Oral Sex Episode

We were married for a few months and mainly practiced straight sex. To me specifically, it was taboo to indulge in any other type of sex. But to my wife, she just saw anything related to sex as normal. We differed so much that at one point I started having doubts about my wife being a chaste woman when we got married.

Finally, on a specific night where it became difficult for me to get a decent erection, my wife suggested a kiss on my penis. I was very reluctant. But she insisted it would have a profound effect on my erection, so I obliged.

What followed was something very different than just a peck. A thought flowed through my mind as to how the penis is totally sucked up and how the male responds to it with sheer pleasure. After a few kisses and my cock rising and hardening, I asked her to suck me. The broad smile she gave me told me that she was going to enjoy this just as much as I was.

Expertly she sucked, first gently with an occasional smile at my reaction. Clearly, this was a woman who possessed expert skills as she knew exactly how to get me hard. She nibbled on my balls and soon my shaft had disappeared into her inviting mouth. I froze, not knowing how to tell her that I was about to cum. But she sensed my cock swelling in her mouth, so she withdrew it and said “No, not in my mouth. I need that in my pussy.” She left everything, turned around flat on her back and begged to be fucked. I mounted her with such force that in no time I had her quivering. I shot my cum, every drop of it, deep inside. It just kept on ejaculating, with load after load oozing out.

I lay exhausted as she whispered, “Thank you.  Now I know what is going to turn you on.”

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4 replies
  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Happy story. Obviously, women can learn about sexual techniques while remaining chaste. It's one of the blessings of this site! Glad you were willing to experiment with the love of your life.

  2. PatientPassion says:

    I second what CHL said, but it's obviously not just limited to women. I'm a single guy, virgin and proud, and through various resources (with MarriageHeat foremost among them) my confidence has grown in my ability to bring pleasure to my wife in the future.

    It's great to see a newly-married couple beginning to explore the wide variety of beautiful ways to use their sexuality to bond and express their love for each other!

  3. snagd says:

    Yes this was the first time ever that I had a blowjob. Our sex lifes improved considerably as she slowly started getting me to start a similar mouth stimulation on her.

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