Vacation Shower Sex

Vacation Sex in Cancún (L)

This story is about a trip my wife and I took last month and the fabulous vacation sex we had there. We haven’t been away alone for about eight years, and after 13 years of marriage, it was time!

We arrived around noon to the most beautiful all-inclusive resort there, The Hyatt Zilara. The desk staff upgraded us to a swim-up suite, and it was totally amazing. We both were in awe at all the detail the resort had to offer.

Upon entering the room, we found ourselves in a seating area with the most amazing mini bar and snacks we’ve ever seen, fully stocked, both bar and fridge. From the entry, we stepped down into the bedroom area which had a huge jacuzzi tub for two. A gorgeous view of the ocean met our eyes from the private infinity plunge pool out front. That had a set of steps that connected it to the main pool.

Off to the side was the bathroom. It was luxuriously equipped with a massive shower with a big bench. A massager shower head graced one side and a European style rain head with body jets the other. The shower also doubled as a steam room.

We had been traveling since very early morning. My wife suggested we take a sexy vacation shower and then head out to explore this piece of heaven on earth.

I turned the European shower on for her, hotter than I would like. Then I turned the shower massager on for me to my desired temperature. I watched as my wife undressed from her travel attire. She first peeled her tight sporty top off over her large delicious breasts. Such beautiful big pink nipples! She then slowly pulled down her yoga pants and panties at the same time over her perfect little round butt. Her deliciously shaven kitty came into view.

Her body is amazing and I praise the Lord every day for sending me this gorgeous God-fearing woman. I quickly took my clothes off. We both stood under our showers and took it all in. I began to kiss and caress her body. My cock started to rise as I admired her luscious, curvy, yet petite, figure. Even after over 17 years of marriage, I’m still in awe every time I see her beautiful body that God has created for me.

After some kissing and groping she opened a bar of high-end soap. She began to seductively wash every square inch of my body. As she ended the luxurious treatment, I returned the favor. I paid close attention to all of her favorite erogenous zones. As I finished up her seductive body cleanse, we began to kiss feverishly. I kissed and licked my way down her neck to her big erect nipples. She loves nipple play, especially when I give her a nipplegasm.

Her hand found its way to my already rock hard cock. I had every intention to keep stimulating her nipples until she had an orgasm. But she pulled me back up and kissed me very deeply, then sat down on the bench and started kissing and licking my cock. Her warm tongue licking down my shaft and over my balls felt amazing! She kissed and licked all over my cock and balls until they were soaked with her saliva.

Her mouth opened, engulfing my cock as she massaged my balls in her hand. I told her we should go to the bed. She looked up at me with her big beautiful eyes and shook her head no. She told me she wanted to make me cum now!

I watched in awe as my cock slid down her throat further than ever before. She started off with long slow strokes. Once again, she started to massage my shaved balls at the same time. As her blow job got deeper and deeper she sped it up. I felt my balls tighten and I said, “Oh, Sexy Momma, you’re gonna make me cum! Shit! That’s it, suck that fat cock…deep! Make it squirt!”

At that moment my cock erupted with an intense orgasm from deep in my groin. She just kept sucking as I unloaded five or six big shots of hot cum down her throat. As she slowed her assault on my cock, I smiled and thanked her for the vacation shower sex. I then pulled her up off the bench and kissed her deeply, tasting my salty seed that was lingering on her tongue.

We finished our shower and headed out to explore the resort. We swam and walked on the beach until sunset. Then we went back to the room and cleaned up for supper. She put on a sexy halter top dress that revealed her lovely cleavage and athletic hourglass figure.

We had an excellent meal at the open-air restaurant as we listened to the waves crash on the beach. Our conversation revolved around how awesome this place was and how excited we were to finally be there. We finished our meal and headed back to the room.

We entered the room and found our turndown service was complete with lit candles all around the jacuzzi tub and bath salts. There was romantic music playing.  Chocolates and two swans made out of hand towels decorated our bed. This place just kept getting better and better.

The jacuzzi tub had big picture glass windows on two sides, and we opened the curtains after we entered the tub. We watched the moonlight dance on the water as we relaxed and enjoyed one another. After our long soak, we headed to bed as we were tired from travel and the fun-filled afternoon. We prayed for our family’s safety while we were gone and thanked God for giving us one another, and we slipped off to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up early and went to get us some coffee. I returned with the brew and found my bride waking up slowly to the beautiful scenery of the Caribbean Sea. It was like a dream!

We had our coffee in bed, and before I knew it, we were kissing and fondling one another. I slowly removed my wife’s nighty and kissed my way down her neck to those wonderful luscious breasts. Sucking and twirling my tongue around her erect nipples, I heard her moan with pleasure.

She raised her hips and off came her panties. Her warm body felt smooth and silky under my touch. Her hand found its way into my shorts and pulled out my growing cock. I quickly removed my shirt and shorts and continued my assault on her nipples.

She stroked my cock slowly and whispered, “I want that big cock in my wet pussy!”

“I love it when you talk dirty and tell me what you want.”

I cupped her wet pussy with my hand and let her grind her clit against my palm, spreading her wetness all over her pussy. She then told me to lie down. As I did, she slowly slid her hot tightness down over my swollen cock.

