Turn and Burn

This just happened this morning…

As many of you already know my gorgeous husband works overseas. He’s on an extended deployment. That means we haven’t seen each other in what feels like forever.

Last week he called me up and said he had an emergency medical escort back to the states. I said, “Babe, as long as it’s not somewhere clear across the country, I’m packing the kids in the car and I’m coming to see you. It’s been too long!”

Thankfully, his trip wasn’t as far from home as I was expecting. He was only two hours away. Heck yeah, I was going to see him!

I packed my bag with the sexiest pair of panties I could find, the silkiest thigh-high stockings possible, and a simple but über-sexy pair of pajamas. I was not wasting my 24 hours with him.

I drove the kids two hours to Pennsylvania and took them to the zoo to kill time.

The anticipation of him filling me with his hard cock was smothering me. I was so excited I was soaked. I had shaved my legs and trimmed my bush smooth. Not only that, but I was wearing no panties. Yes, my straight-laced self was going commando! My nipples got hard every time I thought of his tongue exploring my mouth…

Late in the day I got a call from him. He was stuck in Jersey with no possible way out due to storms. I was incredibly disappointed. I was hungry for my husband and I wanted him now!

I finally got everyone tucked into bed. I was only in my sexy panties and pajamas.  I figured there was no point in wearing my thigh highs anymore. He clearly wasn’t coming to ravage my pussy that evening.  But, I got to thinking about the tip of his throbbing cock and how it feels parting my wet pussy lips. That got me so excited I couldn’t help myself. I laid in bed stroking my swollen clit.  All I could think about were his lips gently sucking it into his warm mouth. My orgasm was so strong it nearly ripped me in two!

Next morning at 7:49 am I got a text: “knock, knock.”

OH MY GOD! He was at the door!!! I finally am starting to understand that verse in Song of Songs: I slept but my heart was awake. Listen! My beloved is knocking: “Open to me, my sister, my darling, my dove, my flawless one.” (SofS 5:2). I quietly let him in and kissed him deeply. I forgot what kissing him was like! The way his lips met mine was pure pleasure.

We’re always as nervous as first-time lovers when we meet again. But not this time!  Forget playing coy! I eagerly dragged him to bed and made him play with my supple breasts.  He stroked my buttery hot nipples until they were hard and upright like little soldiers. His hands gently explored my chest.

I made him take off his pants. His cock was hard as his mouth made its way to my neck and he licked and nibbled in the most seductive way. My pussy was aching with need of him. My hand instinctively went to his bulging shaft. I stroked his cock with my fingers. I could feel every ridge and line that I love so much.  I quite literally melted under his touch. His body on top of mine was so erotic!

He whispered in my ear, “Bathroom. Now!” I quietly padded to the bathroom with him.

We shut off the lights and pulled what little clothes we had on off. He scooped me up into his arms. My drenched and lusty pussy opened to receive his pulsing cock. I linked a leg around his waist and rested the other foot on the tub for leverage. He pushed me up against the wall and filled me up with his delicious cock.

“Cum in me, babe!” I whispered.

He began to thrust wildly, enjoying how incognito this sex was!  We were trying to so hard to not wake our kids up!!!

I stifled a scream as the sheer pleasure engulfed my body.  He half-whispered half-growled in my ear, “gahhh, I’m cumming!”

My pussy was drenched in our juices. It ran down my thighs and onto his legs. We hung there like a couple of love monkeys. We were enjoying something we’d missed for so long!

We washed up and went to wake up our kids. We spent the next four happy hours with daddy before he had to head back to work.  So much for the 24 hours I was looking forward to.

So long lover! We will affectionately look back to this day when we’re 75+ years old as the “Turn and Burn” day of the summer of ‘18.

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4 replies
  1. Horny_boy says:

    Really hot🔥🔥and not only did I learn about sweet monogamous sex but also I saw biblical principles at work in a way that actually makes sense! That longing and desire for your husband and the way you take care of yourself just for the touch of your husband — Wow! I think that's the way God meant it to be when He gave us sex: to be completely "addicted" to and intoxicated by one another's touch and that's really good! As a 20-year-old, I am really looking forward to marriage and this story allows me to enjoy myself, imagining it! 💦
    And please, girl, share more. 🙌

  2. angela40 says:

    I understand you completely, my husband and I travel in different directions for our work. Often meet when close enough. We meet and make love to the fullest. He is loaded with sexual essence, which my pussy awaits. Best to you.

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