Sea-Through Lovers

Sea-Through Lovers

Part One

One of the many benefits of being a married Christian couple is the gift of community; we are blessed with a local fellowship of believers who are well connected and goes out of their way to help other members who are in need or by conducting random acts of kindness.

Imagine our surprise at Home Group when one of our couple friends gave us an envelope with a reservation for a weekend getaway at a small Mom and Pop resort not far from the ocean. We couldn’t believe they gave us this generous gift; they explained he had to go away on business and rather than losing their reservation they wanted us to enjoy it. We took them up on their offer.

Those were two of the longest weeks of our marriage as we counted the days to this weekend getaway. During our lovemaking during this interim period (between nighttime sessions of wild orgasms and animalistic fucking of course) we talked over naughty ideas that we could incorporate. Of course, the more we talked and screwed the hornier we became! We always maintain eye contact during our love making and frequently carry on intimate conversations together.

At long last the weekend arrived and somehow, we both agreed not to make love Thursday night before the trip so we could be fresh for the morning drive and exciting weekend ahead. Easier said than done but somehow we did it. Not that it was easy mind you!

You see, my sweet husband K. sleeps in the nude (I sleep topless) and we usually spoon or lay touching each other as we sleep. He eventually rolls onto his back each night sound asleep (he is a morning guy and a heavy sleeper while I am a night owl and a light sleeper). Every night for some reason he gets a gigantic hard on while stretched out on his back! How or why do guys get these while they sleep? Not that I object mind you; but laying there trying to sleep and seeing K.’s big cock fully awake is quite the turn-on; even at 2am when I come to bed!  The site of my Godly man out cold on his back deep breathing heavily with his generous manhood and its prominent veins (yes I can see him by the soft light of our alarm clock) is quite distracting yet totally seductive to a woman who craves her husband’s beautiful penis as much as I do.  While asleep on his back K.’s penis is usually extended up to or past his navel and it was all I could do not to go down on him or slowly slither up and straddle him right then and there!

Ladies; do your dear hubbies men get these sleep induced hard-ons too in the middle of the night? Somehow I was able to resist the temptation and eventually drifted off to sleep. I only compromised by gently running my fingers through his soft pubic hair for several minutes, but nothing else!

The following morning, after quick separate showers and a leisurely breakfast of Peet’s coffee and slices of lemon cake; we were on our way to our little seaside resort and arrived early afternoon. After checking in and putting everything away, we mutually resisted the temptation to make love right there and instead went for a walk on the beach knowing the sun sets early this time of year. We adore the power of the ocean, only God could create such a majestic force of nature and raw power. It was lovely with its mighty waves rolling in and crashing against the rocks along the shore, mist flying high into the salty air. It reminded us of the scripture from Job where God told the oceans its limits of where it could and could not go. Watching the majesty of His creation brought a real peace to us as we walked barefoot in the sand holding hands and enjoying the sun and the excitement that was just ahead for this Song of Songs married couple still on their honeymoon several years after they exchanged their vows.

We found a seaside restaurant about a mile or two down the beach and enjoyed a light early dinner with red wine since the sun usually sets around 6pm that time of year. Over dinner we talked about our life, our goals, friends, all that God has gifted us with and plans for our next two days together.

I was wearing a new light blue sun dress and that clung rather nicely to me (I not very tall and have a somewhat narrow waist yet wide hips and a big bottom with somewhat broad shoulders for a girl, so it’s hard to find dresses that fit). With pleasure as we neared the restaurant I nonchalantly undid the top couple of buttons for my dear hubbies viewing pleasure; gave him a nice glimpse of my mammary eye candy to look forward to later. I admit to rather enjoying showing off for him in public when sex is imminent. Plus this time of year it was not very crowded and despite the generous amount of deep cleavage on display for him; it was still modest by west coast standards. Since he is so much taller than I, he was enjoying healthy yet discreet peeks down my dress to enjoy seeing the tops of my breasts.

It’s such a blessing to live with a Godly man who adores the body God gave me. I love the way he looks at me when I’m naked standing before him He is my groom and I am his bride. We are one. He especially loves the full breasts that God gifted to me.

I am so honored that K. adores my breasts and I must admit I am proud of them too. Like that actress once said on Seinfeld—“they’re real and they’re spectacular!” lol I love my breasts so much that I quite enjoy gently massaging them myself, kneading them and lifting them in each hand as my dear husband K. closely watches. Thanks to the size that God bestowed upon me, and much to K’s delight; I am able to hold them in my hands and nurse myself. He absolutely becomes mesmerized watching me massage and suck my own nipples before him. Often times he eggs me on which extends the intensity of breast love because I know how much it turns him on. And I said I like it too! My mouth and tongue feet absolutely wonderful licking and sucking my own nipples. I love feeling them engorge in my mouth and K. loves the loud sucking and slurping sounds. He begs me not to stop saying the sight of me sucking my own titties is one of the most erotic images he has ever witnessed. Not often but every once in while I have actually brought myself to orgasm while sucking my own titties for him. It’s something we both enjoy and look forward to as part of our love making dates.

End of Part One (to be continued)

Kay & K.


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7 replies
    • doctemp2 says:

      Thank you for the compliment Gina; your feedback brought a smile to our faces. We enjoy sharing stories of our marriage heat with you and other readers. I still can’t believe we are sharing these experiences yet it seems natural and is fun for us to do so. And tonight’s Saturday so we have plently of inspiration to heed your advice! K. & Kay 😀

    • Gina G. says:

      It is fun isn’t it! Writing stories about my and Ben’s bedroom fun and re-living those experiences often make me hot in it’s self.

      I love reading horny stories from other horny couples who love sex and most importantly each other. Couples such as you, Blondie, mommyof3wifeof1 among others. God bless and have fun being horny!

      BEN is out of town the next couple days so I am on my own! Gonna make the best of it.

    • doctemp2 says:

      Wow Gina thank you; being mentoned in the same post as Blondie and Mommyofthreewifeof1 and others is quite a compliment. We crave your and their stories and dont deserve to be mentioned in such esteemed company. So sad to hear Ben is out of town; I hate when my hubby travels. Perhaps you could enjoy a good book, some wine and a nice long bath. Try to enjoy your down time; then welcome him home with opens arms and open…lol Kay& K. 😀

    • Blondie says:

      I very much enjoyed it! Thanks for the post, Kay and K! We may all look like normal married couples on the exterior, but in the bedroom… 😉

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