Romp at Bedtime

My husband and I had a great romp last night. We spent part of the evening listening to some music together with our arms around each other. I’d really enjoyed it as I love being with Pete no matter what we do. He’s been so busy lately that it was nice just to be in his arms and just have his full attention for an evening.

As the evening wore on I decided I wanted to read  I asked Pete if he would mind listening to the music on my headphones. He was quite cool about that so I did a little bit of reading while Pete lay on the sofa and listened to the music through the headphones. I noticed he was tired and gradually drifting off to sleep, exposing his manly middle as he did so.

I got changed and ready for bed in a very short nights dress. When I came in to say goodnight to Pete I saw he was asleep dozing on the sofa. I couldn’t resist the temptation of waking him up suddenly so I devised a devilish womanly scheme. I went into the kitchen and ran my hands under the cold tap and then came into web Pete was lying with his eyes shut listening to the music in a half slumber. I planted my cold bare hands on these midriff and he woke up with a start and a shout.

I was giggling like mad at the success of my plans when I suddenly found my husband grabbed me and put me across his knee. I squealed as each hand descended on my bare bottom a few times. Of course, it was only a play spanking but it stung a bit. I don’t know who enjoyed it most Pete or me! I was still giggling when I was over Pete’s knee as he tried to lecture me on my bad behavior, so I got a few extra smacks on my bare buns for good measure. By the time my husband finished spanking me my bottom was very warm but I was still giggling like mad! What’s more I was madly aroused and so, by the feel of his male member, was Pete!

When Pete finally let me up I sat on his lap and we kissed passionately. I was just glad the kids hadn’t woken up with all the squealing going on! Pete then led me into the bedroom. I held one hand in his on the other hand rubbed a very warm bottom. The bed looked inviting and soon our bodies were riding together in some hot sex. My husband and I both worked up to a pretty good sexual climax together, gasping out way to fulfillment as our bodies locked together in the act of mutual love.

We they joined together for quite some time as Pete gradually drifted off to sleep. I held him in my arms and thought how much I loved this man. I decided I couldn’t get a better husband even though he’d just spanked me. I mean, I had really deserved the spanking and we both had really enjoyed the romp that follow. I decided that a romp before bedtime was great fun. I kissed my husband and made a note to do it again in the near future!

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  1. HoneyGirl says:

    Oh (giggle)! This sounds just like something I would do, hoping for that “playful but deserved” spanking, and I always love it when it leads to a sexy romp in the bed! Thanks for sharing!

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