Sexting turns into sex! Part 1 (L)

I had been away for work for over a week and I couldn’t get my wife June off my mind. I thought I would send her a text to remind her of my desire for her.

‘Hello my beautiful sex addiction. Thoughts of you have been making me so hard and horny and looking forward to being home. I can’t wait to touch and taste your perfect body from head to toe. I can’t wait to flatten out my tongue on your sweet silky pussy and taste your salty sex. I can’t wait to make you buck and moan with my head between your sexy legs while I knead your showgirl titties. I can’t wait to plunge my dick into your moist sex to give you a long overdue fucking….slowly at first, savouring being ‘home’ inside you but then mercilessly with abandon. I can’t wait to collapse together and have my ravenous sexual hunger for you be transformed into being overwhelmed with admiration and thankfulness for you and strengthened commitment to you and our marriage. To have you in my thoughts is a taste of paradise but to have you naked and sexed up in my arms is a sacred and treasured bliss. With much love and desire from your hard and longing to sex you stud. xxx’

June replied, ‘I’m a lucky women to have such a Man as you! Thanks for making me feel loved and desired! Hopefully l can get myself silky smooth in time! Lots of love from your also longing wife! xxx’

‘And your Man alone I am my Queen. To have you all to myself is a privilege and an honour and you make me want to be a better Man and lover every year as we embark on adventures in life and in the bedroom (and the pool, lounge room, outdoors, motel rooms….). My cock is sore from wanting you but my thirst for you won’t be quenched until I’m holding you and drinking you in with eyes full of lust and having my way with you in a passionate moment of sexual intimacy and untamed desire. xxx’

‘I think we need to book a night in a hotel when mum and dad come up! Your turning me on too much! xxx’

‘Getting a room sounds like a great idea, any chance to be with you for the sole purpose of sex and relaxation sounds great to me. I might need to write you a short story later on about what might happen in such a hotel room….that is if you’d like a story? 😉 xxx’

‘I’d love a story. What’s going through your naughty mind my stud?…xxx’

