She Just Loves It!

My wife is a beautiful woman. As the Shulamite, she is my wife who has developed with more beauty over time. The more I get to know her, the more I want to love and want her.

When we first got married, I remember making her melt by blowing soft, warm air on her neck. I don’t know what it sparked, but it was electric. Over the past five years, that one gentle touch has not always rendered the same reaction, but I remember one-time last year when it did.

She was on her way home from a friend’s bachelorette party. It was the type of party that also sold toys. She texted me on her way home and said she had a surprise for us. Once she was home, she quickly walked directly to our room. As she entered our room, she expected me to be in what she calls the “RAW” position: ready, attentive, and willing (hey, she likes it that way!). However, I was not where she expected me. Subtly, I had been behind her since she entered our home. When she opened our bedroom door and did not see me behind her or in the RAW POSITION, I gently kissed her neck. She froze, startled, but then relaxed and began enjoying every spark that began to pulsate through her body.

“I so love that,” she breathed. She then turned around and raised her dress and said, “I wonder. Can you put those lips on these lips?” I licked my lips as I glanced at her wet panties. “Most definitely, my queen,” I said.

Swiftly and gently I picked her up and placed her on our bed and began to completely uncover her lower half. Now exposed were her beautiful firm legs that make me hard just thinking about them and in the middle, a glistening, throbbing pussy awaiting my lips.

“Please make out with my lower lips,” she squeamishly begged.

I started at the bottom of her horny pussy and slowly breathed on her wetness. As I reached her mound, I adorned her lower lips with soft kisses and a hum for added vibration. She moaned and expelled, “Oh yes. More please.” I then started French kissing her lower mouth being encouraged by her constant whimper. Slowly, I increased the intensity until her moans and “oh yes” turned into the explicit nature.

“Oh, that feeling is f—ing good. D— you, if you stop! Take me f—ing there!!!! Yes! F—!!!!!!!!” (She doesn’t say that word unless she is having “great sex”, at least that is what she has told me).

I didn’t stop. I took her to o-town as she bucked and screamed expletives. She pushed my head back quickly and said, “I so love that! I want your cock and I want it to do the vibration!”

I took a step back and took my clothes off. My mind thought, “How?” But her wry smile hinted that she was up to something. I pulled her dress over her head and removed her bra. My pre-cum, hard and curved penis was ready for entry, but she had other plans in mind. She got up and grabbed the new toy, the “wingman” and lubricated my cock. The blood was flowing so much through my dick that the new toy barely fits with the lubricant. After gentle persuasion and sliding it down me, she assumed her RAW position and said, “Give me another one. I’m hungry for more.”

I entered her sheath and she tapped a button on her wingman. It took “vibing” to a whole new level. I plowed into her field with the desired level of pleasure and in two minutes she exclaimed, “Oh, I’ve always wanted to know what your cock would feel like if it, oh yes, F— me!!!!!!!!!!!

I have not seen her ever buck like this before! So I increased my firm but steady strokes in her pussy. I could feel her orgasming very hard on my pulsating cock. Just her arching and her big ass bucking off the bed was enough to trigger my soon explosion. “Oh F— yeah,” she said, pushing me out. “What the He–?! Get it back in and f— me hard!” “You don’t have to tell me twice. I’m so ready to f— you hard!” I said, slamming my cock in her southern mouth.

I restarted the rhythm and could feel her about to unload on me with yet another orgasm. After a few more pumps and the joyous sounds of my sack slapping her pussy, we both let out a loud “F—” and I unleashed my payload into her bronco-bucking vagina.

We both clasped together until the orgasmic energy subsided. I kissed her and held her and told I loved her. She whispered in my ear, “Baby, I so love the kissing on the neck, the eating, and our new toy. But I am still a sucker for your cum. I just love it!!! Thank you!!!!”

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