sheet to join her orgasm juices.

What a beautiful Godly wife!  What a wonder God to create such intimacy for us!  What a beautiful bed sheet evidencing our renewed oneness in the flesh for all the rest of our lives together!

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