A Debt Repaid


Recently my husband of 22 years surprised me with a love letter he left on my dresser before going to work. I quicklyScreen Shot 2014-12-23 at 11.54.26 PM discovered that the letter was the first of many letters he had hidden around the house for me to read that day. It was all part of an elaborate plan of surprises and a full day and night of unforgettable, amazing foreplay and sex. We submitted that story as a thank you to Marriageheat.com for helping us to rekindle our sex life. We hope other married couples are having as much fun reading it together as we had living it out together.

If you haven’t read the story, it ended with me owing my husband a debt. A debt that I promised to repay the following day. This is the story of how I tried to repay that debt to the love of my life my husband.

My husband’s alarm started going off just after 5am like it does every morning, but this wasn’t every other morning. He wasn’t waking up. He had only been asleep for a couple of hours. He had surprised me with an unexpected night of sex games and love making. He had only passed out about two hours ago with his penis still inside me and me wrapped in his arms. I hadn’t been able to sleep. I was still so sexually charged up. I couldn’t remember the last time before yesterday I had four orgasms in a day. It had been years. I had just lain there in his arms watching him sleep and wondering how I was going to top yesterday and making plans. If he didn’t get up for work soon though he would be late. I thought about just letting him sleep and calling his office to inform them he was staying home today to make love to his wife. Until I had a better idea.

I reached across him and turned off his alarm. He looked so peaceful and Yummy laying there naked and I knew how I could wake him up. Yum! Yum! I started gently touching his penis he didn’t even twitch, but his penis sprang to life. I watched as it slowly grew to twice its size. I stroked it for a couple of minutes but still the only part of him that was up was the part in my hand. I turned up the heat licking and sucking his nipples while continuing to stroke his penis. Still nothing, but I could feel myself getting wetter with desire to have him inside me! I moved down his body until I could lick his now fully erect penis. It tasted yummy! I could still taste the combination of my vagina and his cum from earlier. I licked it clean before taking the head of it in my mouth. He was quietly moaning but still passed out. I slid the entire length of him in and out of my mouth while squeezing his ass.

Finally, his eyes began to flutter open, and his moaning increased. My best friend (and an incredible lover) was waking up. His reaction was a little unexpected considering his dick was in my mouth up to his balls.

He jumped straight up and said. “What time is it? I’m going to be late for work!”

I smiled up from between his legs and told him that I guess he better hurry up and cum then. Or would he rather I just let him leave for work and played with my new toy. Then I said, “You know the one. The wonderful little vibrator you introduced to our marriage bed last night. I already owe you two orgasms after masturbating twice yesterday waiting for you to get home. So what’s a couple of more added to my debt?”

He put his hands behind his head and lay his head back down on the pillows and asked, “Is that a threat or a promise?”

“A promise,” I said.

Now grinning from ear to ear he said, “I guess I can go in a little late today. I wouldn’t mind watching you play with your toy again seeing how your so good with it.”

I playfully smacked him and told him this morning wasn’t about me cumming. It was about me repaying part of my debt and sending him to work with a smile on his face.

He laughed and said, “Well, stop talking then and get back to sucking my dick.”

So like the dutiful wife I am when my husband asks so nicely, I went back to sucking his dick. This next part was the first of many surprises I had thought about while watching him sleep. I love giving Marcus oral sex. Sometimes I think I like giving it more than he likes receiving it. The one thing I find difficult though is swallowing his cum. It’s not that I don’t want to, or it grosses me out, it’s just that he always cums so much I can’t. But I had already decided that this morning I would eat every last drop. So when he started grabbing the back of my head and moaning he was going to cum and started trying to pull out. I grabbed his ass and pulled him in as deep as I could and swallowed every drop he gave me! He went nuts!

When he regained his composure enough to speak, he said, “You must still be incredibly horny! I can’t remember the last time you’ve done that. As far as I’m concerned your debt is paid in full. So how do you want me to make you cum? I don’t think I can top that though.”

I answered him by pushing him down on the bed and sitting on his semi hard penis. 20 seconds later I was having my fifth orgasm in less than 24 hours. I smiled and said, “No, I still owe you two orgasms. Now go have a shower and get to work. I have plans to make and things to get for later. You’re all mine tonight baby!”

