Summer Lovin’

I remember this summer particularly well. Summer of ’85, it was and my husband and I were married for about a year and a half. My side of the

family had this beach house in Honolulu, Hawaii where we all (I have a large family) spent our summers there since I was 10. But this was the first summer in which my husband and I went there, along with his side of the family as well.

We had a romantic candle-lit dinner while we watched the sunset, then while the sun was still setting we walked hand-in-hand along the beach back to the beach house.

When we got back, it had just gotten dark. It was a beautiful, clear night with stars.

We were looking at some photos of us with some family members, and dear friends of ours, and times we enjoyed when we were dating. But life was even better now that we were married, a LOT better.

After we looked at the photos, we got ready for bed.

“Darling, I love you very, very much. You are one of God’s many blessings. You are so beautiful, and your smile lights up a room.” my husband told me.

“Oh, honey, you are one of God’s many blessings to me as well. I love you too, you thrill me, you delight me.” I responded

My husband and I started to kiss, and then we went to bed, still kissing, caressing and praising one another.

He slowly ran his hand up my inner thigh, then, felt my ladyplace over my panties.

“Could we… you know?” He asked

“Of course!” I replied

I lay down as my husband unbuttoned my summer dress, and as he told me that I will always be beautiful to him, as he ran his hands under my dress to caress my smooth skin. He’s got such great hands.

My husband then felt my wet ladyplace, making sure I was ready for him. I most certainly was. He kissed me while he entered me with utmost care, and I put my arms in the air, ready to embrace him, as he climbed on top of me.

We held and caressed each other, while my ladyplace got hotter and wetter, and I could tell my husband was just as turned on, as he was rock hard! We showered kisses on each other, feeling every moment, treasuring the love we share.

Oh, the thrusting felt so good, the pleasure was intense, and I wasn’t shy about letting it out!

I clutched my husband’s shoulders, while I kissed his neck.

“Oh that feels great!” He panted, retuning the favor by caressing me, and holding me close to his heart, showing me how much he loved me.

We started to sweat a little in this summer heat, which made it a little hotter for us.

Then, I began to cry out in ecstasy, the feeling of ecstasy while being embraced by my husband was so beautiful, and still is to this day. I felt my husband’s hot breaths on my neck, as he came. He then kissed my neck, as he always does that when he comes, and he knows I like that.

We continued to hold eachother, nuzzling and kissing for a little while, looking into each other’s eyes while enjoying each other’s bodies, and loving the intimate feeling. We didn’t want to stop making love, yet we knew that there would be plenty of more time for that.

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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Harper, what a great memory of your love that has lasted to this day! Thank you for sharing it on MH. It got me looking even more forward to being with my wife later today!! God’s rich blessings on you – in the risen Christ!

  2. Loved by my Wife says:

    I really appreciate how your writing style here is so romantic & lovely. It provides a nice variety when alongside some of the other writer’s hard, raw passion. It is fantastic how much variety God has given us in how we make love to our spouses.

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