Birthday Sex Part 1

I have always been a birthday fanatic. I’m an only child, so I’m sure it stems from my family making it a big deal, as they only had my birthday to put up with. When I was single, I planned something out of town for my friends to do. I always hoped my friends would surprise me with plans for one of my birthdays, but it never happened, so I knew I’d impose this on my future husband. One of the things I was especially looking forward to, in marriage, was birthday sex. Something about making love on my birthday and being spoiled and submitted to (physically) turned me on. I am a Christian, so I abstained prior to marriage; clearly I had fantasies.

My birthday is in July and my husband and I got married in September. I was looking forward to my first birthday with him as his wife. On the morning of my birthday, I woke up and decided to make breakfast while he slept. An hour later, I went into the bedroom and he was just waking up. I hopped in bed and began to kiss him. We kissed for a little while and held each other. He got on top of me and fucked me missionary style, then came. “That’s all?” I wondered. Perhaps later we will get to have my special birthday sex. After sex, we showered and he informed me that he had scheduled a couple’s massage for us. The massage was great. I got horny seeing another woman massage his naked body. I wished that were me and my thoughts eluded to picturing myself massaging him right there and then and sucking on his man parts. I was wet on the massage table thinking about it. After, we went for brunch and it was good catching up and laughing about different things. He then told me that he invited a few of our married friends to come celebrate my birthday. I love group socialization, so I thought this was a wonderful gesture. He is an introvert. As soon as we got home, he called his best friend and his wife to come help us as we await our other friends. They arrived shortly after. The night with our close friends was delightful, much laughter and wine; they left our home close to 5 a.m. (annoyed face … I wanted sex!). We were exhausted when they left, so we didn’t get to have sex.

On my next birthday, in year two of our marriage, we were fighting about a big decision that he thought should go one way and I wanted another way. No birthday sex obviously. At this point, I had dismissed my fantasy of birthday sex.

In year three, on my birthday, I woke up to find my husband awake and bags packed and sitting by the bedroom door. He saw me get up and told me to look into our bags and see if there’s anything I’d like to add. I jumped in the shower, where he joined me, and we stood there talking about our marriage and how happy we were. I truly love this man and the best part is that I know he loves me, too – I am so sure of it. That shower time was wonderful. He got dressed quickly (typical) and advised me to wear something comfortable but pretty. I decided on a dress I hadn’t worn yet. It was orange and beige in color, tight on my upper body, cupping my boobs tightly and revealing them a little through a V-Cleavage. Then it loose on the lower body part. It also had a long slit coming half way up my left thigh. My man is crazy about my thighs, so I knew he’d like this ensemble. I curled my hair and put on light make up. We left the house and upon walking outside, a breeze came my way and blew my dress back, showing my left thigh and shaping the other. I liked this. I felt so sexy. We drove for two hours and arrived at a beach resort. We checked in and went up to our room, my husband capping a feel or two in the elevator. Our room was ocean front. Simply beautiful.

We put our bags down and he came behind me and started kissing on my neck and grabbing my boobs firmly with this hands. Hmmm, this felt good. He whispered in my ear “You wore this dress for me. Thank you.” I loved that he knew this. He moved his hands down my body and reached my thighs, pulled my dress up and touched my thighs as he kissed on my neck. I moved closer to the bed and bent over at the foot of the bed. He continued to caress my body, touching and feeling everywhere that was within his reach. He took my dress and panties off and stroked my boobs. I like it when he grabs them hard. They belong to him. My body is his. As he grabbed on them hard, he pulled on my nipples. He also flicked his fingers on my nipples, which made them rock hard. I could feel the juices in my pussy beginning to flow. I bent one leg on the bed, as the other stood on the floor. I arched my back, allowing him to access my pussy. “Get naked babe,” I asked of him. He undressed and we were now skin to skin. Flesh of my flesh. My body needed his manhood inside me right there and then.

“Fuck me now,” I said.

“You want me?” He asked.

“So bad.”

He repositioned himself and I closed my eyes, anticipating his dick to enter me. I love this feeling. I felt his hands on me instead. He parted my ass and pushed on my back, making it lower. My pussy was now directly in his face from behind. He parted my pussy lips with his fingers and I felt his tongue inside my lips. I gasped. I wasn’t expecting this. My body was now in extreme desire of him. He licked my pussy and then stroked my clit with his tongue. He stroked and licked and sucked. He stroked and licked and sucked. “Mmm my god,” I exhaled. The feeling was delightful in a quiet way. I was conscious of the feeling this was giving me. My mind was there fully – the eating me from the back. He continued: stroking, licking, and sucking. I used one hand to hold onto the sheets and with the other, I pressed firmly on my boobs. He asked me “what is your body calling for?” My body and mind were asking for the same thing. He dick to thrust inside of me and hit my G-spot. “I want you to fuck me and grab my tits hard,” I said in a whining voice. He didn’t say anything. He was clearly in charge. His control and my being in tune to what I was feeling was driving me to a euphoric state. “ah I like what you’re doing to me,” I exclaimed. I laid in my position feeling the sweet loving he was putting on my body with his lips. I moved my hand down to my pussy and felt my juices flowing every inch of my pussy. I felt my clit and it was swollen. I love feeling it like this. I flicked on it with my finger as his tongue did the same right beneath my finger. He took my finger in his mouth and licked on my juices. Gosh, this drove me crazy. I touched myself once more, as he licked the juices on my finger again. I took my finger to my mouth also, tasting his mouth and my juices all in one. I lost myself right there and then. Everything I was feeling was dreamlike.

