Day Off! Love On! (Part Two) (L)

I was awakened a couple of hours later by the sound of Ben talking. He wasn’t in bed and it sounded like it was coming from the kitchen.In This Twilight

I got out of bed and slipped on my robe, then eased my way in that direction. I didn’t hear anyone else’s voice, so I figured he must be on the phone. Sure enough, he was sitting at the kitchen table on his cell phone clad only in his blue silk boxers.

He smiled when he saw me enter. I walked over and mussed his dark hair with my hand, then opened the fridge for something to drink. I poured myself a glass of apple juice, then stood at the cabinet and gave Ben a wink.

I decided to have a little fun with him, so I opened my robe a bit and flashed one of my breasts at him. I smiled as it immediately caught his attention. I began to run my finger over my nipple and tweaked it just a bit till it was erect. He kept his eyes on me as he attempted to talk on the phone.

I opened my robe a bit more and did the same with my other breast. All this tittie play was really arousing me and I felt my cunt begin to moisten. I licked my lips in a seductive manner, set my glass down on the counter then removed my robe completely. His eyes widened as he kept them glued to me.

Standing nude before him, I put my hands to my breast and began to massage and stimulate them, tweaking at my nipples pleasurably. It felt so nice and my pussy was getting so wet. I continued with my breast play for several minutes, then smiled at him as my right hand drifted to my pubic bush. I felt so naughty and incredibly turned on at this point. I was loving it!

I kept my left hand on my right breast as I ran my fingers through my cunt hair. I let out a soft moan as my fingers came in contact with my clit. Ben was transfixed on my little show, often forgetting he was on the phone.

I gazed at him as I continued to finger my clit, occasionally closing my eyes in pleasure. I noticed Ben’s free hand had moved under the table. By the motion his arm was making, I knew that he was pumping his meat. This turned me on even more and I began frigging my clit a little harder and faster.

“Hey, Brian, let me call you back a little later! Something’s come up. Okay man, sure will. Bye!” Ben said, then hung up the phone (Brian is one of his bosses).

“Something’s c-come up, huh!” I panted as I continued to finger myself. I was getting really close to cumming.

“You are so bad! Get your sweet ass over here, you sexy vixen you!” Ben said scooting his chair back. His hand still pumping his cock slowly.

I slowly walked over to the chair where he was sitting and smiled as he slipped off his boxers.  “Why sir, what a big dick you have!” I said, putting my hand over my mouth.

Ben grabbed me by my hips and pulled me to him, then began kissing my abdomen his tongue tracing in and around my naval. I ran my hand through his dark hair, then pulled it, tilting his head back and kissing him passionately as his strong hands groped my ass.

“Gina, baby, you are one hot sexy woman! I love you, my girl!” Ben said, his eyes full of love and lust.

“I love you too, my baby. Now how about we put that beautiful dick of yours where it belongs – deep inside my hot little cunt! Here want a taste!” I said, slipping a couple fingers into me then putting them to his lips. He eagerly sucked them clean.

We kissed as I straddled him, then slowly eased down upon his massive erection. I gasped as his bulbous dickhead penetrated me. I eased part of the way down, then teasingly lifted off of him.

“You want more of this pussy, baby? Your gonna have to beg for it!” I said, knowing full well I wasn’t going to be able to hold out long. I was hot, horny and having a blast.

Ben chuckled and said, “So, being a little cocktease are you? OK, please let me fuck that sweet pussy of yours! ”

“Aww, you can do better than that! I don’t know if you deserve any of this tight warm wet pussy, Mr. G.!” I said with a naughty grin.

“Oh, really!  Well, my dear wife, gonna have to see about that!” He said then pushed me back from him.

He stood, then took me by the arm and said, “Lean your sweet ass over this table!” My pussy was dripping and I shivered with excitement. His show of dominance over me turned me on tremendously.

“I just love this hot ass of yours!” He said, then gave my ass a sharp smack and then another as he held me down with his other hand.

“OH! OH, BEN! You ba****d! Fuck ME! FUCK ME NOW! ” I squealed , my body trembled with desire for him.

He gave my ass cheeks a couple more smacks, making me squeal once more. He then grabbed me by my hips and pushed his dick into me in one big thrust.

“Mmm-mmph! YES! OH B-BAB-BY! YES! Mmmmph! ” I cried, as he pulled nearly completely out, then thrust hard back into me making the kitchen table scoot across the floor a bit.

“You like that, baby? You want some more? ” he growled, smacking my ass then slamming back into me. I lost it and started to cum.

“I’M CUMMING, BABY! I-I’M C-C-CUMM-IING-G!” I squealed, my body vibrated and spasmed. I gasped for breath and my legs quivered feeling like jello.

Ben had no mercy on me as he continued to fuck me in long deep strokes, occasionally smacking my ass with his hand. A continuing wave of pleasure took over me as I began to cum again, then again.

“I love you, my sweet Gina! I love you so much, I’m gonna fuck the daylights out of you! Such a hot cunt!” Ben panted as he continued his assault on my pulsating pussy.

“I, mmmph, L-Love Y-Y-You too! Oh, baby! Soooo good!” I said, panting heavily.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled out of me. “What! Baby, why did you stop? Put it back in! Please don’t tease me! Give me your dick!” I gasped in dismay.

He chuckled and said, “Calm down baby! I will, I just don’t want to cum just yet! Much more and I would have busted my nuts”

I stood and turned to face him. He looked so incredibly hot standing against the counter naked, his big dick all hard and glistening with my pussy juice. I couldn’t help but touch myself.

