A New Necklace

A New Necklace

Last year my wife and I, after over twenty-five years of marriage, were able to get away for a week of an island vacation. Our first full day there was wonderful. We rose early to see the last few minutes of a beautiful sunrise and enjoyed tender mooring caresses and gentle kisses. My wife has shoulder length brown hair, and she looked relaxed in the early morning in a white cotton skirt and a pastel tank top with a loose unbuttoned cotton blouse. The tank top gave me a modest view of her braless full round breasts and a hint of the nipples I had gently played with as I woke her that morning. We walked to a small café on the Bay for breakfast. The café had tables for two on the outside of a dock. As I followed her to the table, I saw a man glance her way who had noticed her white bikini panties that showed up brightly on her already tanning legs through the cotton skirt. I was turned on, and we hadn’t even had breakfast.

The breakfast of egos Benedict with salmon and mix of local fruit juices was delicious. I couldn’t take my eyes off of my bride, and I was glad when I could walk behind her as we headed for a stroll on the beach. Once on the beach I put my hand around her waist and pulled her close to my side. There was no one around, and I told her she was sexy and that I loved looking into her eyes…..I also mentioned that I loved staring at other parts of her. I also told her about the man who had strained to get a better view of her shapely ass as she had shown off her bright white panties at the café. She playfully hit me for being “fresh” and I told her that she could solve the problem by not weaning any panties!

We went back to the room and decided to go to the pool for the rest of the morning. We swam, and she read while laying out in a conservative bikini. As lunch approached, we decided to walk down the beach to an area of eateries. She put on a one piece cover-up and off we went. While enjoying the view and eating sandwiches, we decided to write down some ideas of what to do that afternoon. She handed me a napkin with several suggestions and asked ‘any of these sound good?’ I was shocked and pleased when I saw what my conservative wife had listed: suck each other where we don’t have any sun, kiss me from head to toe, play…play…play, and the last one….have me for desert. We were both turned on and had a playful time in the ocean where I touched her under the water, without letting anyone else see before we went back to the room.

The sexual tension was building, but we decided to go to supper early and enjoy a long relaxed night together. She put on a sundress that was beautiful, cute and just a little sexy. She wore strappy sandals with heels that made her tall and slender. We ate inside at a place the locals visited and sat on the same side of a table looking out at the ocean. I gave her a jade necklace that bought out the color in her beautiful eyes. I was obligated to stare and gasp as she leaned forward, shoulders rounded, to let me see entirely down the front of her dress. She leaned over and kissed me as her hand moved firmly over my lap. She whispered to me that all she could think about all day was wanting to make love. She excused herself to the restroom and when she returned she discretely handed me her tightly rolled up white thong panties. She quietly asked me if I would put them in my pocket because they were all wet and she liked the feeling of not wearing anything under her dress tonight. I almost came in my pants.

We walked on the beach – the long way back – and the talk got sexier with each step. The sound of the ocean let us talk in a normal tone saying erotic things we normally would not even say in our bedroom. I told her that she had beautiful breasts and if other men knew how sexy her breasts were I would be fighting them off every night. She responded by saying that her nipples were so firm and that she would soon need some relief. I discreetly cupped her breast with the hand that had been around her waist. She stopped to face me and gave me a passionate kiss….pulled away and said we need to keep going because her pussy juice was dripping down the inside of her leg. I calmly replied that I would try to lick her clean just before I fucked her real good.

Back in the room she lit some candles, opened the sliding balcony door so we could hear the ocean and stood behind the couch facing me. She put her arms around my neck, and I kissed her passionately on her shoulders and neck. She unbuttoned my shirt and loosed my pants. There I was totally naked holding my wife against the back of the couch with a backdrop of the ocean. We french kissed, and she asked me to unbutton the back of her dress, which I eagerly did. The dress fell to the floor, and there she stood, braless with no panties and a pale white and totally shaved pussy. I pulled her to me, and she ground her hips and circled her firm breasts against my bare chest. I was in heaven. She then turned around, and I rubbed both her breasts and felt her hard nipples with my left hand while at the same time parting the moist lips between her legs with my right hand. I found her clit and felt it quiver as I gently played with it rolling it between my fingers as she softly moaned. She was so wet and swollen open giving me even fuller access to her love bud.

She spread her feet – still in her heels and totally nude except for her new necklace, her tan line creating a see through bikini outline – she leaned against the back of the couch, arched her back exposing the flower of her open swollen sex in an invitation for me to enter her from behind. Finally….my thick flesh dove into her as I grasped her breasts with both hands as I thrust in and out of her with long slow, steady strokes. I then reached back to her clit where both hands played, teased and tantalized until she shook with an amazing organism that made her knees buckle as I held her up while I exploded inside of her. We collapsed onto and over the back of the couch and held each other for the longest time.

When I thought we would just retire for the evening she suddenly got up and straddled my chest pinning my arms with her knees, scooted forward until her smooth pussy was inches from my mouth, and said…..if you think that is all I’m getting from you tonight, think again…..it’s time for you to have desert….so start eating boy! What a day!

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