Christmas Morning

It was early Christmas morning and we were still in bed sleeping. The house was chilly and you noticed that I had all but kicked off the covers. You felt me shiver and reached to pull me closer to your body to warm me up. Feeling the heat of your body as you pulled me close, I moan. Your arms wrap around my waist and I push back against you. One hand moves to my hair, the other gently cups my large breast. Your lips gently nuzzle against my neck. Feeling your warm lips against my skin, I snuggle deeper into your arms. Knowing how sensitive my neck is you continue your assault on my senses, kissing and licking my neck, gently biting my ear lobe, caressing my breast. Slowly stirring me out of my slumber. I slowly open my eyes and turn to look at you, your free hand glides against my jaw and rests on my cheek as your lips gently press against mine. Emitting a low growl as our lips caress each other, our tongues taste, teeth bite. Turning me to lie flat your leg slowly slides between my thighs and gently parts them.

Your arms slide under my back supporting neck and head with long fingers, your thumbs slowly caressing my cheeks as your lips press harder against mine, your tongue slipping between my lips to taste my sweetness. One arm slides around your neck, my hand resting against the back of your neck, my other hand glides around your chest, resting against your back, pulling you tighter against me.

You raise your body to slide between my thighs, as you do I feel your hard cock pressed against my throbbing clit. Feeling my heat against your cock, you slide your length against my clit, as if you were gently sliding into my pussy, your cock slides against my clit until I feel your balls, and back down to the head. My overly sensitive clit feels every ridge and movement in your cock. I tear my lips away from yours and cry out, “Oh, that feels so good!” Wrapping my legs around your hips as you continue to do this very pleasing motion, my hands now on your cheeks pulling your lips back to mine for bruising, passionate kisses.

Feeling that my body is about to explode, I gasp for breath as my hands grab for the sheets so as not to scratch you too badly. Feeling my body quiver against you, smelling the scent of my passion, you sit back and grab my hips, lifting them to your mouth to taste my sweet wetness. I start to buck against your mouth as only my shoulders and head are on the bed. Lowering my body back down so that my feet are against the bed but my hips still high in the air, I feel the tip of your hardness against the opening to my wet pussy. Slowly you slide the head in. Inch by inch you slide into me, watching my expressions change as you push further and further in me. My back arching as I push against you. “Baby, you feel so good.” you tell me, “So tight and wet. So willing.” Your arms around my hips, supporting them as you pull me tighter against you. Your thumb finding my clit you start to caress it as you slide in and out of me. “Oh Ron, you feel so good inside of me. Don’t stop, please, don’t stop.” As your movements become faster, I feel myself again ready to explode. “I am going to cum, please, don’t stop. I want to cum on your cock.”

As my body begins to tremble in your arms, your thumb still against my clit, I hear you groan as my pussy tightens around your cock as I cum in wave after wave of heated passion. I feel your body shift, as you are ready to change positions. You lie back on the bed and pull me to sit on your lap. “I want you to ride me. Hard!” I place my feet on either side of your hips, my hands against your chest, lowering my wetness to your standing cock. I begin to ride you, slow and deep at first. Your hands on my hips start me
moving faster as I slide up and down your pulsing cock. Your head goes back as you growl and moan. “Don’t stop! I’m gonna cum.” “Oh yes, tell me. Tell me
when you cum baby. Cum for me.” I pound against you harder, “Oh yes, fuck me baby. Oh here it comes!” I begin to grind against you, as I want your hot seed buried deep inside of me.

My fingers against my clit as my body shudders one last time and I cum on your cock. Wrapping your arms around me you pull me down to lay next to you in bed, wrapped safely in your arms and neither of us is cold at the moment. “You amaze me more and more every time we make love. “You whisper into my ear as I pull your arms tighter around me. “The best has yet to come.” I whisper back to you, kissing you, I close my eyes and fall into a very restful sleep, feeling safe and warm wrapped tightly in your embrace. Making sure that I am sleeping soundly, you close your eyes, knowing that there is more to come and by the end of this week that you have chosen to spend with me, your full intent is to keep me in bed, making love to me over and over and over. Smiling to yourself you fall into a deep sleep, dreaming of ways for us to make love.

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