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My wife and I have been married 15 years. and she’s the most beautiful woman in the world to me. Kind-hearted, gentle soul, loves Jesus, servant heart. We’ve discovered something that she is aroused by recently and our sex life has taken off. She’s becoming so wet from how aroused she is, and that’s turning […]

What’s OK to Fantasize About as a Couple?

My wife and I have been married for 14 years. I have a very high sex drive. When we married my wife was a virgin and 23 years old. I was her first kiss and first everything. For the first several years, sex was always extremely painful for her. So we usually would not have actual […]

Vacation Fun

We were on vacation this past week and went to the beach in San Diego. The water was warm, and it was a beautiful day. We played in the ocean, climbed rocks and lay out in the sun. Seeing my wife in a bikini all day had my senses on high alert!!! We drove back […]

What a way to wake up!

I woke up the other morning and was incredibly aroused. I looked over and saw my wife was lying there and had her eyes open. So I reached over and put my hand on her stomach to see how awake she was. To my delight, she was very awake and gladly accepted my touch. I […]

Las Vegas Vacation Part 2

For years I’ve had a fantasy of going to a topless beach or pool with my wife. – Here’s what happened. We took the elevator down to the pool, I was just figuring on going to the basic pool and laying out. I didnt want to push going to the topless pool because if my […]

Masturbation Fantasy

I’ve always fantasized about my wife masturbating and have been encouraging her for a long time. I think it could help her with her imagination, learning what she likes and how to have multiple orgasms. Below is a fantasy that I wrote directly to my wife. The kids were at your parents for a couple […]