Business Trip to South Beach – My Husband’s Busy Day (Part 2) (L)

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The alarm rang at 6:30 am. The conference began at 8:00am. Samuel, my husband got up.  I stayed in bed. He

left soon. I fell back asleep.

I got a text that woke me at 8:15am.

“Break at 10. Go to Fitness center unisex bathroom.”

I could imagine what was on his brain. He was going to do me right there. I started touching my pussy thinking about how I was maybe going to lift my skirt and bend over as he jammed it into me for a quickie. My fingers were in sync with me brain. I thought that maybe he wanted a blow job, then I could taste his cum the rest of the day. I put my fingers in my mouth tasting myself. Or maybe he wanted to taste my pussy. My fingers were doing the tango with my pussy. For some reason my legs were spread out wide. Two of my fingers were doing their magic. I was getting to that part of the dance when the music and the moves put me over the top. The orgasm that happen rippled down to my toes. My legs closed and opened.

At 8:46 am, while I was still buzzing, someone knocked on the hotel door. I quickly scurried to get my robe. I did not answer, maybe the person would leave. The door was knocked on again. I walked over to the door.

“Room Service,”  a man stated.

“I am sorry. I did not order room service.” I said.

“A man named Samuel did, madam.”  He said.

“O.K. Thanks. Just leave it on the floor.” Even though I had a robe on, I still felt naked. “What is your name? My husband will bring you a tip later,” I said.

“My name is Ricardo. Don’t worry about that, your husband talked to me. He told me to say that you will find something in a bag. I hope you like it. Have a good day, madam.” He said as he left.

My husband knows that I like scrambled eggs, toast and fruit with orange juice when we travel. How sweet. He sent me room service. I wondered what was in the package as I ate. It looked like clothes. What did he have in mind?

I opened the package and it was a simple maid’s dress. Ricardo must have found one somewhere for my husband. It was clean and my size. Perfect. I thought. I began to think and fantasize.

A text arrived, “Did you get my package?”

“Thanks for the breakfast. It was so sweet.” I texted.

“I got what you like.” He texted back.

“I am getting ready for our ten o’clock appointment.” I texted.

“Good. I am thinking about you.” He texted.

“See you at ten.” I texted.

I think my husband thought that Ricardo could not find a maid dress. Perfect. He will be surprised when his hot maid-wife is “cleaning” the fitness center bathroom. I took a shower. My tits were tingling as I thought about what was going to happen in a while.  After my shower, I put on my make up and put my hair up like I did when I was working for a hotel as a teenager as a maid. My husband and I lived in the same town and he asked me out after my shift at the small hotel I worked at. I knew how to clean bathrooms.

Make up. Hair up. Maid dress. A bra. No Panties.

At 9:45 am, I had arrived at the gym. I found that bathroom. Nice. I found a maid cart with “Keep Out” signs. I wheeled the cart over to the entrance to the bathroom. I fixed the signs where they needed to go. I found myself getting hot imagining that my husband was going to come to this bathroom and find me on my hands and knees cleaning the floor. I wanted him to relive some of the fantasies he confessed he had when he saw me years ago in my hotel maid outfit. He admitted to masturbating to the memory of me in my work uniform.

At 9:58 am, I entered into the bathroom with the supplies. I got on my knees. For some reason, I started to actually clean the floor, like I did when I worked at the hotel. Cleaning the floor with no panties on was an interesting sensation. I would have to try this at home.

At 10:02 am, someone knocked on the door.

“Yes. who is it?” I said in my most pleasing maid’s voice.

“Samuel. I am looking for my girlfriend. We were going to meet here at 10 am.” He said.

“Come in.” I said. “I want to be your girlfriend.”

The man entered the bathroom. It was my husband, of course.  He shut the door. And started to loosen his pants.

“Hi, sweetheart, I see you are still on your shift?” He said. Obviously he had transported himself back to the days I was a maid. He wanted to fuck me back then, but he had to wait until we were married. I could tell he wanted to fuck me now.

I was on my knees. I could feel the cold of the tile floor against me knees. I kept my eyes focused on the floor and my hands were still cleaning. My pussy on the other hand ached to get fucked. The fact, was that I had thought about him a lot while I was at work at that hotel back then. I confess to once masturbating thinking about him in my maid outfit! Another time, he came to pick me up, I was still getting my work done. He came into a room and we started to make out. I had wanted more then. I was going to get more now!

He walked over to me and petted my ass. The maid outfit rubbing against my bare skin was really turning me on. I started to rock on my hands and knees. I took my eyes off the floor and I saw my husband’s eyes filled with raw want. My eyes told him to fuck me now!

He pulled down his boxers and pants to his ankles. I saw his hard member. He shuffled behind me and got on his knees. I opened my legs more. He lifted my maid dress. He started to kiss my thighs and used his hands to caress my skin. He took his fingers and started to pet my pussy, while he was still kissing my thighs. I was building, but I just wanted to be fucked.

“Fuck me now, Quarterback!”  I asked.  My husband was often the quarterback when playing football with his friends. I used to call him that when we first were going out. I’d say, “Hey, quarterback, we going to a movie?”  He has been my quarterback for many years now. “Come on, baby, do me hard?” I pleaded.

My quarterback took his member and fucked me hard just like I asked. The lines between being 17 and 37 were blurred. I was getting fucked fast and ferociously.

“Come for me, baby.” I said.

In moments my quarterback shot a touchdown to his “maid” wide receiver’s pussy. I was fully fucked. My right hand was gripping the cleaning rag under my fingers. Soon my husband pulled out. I turned around on my hands and feet and took his penis in my mouth. I love his taste mingled with mine. I licked my lips.

“You are SO hot, baby! I can’t believe I married such an awesome woman. I have been thinking about that fantasy all morning!”

“Hey, Quarterback, visit me at work anytime.” I said. Not that profound. But that is all I could think to say.

At about 10:12 am he left. Break over on his very busy day at the conference.

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7 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Awesome story Strawberry! Got my pussy nice and wet! I love the maid role play. Gave me a naughty idea to play with Ben. Thanks for the inspiration. Well my fingers are playing, gotta go so I can finish the job. Thank you so much for posting! God bless and stay horny!

  2. Lovinghusband says:


    I love that in the midst of all that was going on in your husband’s involvement with the conference – that his heart was set on you in profound and sexy ways! Also, was the door locked – or could anyone have barged in (even with the ‘keep out’ signs up outside the door)? Just wondering…That must have been a quickie. Thanks for sharing your story on MH. I’m looking for some room service tonight!

    • Strawberry says:

      Oh yes! The door was locked. I did not see him the rest of that day. He was also pretty tire by 6:30pm.

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