Men’s Nipple Play

When it comes to nipple play for men, it seems to be a taboo subject.  But when it comes down to it, men’s nipples are just as sensitive if not more so than females. I’m sure that more men enjoy it more than will admit to it. But I admit it, and I’m a VERY straight man in love with his wife, and here is my story.

For me, my nipple play obsession started when I was 12.  I would play with my nipples and masturbate a few times a week, so my body learned to require nipple play to cum.

My first sexual experience occurred when I was 19 though we never had sex.  It was a lot of nipple play and masturbation.  My second experience was when a girl started to play with my nipples on her own and liked what it did.

When I got married, my first wife played with my nipples for a little bit but didn’t like that I needed that kind of stimulation in order to climax. Sadly our marriage ended for other reasons.

But I got another opportunity. My current wife is all about performing nipple play on me and has never had an issue with it.  In fact, my nipples were/are an obsession to her, for which I’m thankful.  If my wife isn’t playing with them when I cum, they are brushing up against her breasts which pushes me over the edge.

All I can tell you is that when my nipples are rubbed, I can feel it in the deepest part of me. It is THE most intense feeling that I have ever had other than my orgasm itself.

I know that a lot of men associate nipple play with being gay. But I’ve read that A LOT of straight men love it, and their wives LOVE to give them that pleasure with their fingers or tongue.

I can tell you that I will ALWAYS love nipple play done on me for the rest of my life. I would love to hear from other men about how they like or dislike nipple play and from women who enjoy giving it to their men.

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  1. Juicy says:

    I love to perform nipple play on my husband but it doesn't do anything for him…….except tickle him! He allows me to do it a bit but since I don't get a lot of positive response from him, I keep it short. Whereas I LOVE nipple play performed on me, I don't understand why he doesn't like it. But I respect the fact that it isn't a big thing for him and I try to focus on what he does like. I am glad to know that other men do like nipple play.

  2. Chesed says:

    I don't need it to cum, but I am like you: it's heavenly. I love it when my wife sucks on my nipples when my fingers are exploring her down lower as we are building up the tension that leads to God's celebration of our unique togetherness. Wives, do your man a great pleasure by spontameously playing with his nipples. Give them real attention. The reward will come back tenfold, I am sure.

  3. Klein Rodgers says:

    My nipples are hot wired to my prostate and penis. They are a God send to me as an older guy needing as much arousal as possible to stay sexually active. My wife loves to suck them in the bedroom and knows that if she want to do me a favor when we are alone and have privacy anywhere, going for my nipples with her fingers or mouth is a major treat for me.

    To you guys whose nipples response is just so so, you can make your nipples erogenous with solo or wife play, and as you age, you will appreciate the boost to your sexuality, erectile health, and arousal solo and with your spouse.

    NIpple play is the gateway to Multiple Male Orgasms/Dry Os/Super Os and great sex with my sweetie.

  4. 1956packard says:

    My wife played with my nipples shortly after we got married. I never liked it before , but now when she plays with them , I Love It ! I especially love when she licks them while I masterbate. It helps me cum much faster & is much more intense !

  5. Iltesp says:

    I can assure you that nipple play is a regular part of our erotic encounters. Love having my nipples rubbed, pinched, kissed, sucked and bitten. My wife's gorgeous nipples are very sensitive so the nipple clamps we got for some playful heat, suit me better than her.

  6. Upcomingauthor says:

    Yeah for me, I think it was the first year of marriage. And she was kissing me and stuff and just out of nowhere she bit my nipple.

    And it made me jump because I wasn't expecting it. And it scared her at first because she thought she hurt me. And I was like, no that actually felt really good.

    People see men liking nipple play from their ladies as a gay thing because our society holds the nipples of women up so high. Ever notice how it's just not the same unless you see your wife's nipples?

    You're not alone. I don't need it to cum, but we're all different if that's what you need I'm pretty sure your wifey has no problem.