After he had left for work, I got the kids off to school and daycare and finally got some sleep. I woke up about noon to the doorbell ringing. I got out of bed and pulled on my track pants and a sweater and went to see who was at the door. When I looked out, I saw a woman standing there with a big bouquet of flowers. I opened the door, and she asked if I was Drew handing me the flowers. When I said yes. She said she was jealous she couldn’t remember the last time she had received flowers. “You must be doing something right.” I laughed and said, “I guess so. Thank you.” (if only she knew. Maybe she will read this and find out).

I took the flowers into the kitchen pulled the card from the front of the bouquet and sat down at the table to read it. Knowing my husband the way I do I expected the card to say something funny about last night or this morning or have some erotic message like yesterday’s letters. What he wrote though took me by surprise and made me cry. It was the most romantic and erotic thing I have ever read. What he wrote on the card was:

THANK YOU. Thank you for this morning. Thank you for last night. Thank you for the best twenty years of my life. If there is any debt to be repaid, it is the debt that I owe you! For always giving of yourself selflessly! For always sacrificing your time, your needs and your dreams for my needs and dreams and thoughts of our children! Most of all thank you for being my helpmate, best friend, and lover! I love you now and always. Other than the free gift of salvation through Christ and our wonderful children, you are my greatest blessing! Love Marcus. ( sorry guys I know that wasn’t very erotic to you, but I left that part in for the ladies.)

Okay, so like I was saying, after I read the card it took me a while to stop crying, but when I did I was so horny I had soaked the crotch of my track pants with desire for my wonderful husband. I couldn’t dial his phone number fast enough. When he answered the phone, I told him that he had made me cry. He said he was sorry. What did he do? I told him it was the card and the flowers he sent me.

Then he said, “What card and what flowers! I didn’t send anything to you! After all I did for you yesterday and last night you have some other man sending you flowers and making you cry! What’s up with that? What’s his name?” Now that’s more like the Marcus I know. Always the joker rarely serious and always trying to make me laugh.

Well, I can play that game too. So I told him if he hadn’t sent me the card and flowers I was hanging up. I had to find the man who did. The card with the flowers was written by the most romantic man alive and had made me hornier than anything he had written yesterday! When I find him maybe I’ll thank him like I thanked you this morning.

He started laughing and said, “Way to call my bluff. So I really made you cry? Sorry I wasn’t trying to make you cry. I love you so much, Drew, and don’t always tell you so, but I meant every word of it. You’re the best! So how horny did I make you ? I guess that was a reaction I didn’t expect. Does that mean I’m getting lucky later?”

Now it was me who was laughing. “You’re lucky it’s Saturday tomorrow because you’re the one who is going to be walking funny and more than a little tired after tonight. I love you too! Oh, by the way, just to let you know I have to go change my pants that’s how horny you made me.”

I hung up the phone and called my parents to make arrangements for the kids to spend the night with them at their house. I told my Mom I was taking Marcus out on a surprise date and we would be getting home late. Then I went upstairs to get showered and changed before heading out to get everything I would need for tonight. It was my turn to make my husband a sex slave.

Just thinking about his unexpected surprises yesterday, the flowers and beautiful card he had sent me today kept me horny and wet. But as I thought about my plans for tonight I started to think I may owe him another orgasm before he gets home from work. I parked in front of the lingerie shop my last stop in preparation for tonight and called him before going in. When the poor guy picked up the phone, he sounded exhausted. He said he had a nap in the car at lunch but was going to come home early because he needed some rest. I told him I thought that was a good idea because he needed all the rest he could get. He will want to be good and rested for later. Like it or not I had a debt to pay, and I had even arranged for the kids to spend the night with my parents. Told him I loved him and hung up the phone.

