Sexy Dice Game

Do you and your spouse like to play around?  We do!  By that I mean play games that put a spark of creativity and fun into our sex life.  Some of the sex games available on the market are interesting, but we can usually recreate or at least approximate them at home with a little ingenuity.  This provides the benefits to our marriage without breaking the bank.

Here is one example: It’s likely that you have already heard of the game we based it on, but here is a DIY version. You don’t need to go out and buy special dice. Just use ordinary six-sided ones.

Game Rules

  1. Freshen up for each other.
  2. Lock the doors & turn off your phones.  It’s best if you have the run of the house, as you’ll see when you get to the section labeled Location.
  3. Roll five dice one at a time (or one die five times in a row), making a note of the numbers rolled.
  4. Coordinate the numbers with the words below.
  5. Translate the indicated words into instructions and follow them to the letter.


  1. Softly
  2. Repeatedly
  3. Cheekily / Playfully
  4. Firmly
  5. Quickly


  1. Lick
  2. Suck
  3. Kiss
  4. Touch
  5. Rub
  6. Tickle

Your Partner’s Body Part: (Male/Female)

  1. Mouth
  2. Penis / Clitoris
  3. Chest / Boobs
  4. Inner Thigh
  5. Bum
  6. Dice roller decides


  1. Kitchen
  2. Shower
  3. Bed
  4. Living room
  5. Outside
  6. On the exercise ball

Wearing: (Male/Female)

  1. Pants and Button-down Shirt/Dress
  2. Suit and Tie/Fancy Dress Costume
  3. Boxers or Briefs/Bra and Knickers
  4. Silky Pajama Pants or Shorts/Silky Gown or Pajamas
  5. Speedo/Thong
  6. Nothing

Of course, these are only suggestions. You can adapt any of them to your preferences or needs and to reflect what you have available.  Feel free to add (and roll for) more categories:

  • food items to eat off of the designated body part
  • item to use on the body part, such as a feather, vibrator, or riding crop
  • anything else your fertile minds can imagine.

If you do come up with other ideas, let’s hear about them in the comments!  And if you’ve created or recreated any other cool games, write a post like this one and share it with all of us!

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5 replies
  1. Tulsa says:

    We have done strip poker many times. Someone always loses….or really, wins, and ends up without a stitch. That's when we spice things up, and add 'acts' to the bet, since there's no more clothes to bet with. Along with the act, it a time, like a minute or two!
    "I'll see your t-shirt, and raise you one minute of licking my clit".

    As far as location, we prefer outdoors, but that's true with most anything!

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