It Made Us Laugh

When we had been married for just barely nine months, something funny and kind of sweet happened while we were doing it.  I was just about at my due date for our first child (yeah, that’s right you all, do the math!)and my belly was nice and round and my boobs were…Huge.  I mean gigundous!

It matters to this story to know that I am a very light-skinned Afro-American woman, and my husband is deep dark black.  I mean his skin is a beautiful dark brown in the winter, but by the end of this summer his hide was tanned as black as coal

So there I was, riding up and down on my husband’s, you know, since that’s the only way he could fit in me at that point, and it was feeling really good.  It was early evening and the curtains were open for a little breeze and gentle twilight and I’m moving up and down and he’s touching me all over my boobies and  my pussy and I’m feeling a really nice climax bulding up.

I’m looking into his jet-black eyes and can sense his intensity and seriousness, probably worrying about the baby, and then he gives me a little crooked grin and whispers Baby I love you.

And with that I let loose with a no-holds-barred screaming orgasm, my eyes closed tight and powerful contractions of pleasure traveling up and down my body.  He pinches my nipples, hard, and another climax rips through my heaving body.  Mmmmm, Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm…

Suddenly I hear What the…? from his surprised lips.  Wondering what the problem might be, I open my eyes to see my dear husband dripping with milk.  It was flowing from both my breasts like a pair of fountains, squirting onto his chest, neck, dripping down his belly to form a little pool in his navel.  The stark contrast of that creamy white milk against my man’s black skin looked like some kind of sexual zebra.  I wish I had a camera, I’ll never forget that image of his impending fatherhood.  I smiled till it hurt, then I started to chuckle in spite of myself.  He can be a little sensitive sometimes.  And then with my third climax I lost all control.

I just about fell out laughing so hard, and within a few seconds I learned how to aim the milk into his mouth.  He really liked that, and soon we were both laughing our heads off for pure joy, me still sitting and bouncing on his erection.

Finally the milk trailed off, and since we’d learned it was almost impossible for him to ejaculate in me this far along, I climbed off and kneeled next to him.  Then I licked my own milk off his body, tonguing my way down to his lovely manhood, and finished him off with some of the best oral sex yet.

Our baby girl was born a few days later, and I swear my husband drank more out of me than she did.

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