After I had hung up the phone, I went into the store and picked out some sexy new bras and asked for the key to a change room. After stripping off all my clothes I tried on the bras until I found the right one. I looked at myself in the mirror; this was the one. The bra accentuated my puppies, my husband’s favorite part. Yes, ladies my guy is a boob man. Satisfied with the way I looked, I sat down on the bench in the change room, spread my legs and took a picture of myself wearing nothing but the new bra I was buying for my man. I got dressed paid for my purchase and went back out to the car, I couldn’t wait to text my change room photo to Marcus. I don’t know what made me hornier. Taking the picture or sending him the picture. I didn’t have to wait long for his response. He couldn’t believe that I had taken a picture like that in a public change room and said he almost creamed his pants when he saw it. Then he asked what had gotten into me? My response was him last night and again this morning. He said the bra looked great, but he couldn’t wait to see it on the floor after he peeled it off me.

Then he texted me and asked where the matching panties were because I definitely wasn’t wearing them in my very hot picture. I texted him that I didn’t buy them, they would only get in the way later, and I didn’t plan on wearing any tonight. He didn’t respond until about 10 minutes later and when he did it was my turn to wonder what had gotten into him. When I opened the message, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There on the screen was a picture of my husband’s fully erect penis. The text read. Two can play that game! That did it I would definitely be adding another orgasm to my debt as soon as I got home!

After getting home and adding to my debt, I finished setting everything up and waited to hear from Marcus. He called me just before 4:00 to say he was on his way home and ask if I liked his picture. I told him I loved it so much that I had added another orgasm to my debt and couldn’t wait to start repaying it. He said. Before yesterday, I only suspected that you masturbated but now by your admission I’ve come to realize your a little horn dog! So I asked him what he expected when I was only getting laid a couple of times a month, but if he planned more nights like last night maybe I would have to take matters into my own hands less. I told him to hurry up and get home if he wanted any rest before I jumped him and hung up the phone.

When he got home, I met him at the door, and we kissed for what seemed like ten minutes. It took all of my strength not to have sex with him right there in the front hall. When we finally stopped kissing. I told him to go to bed, and I would wake him up when it was time to get ready. I had made reservations at our favorite restaurant for 9:00 and still had some things to do before repaying him tonight. He said he couldn’t wait, but I was right if I was planning on keeping him up all night he needed some sleep.

Then he smiled and said. You know I always sleep better after I cum! So why don’t you come and tuck me in or do I have to have my orgasm on my own? I told him although I wouldn’t mind watching that he would spoil all my plans for later. Now go to bed! Like a scolded puppy, he put his head down and started upstairs to bed mumbling all the way about wanting me now, about being too horny to sleep and the big hard on he had. The last thing I heard him say as he disappeared up the stairs was that it wasn’t fair I hadn’t even touched his penis.

He was asleep within five minutes of going upstairs and getting in bed. So much for him being too horny to sleep. After he was asleep. I went into the bedroom and set his alarm for 8:00 put a letter I had written for him on the dresser and went to get showered and ready. I got dressed in the garter and stockings he gave me last night and put my new bra on. I had picked out his favorite dress for tonight. It was short just above my knees in length and cut very low at the neck exposing lots of cleavage especially in the push-up bra I was wearing. Now that I was dressed all I could do was wait for my husband to wake up and get ready.

When his alarm went off at 8:00 and I heard him get out of bed my excitement went through the roof. My heart was beating fast, and I felt like I did when I was waiting for him to pick me up for a date before we were married. But unlike then when I felt my vagina moisten with a rush of sexual excitement, I knew if all went as planned he would be filling it first with his penis then with his cum before the night was over!

When Marcus came downstairs, he was wearing the cargo pants and crew neck dress shirt I had picked up for him today. I looked him up and down. He looked so good! I was standing in the kitchen and wanted him to put me on the counter and make love to me right there! I noticed the look on his face. He was obviously undressing me with his eyes, so I asked him if he liked what he saw. I already knew the answer though by the growing bulge in the front of his pants. Before he could say anything, I walked over and grabbed his penis through his pants.

“Just checking to make sure you hadn’t put any boxers on.”

“No,” he said. “I followed the instructions in your letter. You look so hot what do you say we just skip dinner and move straight to dessert?”

I gave him a last squeeze kissed him and said, “Some guy told me yesterday that good things come to those who wait. Don’t worry you’ll be cumming over and over again later! Now let’s get going I’m starving.”

