“Bill” is the lead guitarist in the band “The Lover Boy’s”, a rock band based in Jonesboro,Ar. “Beth” is Beth, his wife of 10 years and mother of their 4 children.


The Lover Boys were in town for the weekend. As Bill was getting dressed for the concert, he received a text from Beth, who was coming to the show that night. The kids were being watched by family, so it would be just her, and Bill would be able to go home for the first time in weeks. As he pulled out his phone, the text simply read, “I’m wearing the leather black skirt that you like, with a garter belt and small hole fish-net stockings, along with no panties. I have that green blouse on that you like so much, the one with the neckline that shows just the hint of a crack of cleavage. And of course…knee high black leather boots…:P..” After he finished reading the text, Bill imagined her getting dressed and found himself getting hard. He remembere that Beth liked to see him in his leather pants, black biker boots, ball cap and white t-shirt. He decided that he would wear that to the concert tonight, since she would be on the front row. He heard the pre-show music crank up and started to head out to the concert.

Right on time, the concert started, and Bill took his place on stage. The cranked out the first few songs, which had been radio hits. The were pretty plain as far as guitar playing was concerned. Near the end of the concert, Bill finally had the chance to look around for his wife. There she was, leaned up against the fence, jumping up and down and swaying back and forth to the music. The next song that they played was one of his favorites, because he had a solo that lasted 3 minutes and let him really let his fingers go to work on the fret board. Right on cue, Bill started to play his solo…standing directly in front of Beth. He alternated between concentrating on his solo and looking at her, fixated his gaze on her eyes and body, letting his fingers do the walking from memory.

Beth watched him, in awe of how easy he made it look. She found her herself watching his fingers walk up and down the fret board and was reminded of how good his fingers and hands felt when they worked their way up and down her body. She started to ache, getting wet at the memory. She opened her eyes and saw Bill finishing his solo. Apparently Bill had been watching her the whole time and had figuBeth out she was thinking about him, because when he lifted up the guitar to “sqeal” the guitar….she spotted a raging hard-on as the lights passed over him. She got out her phone and sent him a text that simply said “Can’t wait for those fingers to walk all over my board tonight.”

The song ended and the Lover Boy’s left the stage. Bill headed back to his room, his hard-on fading…finally. Seeing his wife like that was incBethible. When he got back to his room, he looked at his phone and found his wife’s text….and got hard all over again. He decided to keep his clothes on and headed home.

On his way home, he called Beth to let her know that he was heading there. When she saw the caller id, she answeBeth and simply said “Come on, Cowboy”. Cowboy was her nickname for him. Nothing else was said.

Bill felt his foot push on the gas pedal, going ever so slightly over the speed limit. He enteBeth their neighborhood and he whipped into the driveway. He opened the side door, which enteBeth into the kids playroom and then into the kitchen. He saw her.

Soon after getting home, Beth had decided to take advantage of the kids not being home. She turned out all the lights in house except the playroom and the kitchen, only leaving the lamp in the kitchen on. She left the lamp in the playroom on, but turned off the overhead. Then she unbuttoned her blouse, but left it on, revealing a black lace push-up bra. Bill loved that bra because it made her already wonderful breasts appear that much bigger, pushing their way up through the bra like they were begging to be freed. She grabbed one of the dining room chairs and set it in the middle of the playroom. She turned on some hard rock music, Nickelback, that both she and Bill loved. She sat on the chair, crossed her legs, folded her arms, and waited. She didn’t have to wait very long. “He must have sped home”, she thought to herself as he pulled into the driveway. She heard the keys rattle and the door open.

There she was. Sitting on a chair from the dining room, Nickelback playing in the background. Still wearing the skirt, but the blouse was unbuttoned,exposing her stomach his favorite bra and her beautiful breasts, underneath. He felt himself getting hard, his cock starting to push against the leather of the pants. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, so the leather felt good against his hard-on. He walked over to her and stood in front of her, just gazing into her eyes for a moment….

Beth watched as he walked forward to her. She had never done this before, but could tell that Bill walked over to her with a big grin on his face that he like what he saw. Beth hadn’t really been secure in her body, but with the way that Bill was looking at her right now, she felt like a million bucks. As he walked over to her, she noticed a growing bulge in his pants. She loved to see that she could make him hard, without even touching him. As he walked up to her, she opened her mouth as started to speak.

Beth: That was some nice finger work there tonight, Cowboy.
Bill: Thanks, you gave me all the inspiration that I needed with those texts earlier. I had that mental image in my head all night and seeing you at the concert just made it more real.
Beth: I could tell….you had a hard-on during that solo, didn’t you?
Bill: Yeah…was it that obvious?
Beth: Only to me….but I like what I saw…kinda like how I like what I see now…what are planning on doing about it?
Bill: I hadn’t really thought that far yet….why..what do you have in mind?
Beth: Well…you wore those leather pants that I love so much, but your cock looks like it needs to be freed from it’s prison….whaddya say you undo that zipper?
Bill: I can do that…..

