Blessed Bliss

We love all gifts and blessings that God gives us but we have to admit, sex is our favorite God-given gift for married couples.

We came back home one night after a formal party, and our little girl was exhausted, so we put her straight to bed. As we freshened, we listened to our favorite band ABBA, intending to make love. The adrenaline from all that dancing was still there, and passion was starting to fill the room.

Our kissing got hot and heavy and we were almost ripping each other’s clothes off. I lay on our bed while my husband rapidly stripped his pants off and got into bed with me. I held him tight in my arms while my ladyplace embraced and enveloped his man part.

My husband held nothing back and neither did I. He passionately pleasured himself in my vagina, massaging my g-spot while thrusting. We kissed passionately for a brief moment before Paul pulled back to say,

“I love you, my Sexy Swede!”

“I love you too, my Ardent American!” I replied before he resumed his passionate kisses.

He felt my breast before moving his hand up to cup my face while kissing me. I suddenly felt a strong orgasm rush throughout my body as I moaned in pleasure and clutched him tight in response. I felt so loved and cherished as my husband embraced me and climaxed with me.

When our orgasms were over we took a moment before my husband showered me with multiple sweaty kisses and I kissed his head. He then rolled off of me and we way side by side, pillow-talking while caressing each other.

We talked about how much we love each other, things we love about the other, as well as physical assets we find sexy about one another, which made a giggle a bit before my darling Paul caressed my face and said,

“I love you forever.” And then he kissed me as I replied, “And I love you forever.”

I rested my head against his chest as we slept in each other’s arms. It was on this night that I became pregnant with our beautiful middle child, our younger daughter.

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  1. FTD
    FTD says:

    Your honest love for each other in Jesus Christ our Lord is a blessing. Stay tuned in to each other and the Holy Spirit. God bless you.

  2. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Beautiful as always, Clara. I remember you telling about your trip to Iceland, and about how you had a wonderful time <3 That's what inspired us to go! God bless you my darling

  3. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Oh Clara, sorry about that, I mixed your other story with this one. Sorry honey! Love you lots, God bless <3

  4. Clara Olivia Thornton
    Clara Olivia Thornton says:

    Thanks, Harper and don't worry about it, it was a long time ago! The Iceland one is coming on the 30th 🙂 Love you too, though God loves us more! God bless you too <3

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