A little pleasure hunt for my beautiful wife (2) (L)

My wife June had already enjoyed a night of adult private play with the assistance of a pleasure hunt Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 9.50.11 PMand private sex story I’d written for her while I was away for work.  I wasn’t surprised when she wanted another one.  She’s naughty like that now, though it has taken some encouragement from me helping her to understand how much it turns me on to imagine her expertly pleasuring herself.  What follows is the email I sent through for her to continue her hot and cheeky private pussy pleasuring.

‘Hello my precious and lovely….I hope you enjoyed your flowers yesterday….I know you enjoyed your private sex story.  Of course I am missing you once again, but I have enjoyed writing that ‘next chapter’ for you that you requested.  Before you settle in to pleasure yourself please text me with a description of what your wearing….only because this turns me on too.  I don’t know why but the thought of my horny housewife playing with herself as you read these erotic stories makes me so hard….Enjoy yourself my naughty little minx. xxx’

My wife texted me late that night ‘Mmmm, I am a lucky lady….it’s just me, you’re email and my vibe….How did you know my pussy has been longing for your cock but that a little fingerfuck will tide me over?….oh, and I almost forgot….I’m in my favourite red heels, the gold chain you gave me for our last anniversary and that hot little pearl G-string…nothing on top. I’m your slutty little showgirl tonight, my titties wanted to be free, besides I’ll be squeezing them with my spare hand soon imagining it’s you. Love June.xxx’

June then continued to read the story I’d sent her….

‘So, we find ourselves at the Soho on a summer evening after our unplanned but very hot and risqué sex moment in the back of the limousine and we’re preparing for a night out, starting with dinner at a restaurant on the East End.  You’ve been shopping earlier that day and found a dress that you fell in love with at first sight.  You look great in it, it suits your beautiful body perfectly.  You have a normal bra on but are planning to not wear any knickers because you’re feeling a bit frisky yourself.  I’ve been in the shower with a massive erection as I remember the night before and how luxurious and mischievious our sex had been in the limo, not to mention how smoking hot you were in those crotchless panties and open cut bra.  I felt like wanking there and then in the shower but refrained.  After hopping out and getting dry I walk out into the bedroom totally naked with my pleasure stick still firm and see you putting your earrings on in front of the mirror.

You look totally gorgeous as always and I decide in a split second that some love-making will need to be in order before tea.  I need to have you now.  Despite the sexual urgency building up in me, rather than showing it I walk over casually to you from behind.  You see I’m undressed but don’t think much of it.  I move in behind you with one smooth movement, pressing my cock against your lower back, firmly moving my hands from your hips up to your breasts and kissing you lovingly in the back of your neck while pulling you gently backwards into myself.  The combination of touch across these areas sends a small pulse of electricity from the back of your neck to your fingertips and down to your toes.  You’re already horny and immediately start melting in this comfortable but seductive embrace.  I kiss you again, listening to you release a deep breath out.

You start to turn round to face me and kiss me but I am still holding you firmly from behind and tell you in a firm whisper, “I don’t think so, put your hands on the dresser in front of you.”  You are a little shocked but also excited by the control I am exercising over you.  I continue fondling your breasts and kissing your neck as you relax into a sexual daydream.  I bring my hands back down to your hips and lift your short dress up totally exposing your perfect arse which I spare no time in playfully spanking just once.  I grip it firmly and then allow my hands to keep wandering along your thigh and then up to your breasts and then down to the front of your moistening sexbox while kissing you with just the right pressure on your neck.  After a couple of minutes of this I lift your right knee up on to the dresser because I want this sexy time to escalate.  I then take your right wrist and guide your hand to take hold of my naked, throbbing cock.  I love the feeling of your hand around it, and you love the idea of having this pleasure instrument deep inside you.  For about 30 seconds we stroke and play with each other’s private parts.