The drive to the restaurant was a short one, but I had enough time for the first part of plan. I hiked my dress up around my waist so he could see my freshly shaved pussy. When he looked over his eyes almost popped out of his head. Now that I knew I had his attention. I stuck my fingers in my mouth then slid them slowly in and out of my pussy and asked him if he wanted to touch it. Once again I already knew the answer by the way the front of his pants were growing. I took my free hand and guided his hand closest to me to my pussy and replaced my fingers with his. Then I placed my hand over his and used his fingers to masturbate like I had with the vibrator last night. The whole time watching his growing erection and moaning about how good his fingers felt inside me.

When we got to restaurant I told him to park as far away from the other cars as he could. He found a spot in the very back corner of the lot with no other cars for miles around and shut off the car. The second the car was off he was trying to climb on top of me. I pushed him back into his seat and asked if his penis wanted to come out and play as I started undoing his pants. His penis jumped out as soon as his pants were undone and without saying another word I stuck it in my mouth. He started moaning instantly, grabbing the back of my head and driving his dick in and out of my mouth. That’s exactly what I wanted him to do. It only took about a minute of him screwing my mouth before he was pumping it full of cum.

I swallowed every last drop, sat up and said, “Yummy, now that I’ve had dessert let’s go eat! I’m starving.” Without another word, I pulled my dress back down from around my waist and got out of the car. It took him a couple of minutes to regain his composure and get his pants done back up. Then he joined me outside the car. He ran around the car grabbed me in his arms and kissed me on the mouth hard. I pushed him away and said, “Come on let’s go in. I told you I’m starving.” Then I walked away leaving him standing there dumbfounded. I wanted him inside me so bad, but tonight was all about making him feel like I did last night.

When he caught up with me, he asked, “Who are you and what have you done with my wife? You know she looks and sounds just like you. Well, maybe you have bigger tits than her but other than that you could be twins. Except she’s way more conservative and shy than you are. She would never have done what you just did! That’s twice today and once was in the car in the back corner of the parking lot of our favorite restaurant!”

I turned around and said, “I hope you liked it because you better get used to it! I’m still the same girl, the one you married. Just the new and improved version. While I was lying there in your arms this morning. I couldn’t help but wonder why we hadn’t had a day and night like that before. Why it’s always so long between the times we have sex. I love you so much, but we need to spend more time together! More adult time together! Times like last night and tonight. So I decided that yesterday and me paying back my sex debt to you tonight would be the start of a weekly date night for us. It doesn’t always have to include wild sex, but it will include just you and I. No kids, no friends, nobody. Just you and I.” I turned towards the restaurant then back again. “Oh, and, by the way, what I just did there in the car? That was for your beautiful card and flowers and doesn’t count towards my debt to you. Thanks for noticing my tits. Now can we go eat? I’m starving!” Once again, I left him standing there dumbfounded.

The hostess seated us in a quiet corner by the fireplace just like I had asked when making the reservation. We ordered a drink and looked over the menu. Marcus hadn’t said a word to me since the last time I left him standing in the parking lot. He was just sitting there with a grin on his face and staring at me.

After we had ordered our food, I asked him, “What’s wrong? Did the cat get your tongue? I hope not because you’ll need it later. I know tonight is about me teasing and satisfying you, but I was kinda hoping you might want to use it again like you did last night.”

He smiled that sly smile he has when he’s up to something and said, “I’m glad you said that. I think I enjoy your orgasms as much or more than my own. Then why have you been so quiet? It’s you and the last couple of days. It’s made me think about how much time I’ve wasted on meaningless stuff. Like video games and t.v. It’s just stuff that is a waste of time. Time I should have been spending with you! Time for date nights! You’re right we do have to make more time for each other. Not just the sex, but moments like this. Just sitting with each other and talking or having a quiet dinner together. Enjoying each others company. I love you, and I think a weekly date night is a great idea!” Then he grinned from ear to ear and said, “Oh, don’t get me wrong. Sex on date night is going to be a must! Starting with tonight. You do have a debt to repay. How many orgasms do you owe me? Is it five or six I can’t remember?”

