Masturbation Fun

I like to watch my sexy wife masturbates, I like watching her lying on the bed eyes closed legs apart and playing with her pussy and clit and moaning softly. I am standing beside the bed watching her and I am rubbing and playing with my cock. She like watching me as well so after awhile we switch position I am lying on the bed eyes closed and stroking my cock very slowly and she is standing watching me and playing with her pussy at the same time.

After the role play we like to get together on bed in 69 positions using only our hands to play with each other. I can smell her pussy aroma when I rub her pussy and clit with my fingers and she also enjoys smelling my precum aroma when she massages and stroke my cock. I try to get her very wet before I cum and we would try to time it so that we both cum at the same time and when we start to cum she likes to place her mouth over my cock so she can feel my hot cum shooting inside her mouth and throat. When I start cumming in her mouth I bury my face in her wet pussy to get all her juice on my face and mouth and continue lapping her hot pussy while she is still holding my cock in her mouth.

When my wife is not in the mood for penetration I like getting off from kissing her. When I am very horny I like kissing my wife very slowly and passionately in deep French kiss exchanging lots of fluid. The kissing gets us very hot and bother and I love how she uses her very soft slender hand to massage my cock and balls. I genuinely enjoy kissing like this because we are both very relax and not moving very much and we actually get to enjoy all the sensations of a very wet kiss. In the matter of time the hot kissing and the hot rubbing is enough to make me cum all over her hand.

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7 replies
  1. ArtRutherford says:

    I love to masturbate for/with my wife. I've been masturbating for 45+ years and love shooting my hot cum in her mouth or on a tissue. Since I have an uncut penis, masturbating is easy for me. Sounds like you two have lots of fun!!!

  2. John Thompson says:

    Like you I love to watch my wife masturbate. She always masturbates nude. As she strokes her labia and clitoris I arouse her with kisses on her breasts and nipples, and lightly stroking the insides of her thighs. I find noting more erotic than her orgasm cry. With us it's always a prelude to sex because she says her second orgasm, which I give her with my penis, is so much better after she's masturbated. I also masturbate her myself with my fingers, and she says me doing it for her is much better than when she does it herself!

  3. Bobbyinutah says:

    We are in our mid 60's and only started masturbating together about 3 years ago. My wife is very dry and prefers it over penetration. Over the years we have tried many options in all kinds of places but I am still most turned on by watching her masturbate while we are both naked in bed. We have become somewhat experts in this field and only wish we would have found it earlier in our marriage. We get together at least 2 times per week which seems to work out rather nicely. I can't imagine being with anyone else.

  4. Old Lover says:

    We, also, are in our mid-60s and love to masturbate – side-by-side without touching each other, only touching ourselves, listening to each others' moans and groans, feeling the movement of furtive hands and fingers pleasuring ourselves, watching each other move in delightful rhythm, and then cumming with abandonment. We find masturbation – mutual and solo – to be great fun, fulfilling, and loving.

  5. Conner M says:

    Rachel and I also enjoy the pleasures of masturbation – both solo and mutual. We have a special masturbation chair…well actually its just a chair in our bedroom, but it became our favorite place to masturbate. She will sit there and play with herself while I either kneel in front of her or stand and watch. Then, we switch places and I sit in the chair while she kneels and watches. Sometimes, Rachel just wants to watch me cum. No penetration. And I like to watch her bring herself over the edge. Trust me, young ones, you sleep just as well with masturbation sex.

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