As Bill unzipped his pants, his cock sprang out. It was fully erect…and Beth noticed that there was no underwear to get in the way. She loved it when he went commando. She gently pulled down his pants far enough to be able to reach a hand under his shaft and started to stroke his balls, ever so lightly. As she did so, she stood up, kissing his navel, chest and neck as she did so. She let go of his balls just long enough to remove the shirt, then parted his lips with her tongue, licking the top of his tongue with hers…it was wonderful. She reached down again and started to play with his balls…Bill moaned. She resume her sitting stance on the chair and let go of his balls. With one hand she reached around and grabbed his ass through the pants, with the other she grabbed his shaft, pulling it gently toward her mouth. She licked the head ever so softly….Bill moaned again. In one movement, she slid her mouth over his shaft, consuming his entire cock in her mouth. She pulled her hand off hs shaft and stroked his balls…they started to lift up, telling her that he was going to cum. She didn’t want that yet, so slowly stopped, looked up at him, and with a grin said, “Why don’t you join me in the kitchen for something to eat?”. Bill grinned. He slid his pants over his hips but didn’t button them, leaving his cock and balls out. She took his hand in hers and pulled him to the kitchen…she stood in front of the dishwasher and said, “Why don’t you give me a lift?” Bill started to raise her up, but then remembeBeth that first text about not having any panties. He ran his hands underneath her skirt and discoveBeth that not only was she not wearing any panties, but her pussy was soaked, the hair dripping with juice. He grinned. “Happy to”, he said. He ran his hands up the side of her skirt, hiking it up to her hips as he lifted her up onto the counter. “I’m hungry”, he said. “I think I’ll have something from my garden.” He knelt down, spreading her legs gently as he did so. There was a small puddle on the counter from her pussy juice…he slurped it up, then pulled her hips to the edge of the counter, getting a great view of her bush, with the swollen lips underneath it. Using his tongue, he nudged past the hair, breathing in her wine and sucking in her juice as he did so. His tongue hit the entrance to her pussy. He stuck his tongue in her hole a full 3 inches….she gasped and moaned. He looked up at her and asked, “May I have seconds.” “Yes….please eat as much as you want….” was her reply. He continue to lick the inner folds of her garden, slowly, enjoying the taste, smell and warmth. He reached up and pulled her breasts out of their holding place, twisting her nipples as he did. Beth moaned, loudly, in ecstacy. He continued to alternate between sticking his tongue in her pussy hole and licking and flicking her clit. She started to tense up. “Wait”, she said. “I want you inside of me.” Bill stood up, pulled down his pants, slid her to the very edge of the counter, and slowly enteBeth her garden, feeling the warmth and juice envelope him as he did so. Because of the counter, he was at the perfect height to suck on her nipples. He wrapped his arms around her, his hips being completely flush against hers, her pussy totally enveloping all of him. He gently bit on the nipple, then started to suck. “Don’t stop” she said. He started to move faster and faster inside of her, doing all he could to contain the coming explosion. She started to pant, quietly at first, then more loudly. “I’m going to cum” she said. “C’mon baby…I’ve been holding on for you, I’m ready, soak me” was Bill’s reply. With a final “oh, shit…yes!”, she came. Her pussy pulsated against his cock, squeezing his shaft and pulling it into her. Bill released his manhood into her, pulsated again and again, pulling on her hips as he did so. His body felt so good cumming inside of her that Beth came again, this time ejaculating on her own from the reservoir right below her g-spot.

They stood there, in the middle of the kitchen, enraptuBeth in each other’s embrace. Their panting subsided as Bill continued to hold her, keeping himself in her as they enjoyed the afterglow. Finally, with weak knees and arms, he pulled out of her, kissing her soft skin and breasts, licking around her nipples. She twitched, still reveling in her multiple orgasms.

“Wow”, Bill said. “That was amazing. Everything about tonight, from seeing you at the concert, coming home to you, and feeling your body pulsating against mine has truly made me feel…well…like a rockstar.”

“Well”, Beth said, “You make me feel like one with how you look at me, how you touch me, and the way you make me feel. You make be a rockstar in life, but you are also one to me. That one man concert was all I needed.”

Beth got off the counter, pulled off her skirt, boots, garter belt, blouse and bra, revealing the naked body that Bill loved so much. “I’ve got to take a shower and get all this “concert” smell off of me” said Beth. “Care to join me in the shower, Cowboy? You can earn your name”.

Bill grinned, took off his clothes, and proceeded to be led by her as she reached down to the now hardening cock, grabbed it lightly, and took him into their shower…..

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