The Loft

We’d had a fantastic day on the family property. The entire weekend, exploring the woods with my wife’s aunt and uncle, cousins and sister had been a blast. We’d laughed at the stories her uncle told of life in the old house with my father-in-law, and their adventures on the same land decades ago. And we’d shared a wink as we stood with the rest of the family at the overlook where we’d shared some special moments during our dating years road trips to visit.

Back at her cousin’s house, my wife, sister-in-law and I all took turns in the single bathroom getting ready for bed. The small house meant tight sleeping quarters, but her cousin had insisted we didn’t need to get a hotel. My wife and sister-in-law were taking the hide-a-bed, and I made a pallet on the floor. It was the same sleeping arrangements we’d used when we visited before we got married, and I insisted that my sister-in-law would not be relegated to the floor.

Just like our premarital trips, as soon as the house was quiet and my sister-in-law was asleep, I felt slow, quiet steps on the floor, coming around the end of the bed. Then I felt the sweet lips of my bride. She kissed me long, and hard, opening her mouth to let me take all of her tongue into my mouth. I reached down her back and discovered she had slipped her panties off sometime after the lights went out. I felt her breath on my cheek after we broke off our kiss. “Do you remember the first time we came up here?” she whispered.

“How could I forget? Holding hands while we hiked, then those long kissing sessions at the overlook…that was an awesome trip! And the stories your cousins told about you!!! I remember being in tears from laughing so hard!”

“So do you remember thet last night from that trip?” she whispered, with intentions in her tone.

“YES!! Your sister woke up to go to the bathroom and never noticed you were laying on top of me, grinding away! I remember panicking that she was going to turn on a light, or hear me breathing fast!”

“Mmmmm, yep. I’ve never felt you go from Rock to jelly faster! I ended up having to take things into my own hands in the bathroom that night!”

“Well the situation isn’t much different tonight, hon. We aren’t exactly in the private suite here.” We lay still as her sister stirred, almost on cue. She settled back down and I felt the gym shorts I’d brought to sleep in sliding across my thighs.

“I’m going to make you take care of me this trip. I’m not jilling off in the bathroom tonight, babe.” My erection stood straight and tall as I watched her slip off the t-shirt she’d worn to bed.

“Are you kidding me? Naked? Ten feet from your sister???”

“She told me she’d taken a sleeping pill tonight. We won’t hear from her until after the sun comes up.” My wife bent down and rubbed her right nipple across the tip of my wet and now throbbing erection. “So first,” she whispered, “Have a little nipple with cream on it for me. She moved up to put her nipple in my mouth. The salt of me with the hardness of her sent a chill down through my toes. I sucked hard, taking as much of her breast into my mouth as I could. She purred in response, and pulled away. We repeated the same steps with her other nipple, with a tiny strand connecting my tip with her breast as I reached with my head to put my mouth on her. She groaned with pleasure as I sucked her nipple. It was probably only a few seconds, really, but I felt like I had been kissing and nibbling and sucking on her sweet breasts for hours, loving every minute of it.

She slid up my torso, rubbing her now soaked pussy up my shaft. She then leaned to her left, and pulled her right leg up and over me, pivoting until her wetness was right over my mouth.

I love everything about the way my wife tastes, especially when she initiates my giving her oral. Oral was definitely not part of our repertoire before marriage, but that night it was the main event. I love giving her oral while she’s on all fours. I love to feel her get wetter, and feel her breathing start to change.

We changed positions a few times, and ended up with her on her back and my head between her thighs. We love this position, especially with our favorite toy, or two or three of my fingers inside to complement the work my tongue does. It never takes long once we get the third finger in. And that night, because we couldn’t make a sound, it seemed especially intense. She grabbed my head as the first wave of her orgasm came over her. I pulled out my fingers, and slowed my tongue to gentle, caressing brushes, lapping up all the wetness I could.

I moved up to lay beside her, and she moved her hand down to my balls. “Wow,” she whispered. “That was awesome! Just. Wow.”

We lay there a few seconds, as she explored all of my manhood. Her breathing slowed. “Do you want to go in, or do you want me to finish you off like this?” I chuckled quietly and said, “Let’s finish like this tonight. It’ll be an easier cleanup,” I grinned in the dark. She started pumping, and sat up to get both hands involved. It didn’t take long before I was catching cum in my hand.

She wiped her hands on my chest and I felt her lean over to my ear. “Good night baby. See ya in the morning.”

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3 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Vibe Daddy,

    So fun! Wow, felt like I was experiencing it – very good writing. Had a feel for the situation and surroundings. Been in similar situations. Isn't it so fun to cum when you feel like you have to be so quiet? We have faced the situation many times when we didn't plan the best for cleanup after. Whoever walked into our room in the morning could smell cum like it was our deodorizer! But, that's life! I look forward to reading more from you. God bless you both. LH

  2. Vibe Daddy says:

    LH, your writings have spurred me on to be more intentional with my wife, so I'm humbled you liked it. And more than once we've wondered if we should just "own" the smell. "Yes, in fact we DO use a cum-scented air freshener."

    PacMan, the memories of those nights still make both us hot. Thanks for the encouragement! Both of you guys are MH Heroes of mine. Love reading your adventures.

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