King of the Shower

When our children were young and we were hoping to get pregnant with a third, my wife and I took an amazing trip to Hawaii. We rented a beautiful beach house with incredible views of the ocean. The bedrooms had skylights and there was a giant lanai where you could hear the waves crash onto the beach. It was a once- in-a-lifetime vacation that we will never forget. Inside the house our kids’ favorite feature was the bunk beds, but my wife and I loved the large walk-in shower. We both agreed we wanted to have one like this in our own home once we got a house with a master bedroom.

Two years later, after having the third kid, we moved into a larger house with a great master. It had his and her sinks, a Jacuzzi tub, and a walk-in shower with twin nozzles that face a built-in bench. We got our walk-in shower!

Like other busy couples, we always struggle to find time for sex. My wife’s mind is in constant motion thinking about what everyone in the family needs. There are appointments to keep, chauffeuring trips to drive, etc. She tries to be very efficient with her time. She loves it when she can get two things done at once. This is where the shower comes in. If she has to take a shower anyway to clean up, why not combine that? She can satisfy the sexual needs of her constantly horny hubby too! My ears always perk up when I hear her ask, “Wanna be King of the Shower?”

On these happy occasions I jump into the shower to join her as we both get wet, lather, and clean up. It takes me about a minute to do my part. That means I get to watch her wash her hair, condition it and, best of all, shave her legs. It’s quite a turn on to see her put her leg up on the bench and run a sharp razor up and down her legs. It leaves them smooth and shiny. By this time I am usually hard and stroking my soapy rod. Sometimes, I bonk it against her butt so she knows how excited I am.

When her routine is done she says, “You gonna be King?” I eagerly step up on the bench, my “throne.” It is wet and slippery, but I’m in a rush.

Once I’m up I turn around and spread my legs, wedging my feet against the walls so I’m braced. As my wife turns around to face me, my purple-tipped royal staff is comfortably at nose height. She shoots me a cute smile and then wraps her fingers around me and brings me to her mouth. Such ecstasy as her soft lips first touch the tip and then slide past the ridge of the head, enveloping my sword. She moves her mouth up and down, filling it with me, each split second showing me how much she loves me.

I reach down to tuck her hair away so I get the full view. After a few moments, she pulls away and adds her tongue to the act. She swirls it all around the head, licking the shaft. I am in my royal place! The sensations from my Queen’s mouth are amazing. The hot steam rises from the shower. The cool air washes over my chest. I revel in the view of my beautiful wife devouring my cock. I am her King and she is my Queen. And in that moment my Excalibur is happier than Arthur’s!

My hands touch her face and the back of her head, then drop down to play with her boobs. They are wet and a little soapy, so super fun to touch. She adds her hands into the mix to complement her mouth. They cup the family jewels and tickle my perineum and butt.

We go on like this for a few minutes and I lose track of time, lost in pleasure. She, however, is still the busy mom. It’s only a matter of a few minutes before someone will be banging on the locked door needing something from her.

So she tells me to get a move on. That means I have to start to move with her to hasten my climax. Or, in another delightful twist, we transition to a position that takes advantage of her superior flexibility. She calls it Yoga. It’s another clever way she does two things at once: stretching her body and satisfying her husband’s needs.

I love cumming all over her boobs as King of the Shower. But, Yoga is something special and not to be missed. I carefully step down from the throne as she bends over to grab her toes. She is amazingly flexible. When she bends, I have spread before me a perfect hourglass figure. Wide at her shoulders, slimming down at her waist and widening again with her nice, round butt. Her posture separates those irresistible cheeks for me. Her cute, puckered rosebud is revealed. The view itself could make me blow my load. But I save it for what she is offering next.

I get behind her and lower myself to the correct height for entry. I poke and graze her cleft, looking for the right spot. She reaches through her legs and grabs my lingam (yoga speak for penis). She guides it to her wet and ready yoni (yoga for pussy). Hmmm. What an amazing sensation. How can something feel so good, so right, so simple and elemental?

I am interrupted in my wondering when she again tells me to get a move on. I grab her hips and pull her to me hard. Plunging into her, my thighs slap against her butt. I grip her waist harder, bringing her to me, going as deep as I can. Her cheeks separate even further as my torso insinuates itself between them. For some reason this position feels very manly. It takes all my strength and uses all my muscles. The view of her bent over while I take her satisfies something primal in me. I am filled with gratitude that she is so willing to give herself to me.

After a few more strokes my balls start to tighten. I give it my all, simultaneously pulling her to me and pushing my cock into her as hard as I can. I explode with audible grunts and moans. I can feel my cum spraying her insides. I stay in her, twitching four or five times before partially collapsing on her. I slide my hands up her wet back, softly touching her. I’m exhausted, happy, and content.

My Queen leans forward and I pop out. Stretching upward now, she turns around to give me a kiss. She takes a quick rinse before grabbing a towel to dry off. Then she goes to get ready for another day of less sexy, but still regal, duties.

Her King stays in the shower a few moments longer. He feels so loved and lucky as the hot water washes over him.

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