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No Panties Here! A Wife That Ditched Panties

No Panties -Hello married Christians. My name is Tiffany.  As far back as I can recall, I’ve loved being naked. It is freeing as well as sexy.  When I was growing up, if I was the only one at home I would stay naked all day long. Yes, I would masturbate a couple of times a day during those opportunities. I loved doing it in the living room and even in my parents’ room knowing what they did there. I was a cheerleader in high school, and I’ve always taken care of my body, so that I was comfortable with me.

Once I was grown and married, I had two children and that put a damper on my nudity… for awhile.  My husband cheated and we were divorced. After a few years being single, I met the most wonderful man named Chad who did not judge me, nor is he jealous of me.  He allows me to do what I want to do in the bedroom and he makes a routine of devouring me like no one has ever done. He tells me how beautiful I am and makes me feel like a queen.

I was a little hesitant about telling him how much I loved being naked, but I should have known better.  He is all for that. As a matter of fact, Chad was thrilled to learn that in previous years I had a habit, which I had stopped, that of wearing no panties whenever I wore dresses or skirts. It feels so good to know that I am privately naughty when I’m the only one who knows.  The breeze that caresses my sweet kitty keeps me on the edge of getting turned on. Well, about 3 years ago, I told Chad that I wanted to resume wearing no panties and he was all for it.  I stopped wearing my cute little nothing thongs (except in jeans because that seam can hurt a sweet little kitty) and began wearing nothing at all under some dresses that have built-in breast support for my D cups.  Even in church, only one thin layer separated me from total nudity.  I looked prim and properly “Christian”, but if the other members had known, they would have died.  Chad and I stayed praising God for our love for each other and our hidden naughtiness.

We went on a cruise this past year and the only panty I wore was my bikini bottom. Other than that, the little sundresses were all that covered my breasts, bare bottom, and oh yes… my completely shaved mound and kitty.  I caught more people… men and women… trying to catch a peek up my dresses every time we took the stairs between decks. Oh they certainly saw sweet cheeks, but I don’t think many, if any, caught a glimpse of my delicious lips that stayed wet for the entire cruise.  One reason for the wetness is that Chad would open the cabin door, let us inside, and immediately devour me to a mind-blowning orgasm numerous times a day.  My screams of delight also may have delighted our neighbors and whoever was walking by the door at that moment.

Well, one evening after dinner, Chad and I decided to walk out on the pool deck where a large crowd always gathered.  It was windy as usual, but my dress had always stayed about an inch below nudity level on the worst of the previous nights. This evening proved to be different.  As we were precisely in front of the largest group, a massive wind gust hit and of course my dress, which had a little elastic band under my breasts, decided to blow completely over my head.  There I was in front of the entire ship just as naked as I had been in our cabin preparing for dinner.  Chad abandoned me to back away and get a good look like everyone else, while I tried frantically to return my dress to its proper position covering my naked body.  Each time I got the front right, the back was blown up. Then, when I release the front to get the back down, my sweet pussy was again made visible for the entire boat to see. Chad said he heard the whistles from the men and the huffs from the women, but all I heard was the wind trying to remove my dress.  For the remainder of the cruise, I received appreciative smiles from most of the men and many of the women, though some scowls were also shot my way.

Needless to say, both Chad and I were so turned on that we went to our cabin and I had 6 orgasms within 90 minutes, each one more powerful than the last. I failed to tell you, that Chad is many years older than I, but he is fit and kind with hard muscles and hard cock and ooooooh can he use that tongue!  What’s a woman in her peak years to do but ride hard and be put up wet?

no panties

By: Amy Guth

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I asked my husband to make one kinky wish. I said I would try it and see how it went. He asked me to not wear panties and only skirts and dresses for one week. He encouraged me to masturbate whenever I wanted. I actually enjoyed that week, so much so that I mainly have shed the panties. He comes home and in a hidden way puts his hand up my skirt. I love it.

  2. michellebelikehim says:

    I was walking up the stairs to a restaurant by the river and dear hubby (DH) saw my nudity waist down through my floral dress when the sun was behind me. I ditched my panties on that warm afternoon and he made sure I was appreciated for the loving gesture.

  3. naturalgardener says:

    I certainly think a lot of Christian men would love to meet a woman that had the attitude towards nudity and masturbation at home that Tiffany described in the first paragraph of this story! That's exciting.

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