Now it was my turn to be quiet. My man had just done it again I was crying. First the card and flowers and now knocking me off my feet again with what he just said. How I love him! I knew I had to say something. So as soon as I could talk without crying. I smiled and said, “You can stop making me cry. If you haven’t figured it out already by what I just did in the parking lot. You are going to get laid tonight. As to how many orgasms I owe you. After what you just said it’s as many as you can handle. I love you so much!”

We spent dinner just talking and flirting with each other. Marcus had even moved his chair over beside mine at the table. We held hands, kissed and touched each other as we ate our dinner. It was amazing. When the waitress came and asked if we wanted the dessert menu. We both laughed, and I said, “No thanks, just the bill, we’re going to have dessert later.”

When she brought the bill back, she smiled at us and said, “I hope you don’t mind me saying so, but it sure is nice to see a married couple still so in love. I’ve been watching you two. I wish my husband, and I still talked and flirted together like you guys. You just seem like you enjoy each others company. It is really nice.”

We both thanked her, and then Marcus said, “This is my first date with this fine lady. I hope her husband doesn’t find out.” The waitress looked shocked as she walked away.

We walked across the parking lot back to the car holding hands and laughing about the waitress. First, about at the table when Marcus told her he hoped my husband didn’t find out. Then when he told her the truth as we were walking out the door. We thought she was going to pee herself she was laughing so hard.

When we got to the car Marcus opened my door for me and grabbed my ass as I was getting in. Then he leaned in the door kissed me and said, “Um, excuse me, Miss. I couldn’t help but notice there’s something wet running down the inside of your legs. Did you want me to help you clean it up?”

“What did you have in mind kind sir?”

“Well, I could use a napkin, or maybe if you like I don’t live too far from here and once there I could use my tongue.”

“Oh, I would like your tongue, kind sir. So hurry up and get in the car so you can start cleaning me up!”

He began to close my door but before he could I grabbed his hand and put it between my legs. He knelt down beside the car and started fingering me. The parking lot was almost empty now and we were way back in the back corner of the lot. So what the heck. With him kneeling beside the car and me in the seat, he fingered me to another orgasm on my tab. After I had come, he leaned in, kissed me and said, “I hope you’re satisfied, Miss! Now I have an even bigger mess to clean up with my tongue.”

I kissed him back and said, “I wanted you to do that the whole time we were sitting at the table having dinner. I love you so much! Now let’s get home, I want you naked! You’re all mine tonight baby!”

I had all kinds of plans for the drive home. I was going to have Marcus drive home a much longer way. I had planned to hike up my skirt again, put my feet up on the dash, take my new toy out of my purse and use it to tease myself driving him crazy at the same time. Then, when he had enough, I was going to have him pull over on one of the many secluded roads where we live and make love to him in the back seat of the car. That’s something we haven’t done in over ten years. I had all kinds of plans. I think I was trying to do all the things we used to and some new things like the restaurant parking lot earlier. But all I wanted right then was to get my beautiful husband home and pass out in his arms after making love to him.

Marcus was the first to speak, and when he did, it was like he could read my mind, “Hey, baby, I don’t know what if you have anything else planned for tonight. But if you’re not going to be mad, I was wondering if we could just go straight home and make love before falling asleep in each other’s arms. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t owe me anything except making love to me tonight and always. So, what do you think?”

I looked at him with tears in my eye’s and said, “That’s exactly what I have planned. I mean making love to you now and always. As for my tab, it’s far from paid in full, but I don’t think I’ll be adding to it anytime soon. I’m going to be way too satisfied and tired from making love to the best husband in the world! I guess I’ll have to wait until our next date night to finish paying it off!”

We made love that night, and when we woke up in the morning still wrapped in each others arms we made love again. It was the perfect end to two glorious days of sex and making love. Love you, baby!

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  1. marriedman0217 says:

    I really enjoyed the story. I’ve often wondered if my Sweetie enjoys sucking on me more than I enjoy receiving it, but I’ve always felt that was just male vanity. She really hates to let go of me sometimes and I sure do like to watch her enjoy herself. Sweetie and I have been together for almost 40 years and I’m truly blessed that she is an amazing source of inspiration and passion.

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