Las Vegas Vacation Part 1

My Wife and I took a shuttle to the hotel and decided beforehand that we were going to build the anticipation and not make love before the sun set.

My wife changed into a personally tailored top we got for her. It lays on her body beautifully. The shirt is very low cut, shows off her beautiful breasts. The shirt stopped just above her belly button to show off her new sexy belly button ring! She wore white pants and her nude sandals. Her top was light blue.

I wore jeans that she liked with a white shirt.

My urge to make love to her was so strong , the anticipation was killing me as I watched her change and saw her beautiful naked body. She looked over and saw me standing there naked, my erection looked so strong and big, she smiled, I could tell in her eyes that she wanted me so bad.

Somehow we got dressed and out of the room before I picked her up and slammed her against the wall and made love to her.

In the elevator on the way down from our room she placed her hands on my pants and said ” I can’t wait until you’re inside of me tonight, kissing my breasts”.

I placed my hand on her pants and said ” are you wet”? She said ” I’m so wet right now I don’t think we would need lube”. We laughed, I moaned in her ear as she pressed against my pants with her pants as we kissed, my hands slid under her shirt and on top of her bra, I said ” I want you so f…..g bad”.

The doors opened , maybe just In time as I was about to push the stop button and make love to her in the elevator.

We walked hand in hand as we went to see the Bellagio falls, visit some hotels and see the different themes. We kept sending each other teasing texts. I was so freaking horny so I was talking a little dirty. I said’ ” I can’t wait to touch your wet pussy”. She said” I can’t wait until you’re inside it”.

I said ” I’m going to bring you so close to orgasm so many times and then slow down, get you going again and again, by the time I finish you off you’re going to be thrusting so hard you’re going to cause the entire hotel to shake, and your screams are going to shake the windows”.

She said ” I’m going to thrust on you so intense, with so much love, you’re going to cum so hard it Tickles me inside.”

I like teasing with her. On our walk I kept stopping every couple of minutes and kissing her and pretty soon we were in an intimate spot, just the two of us, we just stood there and kissed passionately for several minutes, I picked her up, she wrapped her legs around me, I placed her back against a building and we grinded each other, rubbing together, we both almost orgasmd with our pants on, we wanted each other so much.

We got some lunch in our hotel (The Venetian) they had a beautiful ambiance with low lit lights, candles, very romantic. The restaurant sat above the lower level that looked down on the hotels theme of an older town in Europe with rivers running through it, waterfalls, just beautiful.

At this point we were hungry and extremely horny- lol. Funny combination. We laughed about it, as much as we tried to not think about wanting each other, the goal that we had set of not until tonight caused such great anticipation and made our desires feel even stronger.

At lunch we passed back and forth notes on a napkin saying what we wanted to do. Our desires were so high it was almost like our inhibitions guard was down. I wrote ” I love you , the anticipation is unbearable, you are the woman of my fantasies, I want you, I want every part of you.”

She wrote ” you will have me, we will have each other, I want to do so many things, my mind is full of ideas, fantasies.”

We were in a corner booth, the other tables next to us were empty, so the tease was on. She went to sit across from me and slipped her foot out of her sandal and slid her foot onto my lap, she teased me with strokes of her toes.

I slipped off my sandal and returned the tease. This was fun but with several hours before sunset I didn’t see how we were going to make it. But that was part of the fun, we were both teasingly seducing each other, almost playing a game to see if we could take it to a point where we literally had to have each other.

The food came, probably just in time as our teasing was getting intense and our notes back and forth were getting extremely steamy. My last note to her said” I wish you had a skirt on, I would be under this table and the entire restaurant would be looking back here when they heard your screams and moans”.

Her last note said ” your going to let a little thing like pants stop you”.

Needless to say its a good thing the food came. We ate and the food helped us clear our heads a bit (but not for long).

When we finished our food we took a walk around the Venetian lobby, we rode the boats that traveled through the Venetian town (so cool).

At this point we had 4 hours until sundown and lets just say that wasn’t going to happen. My wife looked so beautiful, her belly button ring, low cut and tight shirt were driving me crazy- and her teasing, sexy touching, sexy texts and teasing notes put me over the top.

Hand in hand we walked to the elevator. She said ” what are we going to do”. I said ” lets change into our suits and go to the pool, do some tanning and people watching.”.

She said ” ok, but remember we can’t until tonight”. I said ” yeah, that’s not going to happen honey, when I get you alone I’m having you, I’m going to passionately f..k you as hard as I can.”

She seductively smiled and said” it’s about time, I’ve been waiting for you to want me so bad that you can’t resist. I’m so wet!”

