The Balcony

About a year ago, my wife Jenny and I went to a resort in Cancun for a four-day getaway with just the two of us.

One day, after spending most of the day at the beach, we went back to our hotel room in the afternoon.  Jenny took off her wet swimsuit and put on a sheer, loose-fitting bathing suit cover-up.  She then went out onto the balcony of our 4th-floor room and hung her wet beach towel over the railing.  The effect of this was that it blocked much of the view to our balcony from the resort grounds below.

Jenny then sat down in one of the chairs on the balcony and began to “read” a book.  Still in my bathing suit, I sat in the chair opposite her.  Over the next several minutes she periodically adjusted her sitting position, deliberately flashing me glimpses of her breasts and pussy as she did so.  The sight of her was driving me wild, but not as wild as what was to come.

After 10 or 15 minutes of teasing me, she got up and leaned low against the railing directly behind the beach towel which was still draped over the railing.  She stood with her feet in a wide stance looking out over the grounds, and I very much enjoyed the view of her ass through the semi see-through fabric of her cover-up.

Then, as she leaned with one arm resting on the top of the railing, she reached back and hiked the cover-up to her waist, exposing her ass and pussy to my full view right out on the balcony.

She continued to lean against the railing and look out over the resort grounds as she reached down and started to rub her pussy with the middle finger of her right hand.  By this time, she was dripping wet, and she seductively rubbed her pussy juice all around her pussy.  Then she began alternately rubbing her clit and sliding a finger inside herself.  This about sent me off the deep end!

After a few minutes of this she spread her legs as far as she could and began to grind and gyrate her hips convulsively.  She stuck out her ass to give me a perfect view from behind as the towel blocked the view of anyone who might look up from the ground.  I’m certain that at this point if someone had been looking up at her from the ground they could have easily seen the look of ecstasy on her face and been able to tell exactly what she was doing, but she was too close to orgasm to care, and I wasn’t about to stop what was probably the hottest sight I have ever seen in my life.

After a few more moments of fingering herself and diddling her clit, she came in explosive waves of orgasm, shuddering and convulsing, with two fingers buried deep in her cunt, and with me ready to come in my bathing suit.
I continued to watch as her orgasm subsided and she stood for a minute or two recovering.  Then she took me by the hand and led me inside and pushed me down onto the bed as she pulled my suit off me while at the same time stripping off her cover-up.  She then guided my rock-hard member into her dripping and ready pussy.  I massaged her beautiful breasts as she rode me until I shot my load deep inside her.  After this, we lay on the bed in each other’s arms spent, satisfied and completely in love.

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