Anniversary Surprise

My husband and I went out for our anniversary, nothing too fancy, but still special. When we got home, we were happy to find that our granddaughter went to bed. So our daughter, who had been looking after her for the evening, went home.

My husband decided to take a shower. I already took a nice, lavender-scented bath that morning, so I could smell like lavender the whole day for my hubby. While he showered, I came across a treasure that I had only worn once – my wedding dress.

I decided to try it on, and the veil, too. It all still fit perfectly! I looked in the mirror and saw the same blushing bride I was in 1984. My husband then came in our bedroom in his robe and saw me in my wedding dress. I saw the same look in his eyes that he had when I was walking down the aisle towards him 33 years ago.

He ran to me to hold me tight.

“I never thought I’d see you wearing that again!” He said.

“May I unwrap your beautiful body, my sweet wife?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, my dear love,” I replied.

First he took off the veil. Then, carefully unzipped the back on my dress, finding my bridal corset underneath. He slipped his hands under my dress, over my silky corset a he kissed my neck before allowing the dress to fall to the ground.

He gently stroked his fingers over my lady place through my bridal panties. Yes, I still have those too, and then my husband untied his robe and put it on a hanger before sitting on our bed. He had me sit on his lap facing him just like on our wedding night.

He kissed me gently, and untied the little bows on my corset, and lay me down as it fell off. My husband stroked my legs, then removed my panties. We lay side by side for a little gentle foreplay. I caressed his body as he caressed mine. I gently ran the back of my fingers down his bicep, then embraced him and kissed his chest as he embraced me back, stroking my hair. He then kissed my body, working his way to my breasts, kissing them and licking my nipples.

My sweet, gentle husband then entered my wet lady place gently, just like on our wedding night. I held my husband in a loving embrace, caressing his manly body. We briefly rolled me on top of him and my husband lightly rubbed my back as we kissed passionately.

He rolled on top of me again, and did his classic figure 8 moves with his hard penis, massaging my sweet spot with his pubic bone (another classic move of his), intensifying my pleasure greatly.

I then orgasmed in shockwaves while I felt my sweet husband’s hard cock throbbing and jerking inside my lady place, while I listened to his quivered orgasmic moans.

After our beautiful orgasms faded, he nuzzled me before we shared a tender goodnight kiss.

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