We got onto the elevator and we were on the 17th floor. For the 1st 5 floors someone else rode up with us. After they got off I picked her up and slammed her (gently) against the elevator wall. She wrapped her arms around my head and we kissed, pressed our pants against each other, thrusting. Once the elevator door opened she jumped in my arms and wrapped her legs around me and we kissed as we walked to our door. Once we got the door open and it shut behind us I placed her against the door (gently) and lifted her shirt over her head. I undid her sexy lace bra, placed her legs on the floor, unbuttoned her pants, slid her panties down and carried her to our bed. Our bed was in a huge room with huge windows looking out over the city.

As we kissed she took off my shirt, I undid my pants and slid them off. Her hands rubbed my chest (oh I love the feeling of my wifes hands on my chest), my hand was stimulating her, she began to have an orgasm, I slowed down, then began again, she placed her hands on my head and led me to her breasts. Once the sensation set in from my mouth on her breasts she climbed on top of me and put my penis inside of her and began to thrust, oh geez, I was so worked up and horny. I knew I could only last maybe a couple of minutes with these passionate thrusts. I didn’t want this to end, so I lifted her up, told her ” I don’t want to cum yet, let me drive you crazy first”. So I kissed her all over, stimulated her romantically, softly, bringing her so close to orgasm each time, she wanted to finish so bad, I was kissing her on her belly button and she slid my head down. She knew how much I couldn’t resist giving her oral and I would be so turned on I wouldn’t be able to control myself. She said” I want to make you cum inside of me”.

I gently massaged her with my tongue, she started to thrust, I circled her clit and passionately kissed her soaking wet pussy. I slid two fingers inside her and firmly stroked her g spot. She thrusted, harder, harder, then she moaned, oh what a beautiful sound, this was no ordinary moan, this was all the anticipation, teasing leading up to this, she kept thrusting, moaning, it seemed like 2-3 full minutes, it was so beautiful.

Once she finished her first orgasm she pushed me down and sat on my lap. She placed my throbbing erection inside of her and began vigorously thrusting. She said ” I’m going to thrust as hard as I can and have as many orgasms as I can until you can’t resist anymore and cum inside of me.” I passionately used my mouth and hands on her breasts. She arched her back and moaned, oh I love it when she moans with passion. After a couple of more amazing orgasms we held each other, caressing each others skin, giving each other goose bumps and kissing each other.

After about 20 minutes she went to hop in the shower as I layed there on the bed and started thinking about our day together, how we had playfully teased each other. Plus what just happened. I realized I had an erection again after only a few minutes. I was still really worked up.

I got up and walked over to the shower. I opened the door, but she didn’t hear me because she was washing her hair under the water.
I walked up behind her and kissed the back of her neck. She could feel my stiff penis pressed firmly against her back. She placed her hands around my neck, I lathered my hands with soap and slid my hands back and forth on her beautiful breasts.

I slid my hand down to her vagina and she was still soaking wet. She leaned her back against my chest and placed her legs against the corners of the shower as I sat down on the bench. She began to thrust, I started stimulating her with my hand and she started helping me stimulate her clit (that was the sexiest freaking thing ever by the way honey!) she layed her head back onto my shoulder as she began to moan, my hand on her breast, my other hand stimulating her, my penis in her, as she’s thrusting on me, it was almost like I was making love to her twice at the same time!

Eventually after she had another passionate orgasm we dried off and went to get dressed, but realized we weren’t sure what we were going to do next. I said I’d be fine staying naked and touching, caressing, kissing and making love to your body for the rest of the day.

We ended up snuggling and falling asleep for about an hour.

When we woke up we decided to get a snack and go down to the pool and lay out.

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  1. CMLove
    CMLove says:

    Very hot story!! Thanks so much for the reminder of hiw much fun teasing and flirting can be! Wow! May God continue to bless you and your wife! I’m looking forward to part 2!!

  2. Michael & Lisa
    Michael & Lisa says:

    Taking a break, long weekend away. I though this was going to be HOT. Just a shower. Going to jump on him in bed and Tell him I want him so fucking bad.
    Lisa xo

    • Snag
      Snag says:

      Lisa, your words are the ones we men so desire to hear our wife’s say to us: “I want him so bad”! As husbands it is fantastic to know that we are desired so strongly in a sexual way. Hopefully, you got your wish. Please let us know.

  3. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:

    Thank you for this wonderful journey! You took us from point A to point B – and
    it was like I couldn’t wait until you got to the room! The teasing you two had was
    so hot. I don’t know how you guys made it to the night! Part 2 promises to be
    a scorcher!! God bless you. LH

  4. Happy Husband
    Happy Husband says:

    Vegas can be a very sexual place to be with your spouse. One time my wife and I made love all over our room, and then she let her inhibitions go and I took awesome photos of her posing naked against the Vegas skyline! No one could see inside our windows, but it was an awesome sight!

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