  7. Old Lover says:

    At least once per week, l head to bed to masturbate while my wife enjoys her evening bath. If gives me time, in my senior years, to get semi-hard before my wife joins me. My nipples are wired to my prostate, so gentle rubbing, pinching, and twisting sends pleasure pulses from my prostate to my pulsing dick. If my wife wasn't aware that I planned cum that evening, she does the moment she walks in our bedroom with her nighty on. One glance at my closed eyes, horny expression, and hand stroking my cock is her invitation to take over, which she does with a purr and willing spirit. Her first move is to run her hand over my pecs, squeeze them, and then play with and tease my nipples. After skillful play by both of us, she sucks and bites my nipples (the biting drives me over the top) making me cum hard and long. One suggestion: She appreciates my shaved chest and perfectly smooth skin all around my nipples and areola. No doubt, you men who crave having your nipples sucked may find a more willing wife to do so, if you are clean shaven. In addition, my smooth, hairless nipple area provides more direct contact between my wife's lips, tongue, and teeth for maximum pleasure for both of us!

  8. Mercury7 says:

    My nipples are also very sensitive. I actually can't stand to have my wife touch them unless we are also jacking me off, because the arousal from the nipple play is so intense. I don't have to have nipple play to reach an orgasm, but it helps. My wife's nipples are also very sensitive and we LOVE playing with them. It's standard for us that her first orgasm is almost always just from me playing with her nipples. Such a great blessing from God!

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Wow! Just from nipple play? That would be so cool! Rez also loves to have his nipples stimulated, though when I bite them he finds it a little painful. So I don't take it that far very often, despite the fact that it turns me on to no end! Instead, I pinch, lick, suck, really nurse on them then pull back and blow a cooling breath back and forth across them. And we both like for me to rub them on my palms in big circles. I'm 90% sure that my palms are an erogenous zone!

  9. TexasCouple says:

    I keep my chest completely hair free for this sole reason. I love love love love to have my nipples nursed on. I can literally feel it in my toes. My wife often sucks on my nipples while I masturbate.

  10. Danieldominique14 says:

    My wife had sucked on my nipples from time to time, but last night I asked her to bite my right one and pinch my left one. The pleasure outweighed the pain, and I wanted her to bite harder and harder. Side note: I suffer from erectile dysfunction, so we find other ways to satisfy each other. She will start stroking me and finish. So back to the point: as I got close to cumming, I told her to bite my nipple as hard as she could and pinch my other one, and that was the most satisfying orgasm I have ever experienced.

  11. Mr.Lover says:

    I enjoy playing with my nipples during masturbation. I have had some female friends/women in general grab my nipples and pinch/play with them. I have never had a woman suck on my nipples. It sounds so fun. I hope my future wife is as interested in playing with/sucking my nipples as I am with playing with hers. I have never played with a woman’s nipples. I did accidentally grabbed a female friend’s nipples. That was fun and she seemed to enjoy. Of course, I apologized so that she did not get the wrong impression. It still felt really good. I look forward to playing with and sucking on my future wife’s nipples. Like all the other guys I know on MH and in real life, we love talking about and checking out nice nipples and beautiful boobies. I personally prefer real boobs and do not implants. I would rather see small real boobs than fake big boobs. In fact, most of the girls that I have been interested in, asked out, or found attractive have had small boobs. That might be due to the fact that I am more of a leg/ass guy than a boob guy. To each their own. That is not to say that I do not love big boobs. When it comes to boobs, I say big and small, I love them all!

  12. Loving Guy says:

    I have fun playing with my nipples when masturbating. I have had some ladies (friends) grab my nipples and pinch/play with them. I hope my future wife is interested in nipple play. I have grabbed a female friend's nipples by accident, and that was fun. I did apologize as it was accidental, and so she did not misinterpret my actions. It still was very enjoyable. It was also enjoyable when it has happened to me.

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