‘Let’s start this story with you asleep lying on your stomach on the hotel bed. I’ve just had a shower and have found you lying there peacefully. You fell asleep in your black strappy number after our initial love making when we first arrived. It looks as tempting and sexy on the front as it does on the back. My cock immediately starts to harden and I have the luxury of perving on you as long as I like because you are unaware of my presence. After a few more gratifying moments I act on my instincts and am drawn in close to you. You feel my cool skin on yours as I lie on top of you slightly to one side, my free hand immediately and firmly making it’s way up your leg to your hot touche. I massage your body wherever my desire leads….from calves to thighs to your side to your breasts and back again. You subtly spread your legs as you come out of your sleep allowing me better access to your moistening sex box…I kiss you on the back of the neck…perfect. My hand wanders to your aroused pussy….perfect. You let out a sigh of relaxation and slight whimper of approval. I am encouraged and spread your juices around lubricating the whole area and can’t wait to continue what I’ve started. You don’t want your Man to stop……I’ve felt your sex but after a while of stimulating your lovebud with my fingers I need to taste you. Like honey to a bear I am drawn in but embrace my task with precision and intuition. You feel my face nudge into your sexy arse and pinpoint the location of your erect clit. You express your approval by gently raising up a little and leaning into my face. You think for a moment about how much you enjoy your Man pleasuring you like this. My tongue expertly and rhythmically circles the outside of your swollen pussy, taking generous licks and lapping at your sex. We become one as I respond to your cues and you respond to my mouth on your pleasure zone. I’m lost in wonder and awe and forget about everything except you….you have captivated me. You are dancing between pleasure and delight, between adrenalin filled alertness and a sex-filled haze as you feel your orgasm building…..My hands grip your legs and one breast firmly, my mouth and tongue firmly and confidently making love to your pussy. The taste of your sex and your breathing is driving me wild. I find a rhythm and pressure that forces you to say ‘oh yeah, don’t stop, ooohhhhhh….yesss’. I commit myself wholeheartedly, every muscle in my roman statue-like body focussed on not stopping…. focussed on giving you the pleasure that such a sensuous, gorgeous and sexy woman deserves. Your draw drops open as you feel you’re only seconds away now…you can feel yourself cumming…and I am hungrily consuming every drop. You press your perfect butt more firmly into my face and then start to squeeze your legs together as you surrender to the orgasm exploding through your body….I persist wanting to make sure your orgasm is prolonged and also wanting to taste every drop of your sweet, salty sex. I nuzzle between your legs in the warmth of your inner thighs and more turned on than ever I squeeze your flesh wherever I can, my hardness and desire for you unrelenting and discerning instinctively how it will now be satisfied by the beauty I am with who is still light headed and has been reduced to a compliant sexed-up rag doll by her orgasm….I offer you my cock and you smile, briefly massaging it with your hands and then hungrily taking it into your mouth. You expertly express your affection for your Man’s sex tool with your hand at the base and mouth at the top of my cock. I run my hand through your hair staring appreciatively, admiring my hot wife still entrapped in a cage of sexy lingerie. I’m full of thankfulness to have such a hot minx for my wife. After a couple of minutes you have come out of your rag doll state and have now become a lioness. Strength has returned to you and your pussy is longing to be filled by your Man’s throbbing sex organ. You take charge and tell me to sit on the edge of the bed and then lift yourself up, straddling me and lowering yourself onto me. Your warm pussy glides over my naked cock and fills you. I slip your perfect titties out of the lingerie, exposing them. We are facing each other seated, joined, united in our lust and commitment. You wrap your arms around my neck, forcing my face into your bosom….I firmly grip your arse with one hand and squeeze a breast with the other. Your head rocks back in sex-filled surrender. We feel ‘at home’ fucking each other like this, our warm bodies entangled and no part of them being out of reach for the other…We remain like this for a few minutes savouring every moment. We are both right on the edge. In a moment of pent up and unbridled lust I passionately kiss your cleavage while lifting you off my cock. I then firmly turn you around, lifting one of your legs up onto the bed, making you stand on the other and bending you over. You are powerless….but hungry now also for your Man’s cock to be deep inside you again. Within seconds I have re-entered you, anticipating eagerly what is to come. I tease you by gyrating a little and slowly plunging inside you and then slowly pulling out and repeating. You laugh a little but are also frustrated. You just want to be fucked but the lioness is having to wait until her King is ready to pick up the intensity. I then take one of your wrists and place your hand on your arse, making you even more powerless…’just fuck me my stud, sex my pussy, your hot wifey just wants to be fucked by that hard cock of yours’. Not needing any more encouragement I do just that, immediately going from teasing to rapid and deep thrusts….exactly what you wanted. You pant helplessly while my fit body slaps against your beautiful arse. After about 5 minutes you are unsure of whether you can take it any more…surfing that fine line between pleasure and pain and I know I am about to cum. Everything has been so perfect. ‘I love fucking you like this honey….everything about you is so perfect….I love the way you dress up for me and let me have my way with you my hot little sex doll’. Within seconds I am cumming hard inside you and you feel ropes of my sex squirting deep inside you. I pull you into me….you’re still panting while I push every last drop out. You have just been fucked to the edge of consciousness. I kiss you on the back of the neck. Firmly caressing your body and lie you down on your stomach and lie on top of you….finishing how it all started. xxx’

I sent June one more small text…

‘If you get a chance to pleasure yourself today please text me the details of where and when. You know how much it turns me on to think of you doing that my mischievous wifey….especially to these erotic stories about us. xxx’

‘It all starts in the mind for a women and you have my mind, emotions and thoughts captivated in your longing and desire to touch and pleasure me! Twice I have had to touch myself, overcome by arousal at your words that have got my juices flowing. I have slipped off my panties and climbed onto our bed with the vibe in my had. Kneeling on the mattress l have plunged the vibe into my pussy and rocked up and down just like l was riding your cock. Then getting some of my moistness l have fingerd myself on the outside, rubbing and plunging myself with the vibe till I’ve come and then lay on my back in bliss. xxx’

Naturally, I was extremely turned on to receive this update. This all set us up for some great sex when I got home….that’s part 2.

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7 replies
  1. A69K says:

    Oh my! There is no part 2 yet! I would love if you replied to my comment and tell me what happened when you finally saw each other!! Pleeeaaaase???!!!! 😀😘😝😍

    • loveithot says:

      I'm glad you've enjoyed this one so far A69K. Part 2 will be posted in the next week. I won't give too much away but I will say that our lovemaking began with June lying in her lingerie having me re-read to her all of our texting while I caressed and appreciated her body…. The rest will be revealed in Part 2 😉

    • loveithot says:

      I'm glad to hear that. I enjoyed sharing this one too….I enjoy the anticipation and frustration of sexting foreplay when apart from June. Part 2 less than a week away as far as I'm aware. Blessings!

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