He sucked on my hard clit for a while and I moaned and gasped and called on his name. He took his tongue and moved it towards my pussy hole and put it inside and out and in and out again. I loved his exploration. What I felt next was something out of this world, that I don’t even know (to this day) if it has been experienced by other people. He licked and sucked further below in between my ass and pussy hole. He even sucked and licked on my ass hole. There was no holding back or withstanding any part of my body. His mouth was exploring every inch of my private areas. I was in love with this feeling. I was now moaning in a crying voice because my mind couldn’t comprehend what was happening to me and didn’t know how to express it. I clenched tight on the bed sheets not wanting anything to stop. I don’t want to cum, I don’t want this feeling to stop. I’m in another world. I was having an orgasm that was slow but sure. Very potent. It didn’t come in an instance. It came in a way that took over my body and mind. I could feel the strokes and sensations very directly on my sensitive areas. No feeling was bland.

“Fuuuuucck, put your dick inside me please.”

I knew his dick was rock hard and I needed it to do to me what his mouth was, only inside. My G-spot and love areas inside of my pussy needed his attention and loving.

After my plead, he thrust his dick in me. I felt the sounds of my juices being pushed back into my pussy. There’s no greater feeling. He got out and thrust again. “This feels soooo fucking good babe,” I screamed and he said “you’re going to make me cum,” and I pleaded “don’t stop honey. I need you.” He took his dick out and resumed the motions of his tongue and mouth on my pussy. “Yeees, keep going.” He kept going, sliding his finger inside of my pussy knowing where my G area is. Everything was on point. Shortly after, he entered me again and now he was in action, in and out, out and in, round and round. “Fuck my pussy,” “this is soo good,” “it’s so fucking sweet,” I said throughout his pounding me. My body was now extremely hot and my mind and body weak. My eyes shut and my body laying all way on the bed now. I didn’t have the strength to continue arching my back. I relaxed my body and enjoyed every fucking stroke from his dick.

“I’m going to cum,” I cried. “Come with me please.”

He fucked me harder, holding onto my hips. He was hitting my love walls and it was bringing me to an intense orgasm.

My orgasm neared and neared and I could feel it so close and I clenched harder on the sheets and cried “hooneeey I don’t know what to do.” I remember his words after “I’m so in love with you.” I was completely weakened from these words and my climax was at its height. My moaning was deep now as I orgasmed. His loving slowed down and I caught my breath and began to come back to reality. I realized he was also having his orgasm, as his dick was squirming shots of cum inside of me. He collapsed on my back and we laid on my back for a few minutes, trying to gather strength. When he gathered his strength, he got up, went to the bathroom, got wet towels and came and wiped us both. We got in bed, naked, and held each other as we dozed off.

We had dinner reservations at 7 p.m. 

More to come in part two.



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  1. NewBride
    NewBride says:

    Wow, I can relate to this so much. I, too, am an only child who was a virgin until my wedding night. We were married 7 months ago, and this month, August, is my birthday month! My parents always made a big deal of my birthday, but now I try to downplay it in my mind so I don't get disappointed. Birthdays aren't supposed to be such a big celebration when you're an adult, right? This has caused me for the last few of my teen years and in my 20s to "hate" my birthday. But this year is different, I'm married now! I get to wake up on my birthday morning next to the man that I love. I'm trying to determine in my mind that I'm going to let myself have a good day.
    As you can imagine, "birthday sex" has been on my mind a lot lately as the day is approaching. But I still have this fear hanging over my head that I'm going to be disappointed. And I don't want to have unrealistic expectations for what sex should be like on my birthday. I don't want to put that kind of pressure on him, even if it's just in my head. And it's not just about the special, catered-to-me sex. Im also trying to not let my expectations get too high for the rest of the day. I'd like to imagine that he will plan a fabulous day for me, but in reality, he's not a very creative date planner. It's not for lack of trying! He loves me and would do anything for me and with me, but I'm usually the planner in our relationship.
    I know I sound super selfish, but it's so great to be able to get this off my chest! (Any other MH members, feel free to chime in.)

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