“Oh, that cock feels so good deep in my cunt. That’s what Momma needed!”

She rode my cock with a passion as I grabbed her hips and helped her grind that pussy on my cock, her clit rubbing hard on my pelvis. After a couple of clitoral orgasms, she slid off my cock and licked her juices from my cock and then slid my cock deep into her throat five or six times.

I then rolled her over, and I was on top of her. I billed at her between her legs as she pulled her legs up to her chest. She grabbed my hard cock and massaged her clit with the head.

“Oh, yeah. Now fuck me with that big thick cock!”

I began with long slow strokes, eventually speeding up as we watched my cock, shining wet with her juices, sliding in and out of her pussy. I grabbed the cordless magic wand and handed it to my bride. She turned it on as I kept pounding her pussy. She massaged her clit with the vibrator as we both continued to watch my cock penetrate her, making us both more and more excited.

“Roll me over and make me cum with that big pussy-soaked cock!”

I knew what she wanted. I rolled her over onto her stomach, she placed the wand on her clit as she laid down. Then I slowly straddled her round ass and slid my cock deep into her pussy.

I continued with long deep strokes. She was moaning with pleasure, and I could feel her pussy start to tighten as her g-spot began to swell. I pulled out until I just had two or three inches of my cock left inside her, then leaned forward. I could feel the rough texture of her g-spot on the sensitive underside of my cock. As I hit it, she moaned louder.

“Yes… YES, that’s the spot, rub it with that fat cock and make me squirt! Play with my ass and make me squirt!”

I kept making short strokes with my cock massaging her g-spot. I grabbed some lube and started circling her ass hole with my thumb as I kept rubbing her g-spot with my cock. Lighting bolts of pleasure started shooting down her legs while her pussy started contracting around my cock and I knew I was about to explode. She then screamed in ecstasy as she came all over my cock. Just as her climax was passing, I was at the point of no return and pulled my cock out of her hot wet cunt and shot rope after rope of hot cum all over her ass and back.

We got up and went to the shower to clean up. We put on our swimsuits and headed to the beach. Our suite came with a private cabana on the beach, and that’s where we wanted to spend our day. We stopped at the beach bar and grabbed a couple mimosas and headed to our cabana.

We had a wonderful day of relaxation, watching the waves roll in, kissing, and innocently brushing one another’s erogenous zones. The sexual tension was building as we kept caressing, kissing and massaging one another all morning.

About noon, we headed back up to one of the resort restaurants and had a delicious light lunch of ceviche and shrimp cocktail.

We decided to go back to the room for some more fun. We once again showered, washing off the suntan lotion before heading over to the bed. There I started kissing and caressing my wife all over. Sucking on her luscious breasts, my mouth once again found her erect nipples. I took one between my lips and pinched and pulled the other as she began to circle her clit.

“Yes, baby, massage that swollen clit! Make your pussy all wet for me like you know I love it!”

“Oh, baby, get up here so I can suck that cock the way you like it.”

As I got up, I handed her our glass g-spot dildo as she started licking and sucking my cock. I continued to play with her nipples, and she began to massage her g-spot with the glass toy.

“I want to watch you jill off with that glass toy. Make that pussy cum, make it squirt all over yourself!”

“Yes, stroke that cock. I want to watch you cum all over me while you keeping arousing my nipples. It feels good!”

I did what I was told and grabbed some Astroglide X and lubed up my cock as well as her erect nipples.

“I love watching you fuck your pussy as I stroke my cock.”

“And It’s hot to watch you stroke that thick cock while I fuck myself.”

She started working the glass toy on her g-spot harder and faster as I tweaked her nipples with one hand and continued stroking with the other. I knew she was getting close, and so was I.

“That’s so hot, stroke that cock hard! I’m about to squirt! Yes…yes…YESSS… keep stroking it!

“Oh, baby, my cock is about to explode; it feels good. Oh, your pussy is so dripping wet, cum for me. Make your pussy squirt!”

She started to scream as she pulled the glass toy out of her pussy and feverishly massaged her clit in a circular motion.

“I’m gonna squirt, here it comes…..Ayaya… I’m cumming!” She squirted all over her stomach and tits. “YES…YEs…..Yes….yes, oh yes ha…..ha….ha..:..yes!”

“Oh yeah, that’s hot, baby. I’m gonna cum all over you now! UHaaa! Yeah! Oh, yeah!”

Hearing and seeing her cum, I was at the point of no return. As her orgasm was slowly passing, my cock exploded. The first huge rope of cum landed on her cheek, chin, down her neck, and on her tits. It was followed by four or five more ropes of hot thick white cum all over her tits!

“Oh, baby, that was hot! I love it when we cum all over you together!”

I laid down beside her, and we caught our breath. After a while, I got up and grabbed a towel and wiped our combined juices off my lover. Then I laid down beside her again and relaxed in the afterglow of our orgasms. I passionately kissed her and thanked her for the show. We decided this was a great start to a fabulous sexy vacation!

My wife and I have a wonderful marriage, but this was an awesome way to refuel our fire. We had so much fun and reconnected in a way only God makes possible!

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