He smiled and said,  “Baby, you’re not making this easy are you?” as I played with myself.

“I can’t help it! You turn me on so much! Baby! OH SHIT! Baby, I’m gonna cum! AHHHH-OHHH BA-B-BY!” I cried, my knees buckled and I panted hard as my orgasm hit. It was all I could do to keep from collapsing to the floor.

“Why don’t we take this back to the bedroom?” Ben said, then walked over and kissed me as I continued to tremble a bit from my cum. He then lifted me with his strong arms and carried me to our bedroom.

“Ben, I love you so much! Yes, take me to our love bed and love me! I want you to ravish me!” I whispered into his ear as he carried me and laid me onto our bed.

After laying me on our bed, he walked over and shut our bedroom door. I smiled as I watched him walk back towards the bed, his still hard dick moving invitingly.

“Come to momma, my love! Momma needs daddy to love her!” I said in my best soft sexy and seductive voice. I lay across our bed, opened my legs and ran my hand over my hungry wet cunt.

“Baby, you are so beautiful! So sexy!” Ben said as he got into bed next to me. We kissed. Oh, how I love my sweet man.

“I love you, my love! I love you so much! I love kissing you, holding you and having you hold me. I miss you so much when you are gone from me. I think about you every minute of my day. I love you with all my heart, all my being!” I said softly, then we kissed again.

We continued to kiss as Ben mounted me. We gazed lovingly into one another’s eyes, reading each others love and desire without saying a word. I gasped as I felt him push his wonderful dick between my wet pussy lips entering me slowly.

“Baby, you feel so good! Give it all to me! Oh baby, you fill me so wonderfully!” I panted, as we continued to look into one another’s eyes.

“Your pussy feels so good, baby!” Ben groaned as he began slowly thrusting into me. He would pull almost completely out then thrust back in balls deep. As he thrusted, I rotated my hips and met his every stroke.

“Sooo good! Don’t stop! YES! Oh, baby, pump that pussy! DO IT! FUCK ME! I LOVE IT!” I panted, my heels spurring his ass on.

“That’s it, talk to me, baby! I do so love your passionate talk as I fuck you. Such a hot pussy!” Ben groaned as he increased the speed and intensity of his thrust.

” YES! Like that! Oh, BABY, YOU FUCK SO GOOD! Fuck me hard, baby! I love it so!” I groaned, spreading my legs wide and holding them in the air. I could feel my passion building inside me, I was gonna cum soon.

“Gina, BABY! Your pussy feels so good!” Ben growled as he expressed his love for me in the way he made love to me. It was the way the good Lord intended. The instrument of his love came from his penis and the pleasure it gave me.

“Ben, mmmph!  I LOVE YOU! BABY! Almost there, SO FUCKING GOOD! Mmmmph! That’s it, love me! I’M GONNA CUM! B- B-BA-BY! I’M CUMMING! OHHHH BEN! OHHHHH-AHHHH!” I screamed as an intense orgasmic wave over took my body.

“OH FUCK! TAKE IT BABY! GRRRUMMPH!” Ben groaned deeply as his cock throbbed deep inside me, pumping his warm cum into me.

We lay together totally spent for several minutes before finally showering.

There are times when sex sometimes get put on the back burner for a day or two. Unfortunately that is how life goes. However on days such as his days off, and we finally get around to making love. It is more than worth the wait and the love we have for one another grows stronger.

God bless you all! And of course stay wonderfully horny! xxoo



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17 replies
    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you Mrs. Smitten! Yes, I am always horny for my man and love being naughty! God bless and Stay horny!

  1. Amanda says:

    This story made me wet! It takes me back to my own escapades with Caveman. Wish he were not at work…perhaps I will give him a call. I just might share a moment with him over the phone. Wink. He links to be teased anyway. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you so much Amanda, I am so glad you liked the story. Have fun with your hubby! God bless you both and stay horny.

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you so much Blondie! Thrilled as always that you enjoyed my story. God bless you and your family. Stay horny my friend.

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you HornyHubby! I so enjoy your hot stories and truly appreciate your support of my stories. God bless you and yours and stay horny!

  2. Lovinghusband says:


    Great times! I like your insight into how the days without sex or “back burner” days give way to hot days just a day or two later. The way God worked this out to give us a rhythm to our passion is wonderful. God bless you and Ben!

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you lovinghusband! Yep, some things are worth waiting for! The Lord does provide, doesn’t he? God bless you and yours and stay horny my friend.

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you Madeleine my friend! It’s a little thing called masturbation my dear! Otherwise I think I would go insane! Lol. God bless and stay horny my friend!

  3. Madeleine 27 says:

    Lol no I mean I know you masturbate but did being apart for a long period of time ever put a strain on your relationship ( not to be nosy or trying to overstep my boundaries)

  4. Madeleine 27 says:

    Lol I know you masturbate but being apart for a long period of time did it ever strain your relationship ( not to overstep my boundaries) I just want a healthy long lasting relationship and I really admire you and bens marriage

  5. hornyGG says:

    Madeleine27, It was really hard at first , but I knew what his job would Intel when I married him. I will admit I sometimes wish he didn’t have to leave, but marriage is give and take. We put our trust in the Lord and love each other deeply. We make the best of the time we have when he is home. So I would have to say no, it has not put a strain on our marriage. Like the old saying says, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” I Hope this answers your question my dear friend. May God bless your marriage with many years of happiness and love.

    God bless you and yours and stay horny!

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