In September of last year, just days before my husband’s birthday, the 3 of us (my husband, me & our

granddaughter) went to Greece where my husband had a performance with an old pal. Our second daughter came with her husband and children so that we could watch him sing. Our whole family ALWAYS got together if one of us was in the spotlight.

It was a lovely performance, and I was remembering times when we were younger, performing at, and attending concerts, things like that. I was holding my granddaughter in my arms while he was singing, and he looked at us lovingly as we smiled back. He blew me a kiss between lines. When the performance came to an end, our granddaughter was tired so I carried her back to our hotel, while we said goodbye to our daughter and her family, as they went back to their hotel.

After our granddaughter went to bed, I freshened up myself. I lay on our hotel bed in my little white dress, and I wanted to show my husband how much I am still turned on by him.

He came in and took me in his arms, and kissed me while I told him how sexy he was on stage that night as I took my dress off in front of him. I only had on my love heart panties. I saw the aroused look on his face, he was so turned on! He became very hard that very moment!

“You’ve shown me different sexy looks over the years, hot lady! And you looked so sexy in that little white summer dress.” My husband told me while he ran his fingers through my hair, then down my chest onto my breasts. “Remember when we were young, and we used to do things like walk around snowy landscapes, then come back home and have a dance?” he asked.

“Oh, of course! We were newlyweds. My how young we were! We’d then go to bed, but not to sleep.” I replied in a sexy tone.

“Oh, yes, and you are still so sexy. Sweet and sexy.” said my husband, while he kissed me and touched my breasts.

“So are you,” I replied, sounding turned on as I remembered how we made love those times when we were younger, as well as enjoying it now.

My husband kissed my chest, and the top of my breasts, while he caressed my body, kissing me on my collar bone and nuzzling my neck. He then took his t-shirt off, and got naked. I was getting excited. I remembered how we saw each other nude for the first time on our wedding night.

He climbed over me, and came in as I drew in a breath of pleasure. We were French kissing, and caressing one another as I let out breaths of pleasure. I remembered our beautiful summer night as my husband kissed my cheekbones, and gently stroked my breasts.

The way he thrusted and moved around inside my wet ladyplace reminded me of the night our younger daughter was conceived.

I continued to hold my husband in my arms, showing how much I still love him, as he kissed me all over, and stroked my breasts, gently as if they were delicate. He lightly ran his hand over one breast, cupping my face with the other.

My pleasure was starting to get stronger, those breaths turned into moans. My husband thrusted a bit faster and harder, massaging my sweetspot with his pubic bone. For a moment I even thought we were back in the 1980s! But I knew we weren’t.

Sure enough, I had a beautifully powerful orgasm, as my husband nuzzled at the side of my neck, and kissed it. I rubbed my husband’s back as I let out my breaths of pleasure as more past memories of us making love came to my mind. My husband climaxed as I came down, he held me tighter as he vocalized in ecstacy.

When he came down, we had a few moments of holding each other very tight. While we cuddled, my husband told me he remembered the times we made love when we were younger as well!

“I’ll never forget our concert together, and how we got passionate afterwards.” My husband remembered, as he kept kissing me.

“Remember our friends’ wedding back in 1992?” I asked

“Oh, absolutely! I get hard just thinking about that!” he replied.

“I also still remember how it felt to smell and taste your wet, sweet ladyplace for the first time. Making love to you now to me is no different then when we were young and making love. You’re still, and always will be mine.” my husband told me.

“I also feel no different either. You are still my sexy man after 29 years of marriage.” I replied.

After my husband said “Back atcha”, we kissed and cuddled the night away. We most certainly knew who to thank for our years together. Because we trust God in everything and put Him first, we found each other, and we still have a beautiful, sexy marriage.

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  1. smitten says:

    Long years together, Harper, with a history of love and intimacy make love making in the here and now even more intimate as your well written story shows. God bless you and your wife.

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Thanks. It’s 30 years this year, i got a story about our 30th anniversary coming soon! 😀

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Why thank you, Blondie! There is more coming. And I really like your stories, keep yours coming! 🙂

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    Another great story Harper! I am so glad for the love God has blessed you and your husband with for all these years! On another note – I know you went there for a performance. I have traveled there, too. Did you get a chance to visit biblical sites nearby (Corinth, etc.)? God bless you!

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Yeah, we actually went there on a pilgrimage back in 2010. We then went to Jerusalem, Bethlehem (we actually became Born Again Christians in Israel). We had a wonderful time. We then continued traveling across Europe after that 🙂

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