First Apartment, First Time

When we first got married we moved into a one bedroom apartment.  It wasn’t small, but it wasn’t huge either.  In fact it was just perfect for a young couple starting out.  We didn’t have much anywScreen Shot 2014-08-19 at 9.47.24 PMay so it felt huge to us.  This was the first time either one of us had lived away from home or rented an apartment.  So this was truly our first apartment.  We felt like we were on top of the world when we first moved into that apartment.  We were young, newlyweds and ready to start our new life together. 

We created a lot of new memories in that apartment.  We experienced a lot of “firsts” there:  first summer as a married couple, first Thanksgiving and Christmas as a married couple, our first birthdays as a married couple, and many more.  And of course our first anniversary as a married couple.  We also experienced sex for the first time in that apartment.  We were both virgins when we married, even though we did struggle with that during our dating life.  We both wanted to have sex so bad, and a few times we got to making out and things went a little too far.  But in the end we were committed to saving ourselves for marriage.  It’s a decision that we cherish to this day (Not judging anyone who had sex prior to marriage, just saying that for us we cherish the knowledge that we did wait until marriage to have sex).

After our wedding we went to dinner and then we went to our apartment.  The first thing we did was get on our knees and pray.  We thanked God for our marriage and then asked him to bless us and our home.  Then we each got a shower and put on some silky lingerie we bought.  We were both so nervous, yet so excited too.  We finally get to have sex with each other!  After 3 and a half years of dating and engagement, it felt like a breath of fresh air!  We had three years of horniness built up and we were ready to release it. 

I got a shower first and put on silk boxers we had purchased for this occasion.  Then while my new wife was in the shower I lit some candles and folded the sheets back on the bed.  When she emerged from the bathroom in her negligee, it took my breath away.  I was so amazed that I could now call her “wife” and that I was about to see this gift from God naked.  My heart was pounding hard.  We nervously approached each other.  It was awkward, even though we had hugged and kissed many times before then.  But this was new territory.  We were both almost naked and the little we had on was very thin—and it was okay to be like this now! 

We gently embraced in a hug, then started kissing slowly.  After a short time of this we moved to the bed and laid down next to each other.  We wanted to ease into this so we left our lingerie on for the moment.  We were just savoring each other and not wanting to rush things.  After a while of kissing, I gently started to remove a strap from her shoulder.  Then she pulled her arm through it and I lifted it over her head and she pulled her other arm through.  Her breasts were now free.  And I just stared at them.  They were so incredibly beautiful, especially in the candlelight.  I kissed her again and gently started touching her breasts.  My heart was pounding so hard because I was finally getting to do this!  We were both starting to breath hard as I continued to massage and squeeze my new wife’s breasts.  Then I moved down her neck and kissed my way down until I was kissing her breasts.  I gently sucked on the nipples and kissed all over her chest. 

I then slowly removed the bottom half of her lingerie, revealing her hairy pussy.  Again, it took my breath away to finally be able to see her most intimate parts up close and without shame or fear.  I bent down and kissed her sweet pussy and breathed in her womanly scent.  I could taste her juices and I knew she was just as turned on as I was.  I slid my fingers inside her and felt deep inside her for the first time.

She then sat up and motioned for me to lay down.  She wanted me naked too.  She slowly started pulling on my boxers and I lifted my hips for her to slide them off.  Now she could see my fully erect cock and take it all in without shame.  She stared at it with a look of desire, but she was still a little nervous.  She reached out to touch me and felt my balls and massaged them for a few minutes.  Then she started stroking my dick slowly.  My heart was beating so hard at this point!  For the first time ever I was completely naked with a completely naked woman and she was stroking my favorite body part!  And I knew God was approving of our sexual playing this time because we were married.  That made it even better! 

She continued stroking me and then gently kissed my cock for the first time.  Then she crawled up beside me and we started kissing.  Our naked bodies were pressed up against each other as we gently made out.  Again we didn’t want to rush anything, but to savor the moment.  This was the first time we made out naked.  I was very aware that my cock was pressing up against her pussy and her boobs were pressing up against my chest.  She was aware of it too.

Finally the moment arrived: Time to have sex for the first time.  She turned over on her back and I got on top of her.  Our eyes were locked on to each other as the light from the candles flickered around the room.  She spread her legs and I got a good full view of her pussy.  I could tell she was nervous but also her body language said, “Come and get it big boy!”  I knew she wanted me inside her.  So I gently eased onto her.  I held myself up with one arm and guided my cock into her with my other hand. 

And I couldn’t tell if I was inside her or not.  I asked her and she said I wasn’t.  We were surprised by this.  We forgot that sex, like anything else, is a learned activity.  But we started exploring more and eventually we figured it out.  This time I gently slid my cock inside her wet pussy and it made the connection.  She sighed as she felt my cock slide into her.  It felt so much better than I had imagined it would.  So warm…so wet…so soft.  We kissed again with our bodies joined as one.  We had consummated our vows.  We were now fully married in every sense of the word. 

I began thrusting gently inside my wife.  I didn’t want to hurt her and I wanted to savor the moment.  She wrapped her arms and legs around me and kissed me passionately.  We were finally having sex!  And it was everything I imagined it would be.  We felt so connected to each other and it felt so intimate.  And it felt good.  I loved the feeling of my cock inside her warm, wet pussy. 

As I continued to thrust myself into her, we both started breathing harder.  I started thrusting faster, which made us breathe even harder.  I could tell we were getting close.  She started to moan pleasurably and I could tell she was about to cum.  I started thrusting faster, pounding my bride’s pussy with all I had.  She moaned louder and I knew she had her first married orgasm.  I continued thrusting my cock into my new wife, faster and faster.  I felt myself reach that point of no return.  She held onto me tighter as I gave one big thrust and felt my cum shoot out of my cock and deep inside her wet pussy.  It felt so good to cum inside her pussy.  It was better than I imagined it would be. 

As we came down from this incredible high of our first time, we kissed again.  It was soft, but still passionate.  We looked into each other’s eyes and felt as if our souls had become one.  I rolled off of her and she cuddled up next to me with her head on my shoulder and her leg over my leg.  I loved the feeling of her naked body pressed up against mine in this position (I still do!). Experiencing this was just about as exciting as the sex!  I had never had a naked woman lying on me before.  And now I did.  And she had just given herself to me.  And I had given myself to her.  She was mine and I was hers.  Forever. 

We fell asleep like that, dreaming of our future together.

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7 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    A beautiful and passionate story HornyHubby! I loved it!

    Reading it, I couldn’t help but recall my and Ben’s first night together. We too were both virgins. Thank you so much for posting this story and for bringing back such a wonderful memory to me. I am a bit moist right now. God bless and stay horny!

    • HornyHubby says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it GG! Glad I could help bring back a good memory. I’ll definitely stay horny! You do the same my friend.

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    Thank you for helping many of us be spurred on to think back to our first married sex. You were a pro compared to clumsy me. I had no clue about thrusting – and in fact came way too fast. We took a while to learn. We are so grateful to God for the heights He has brought us to. Great job HH! God bless you and your wife!

  3. Ben G. says:

    HOT story! Since Gina is away to attend a friend’s wedding for a couple days. I’m left to do the “wife is away routine” Man, life can be tough at times! But a man’s gotta do, what a man’s gotta do! (How cliche I know) Anyway, God bless.

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