With a seductive desperation you tell me with urgency to ‘get that hard cock inside me and pleasure me with everything you’ve got’.  Without hesitation I slide the tip of my shaft along the back of your right leg, just underneath your arse cheek and guide it into your hot wet pussy.  You feel the tip enter and plunge deeply into you.  We both gently work it, thoroughly lubricating my cock with your sex.  I have one hand on your right hip and my left hand is firmly working your breast and nipple through your dress.  You look so perfect in the mirror….I am getting the best of both worlds…plunging in and out from behind but not missing out on the view from the front because of the mirror.  I command you… “Touch yourself, honey, I want to see you pleasuring yourself like a naughty girl while I’m in here.”  Obediently, sedutively and enthusiastically, you start rubbing yourself while my cock pounds away at your tightening lovebox.  After a couple of minutes a wave of pure pleasure starts building from on top and inside you….we are both working quite hard by now, my pace building and your deep breathing turning into moaning.  Despite the increased vigour in my effort, it just feels better and better for you, every nerve ending in your pussy is just savouring every passionate pass my cock makes….. ‘yyyyeeeessssss Hehls…c’mon!  You’re eyes are closed and your just bracing yourself as you let out a telling ‘oh fuck yes!, fuck me you stud!’  ….tick, tick tick, boom, your orgasm comes and surges through every nerve in your sexed up body.  Your knees go totally weak but I’m holding you so you don’t fall.

Rather than ease up I continue to make sure every last bit of sexual ecstasy is squeezed out….after another minute I pull
out, squeezing your breasts and kissing you on the back of the neck again.  “I love having such a hot wife!” I tell you as I give you another playful spank.  I’m far from finished….I swiftly turn you around and pull the front of your dress down and remove your bra, totally exposing your showgirl titties.  I then ask you to walk over to the window with the large sill (the one I sexed you in last time we were at the Soho) and sit up inside it.  I get you a couple of pillows and ask you to lie down.  You’re still weak from the sex we’ve already had at the dresser so I decide to lie you down and open your legs instead.  With enthusiasm I dive into your crotch with my mouth, the warmth of my tongue immediately has an effect on your clitoris, both soothing it as well as starting to stimulate it again.  I tell you to ‘just relax and enjoy’.

For about 10 minutes I expertly pleasure you orally, lapping hungrily while squeezing your nipples and stroking your sexy legs.  We are both in our own world together.  You’ve reduced me to a horny, sex craving servant….at least for now (until I place my lovemaker back inside you).  I can feel you gently bucking (always a good sign) and moaning again. Another 30 seconds and you’re proceeding to gush your sweet sex into my mouth.  I’m so hungry for it and your orgasm is paralysing your jaw as your back arches and your fingernails gently dig into my head….I lap at you for another 30 seconds until your breathing starts to return slightly to normal.  You’re ready for a rest now….but I’m not.  I stand up, pull you a little closer to me on your back and press the tip of my cock onto the outside of your sweet pussy.  It glides in effortlessly.

It feels so good for me fucking you in this position because I get such a good view of your perfect face, especially your eyes and lips and feminine jaw…I can also see and reach your generous tits and can feel and move your legs and heels wherever I want to.  I think to myself how lucky I am to not just have a sexy wife, but also a wife whose willing to be played with and be seen to sexually until I’ve come hard.  You just love to please, my little cock-queen, and I appreciate that so much about you.  The combination of the great view as well as the sensory pleasure being applied to my cock by your snatch is quickly sending me towards a pumping climax.  There’s something so hot and intimate about being naked with you that just drives me wild with passion and lust.  I hold on for as long as I possibly can before it’s all too much and I explode inside of you, my hot sex pumping inside you steadily….I stay in you and collapse on top of you…holding you as we both catch our breath and recover from our vigorous lovemaking.

It’s left us both feeling encouraged in our love for one another as well as full from having our sexual appetite satisfied for the time being.  Sometimes it’s the unplanned times that are the best and this has definitely been great…and we’ve still got tea to enjoy together…It’s back to the shower for both of us and I’m looking forward to what’s in store after tea my precious sex addiction. xxx’

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