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Wife’s New Sex Toy (L)

When we were browsing around looking for things to enhance our sex life, I came across a vibrating dildo. I asked my wife if she would be interested in trying one. She said that if she has my cock in her it’s better. But eventually, she agreed and chose one that resembled my cock.
“What am I going to do with this?” she asked as we got home. I explained that while making love I can use it as a supplementary instrument. I wanted to use it to cause a vibration in her cunt while I focused my energies elsewhere.
The first time I switched it on, lubed it up, and inserted it into her vagina she seemed to enjoy it. Soon, she started maneuvering it herself, looking for those spots she enjoys fondling. To my surprise, she left it in her pussy while she sucked my cock. When she was ready she removed the toy and guided my cock into her pussy. She made me fuck her hard and fast as she writhed and wiggled her backside. She was so hot and it made me cum hard!
“I love this thing,” she uttered afterward. “It’s perfect for fucking myself when the need arises.”
A few weeks down the line I got home and heard strange noises in my bedroom. As I peeped in, there was my wife spread out on the bed. She was completely naked and shoving the toy into her pussy. She moved it around in different positions as she fucked herself. At one point she pulled it out of her pussy.
Then she did something that blew my mind (and almost made me blow my load). She lifted her legs up to her chest and slid it up her ass. It glided in and out. What a beautiful sight to see how she was fucking herself in her anus. She had full control over the depth as she moved it in an out. She sighed and moaned at every movement. Finally, she must have orgasmed. She pulled it out, rolled onto her side, and fell asleep.
I loved my wife even more for this pleasure feast of hers. Sometime later I told her how I saw everything. She smiled and now makes it part of our sessions.

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6 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Great story snagd! The act of self pleasure is a beautiful, healthy and erotic experience to behold.
    The last toy I purchased was a strap-on from Simply Pleasure. Our Adult Novelty store closed up shop so online ordering is my only way. Not that I am complaining. You didn't buy yourself something? Ben has a " Fleshlight " and a " vibrating masturbation sleeve ". I absolutely love watching him use either of them. Of course I also enjoy watching him do it the old fashion way too. I bet your wife would enjoy watching you! Anyway, God bless and Stay Horny!❤

  2. Happy Husband says:

    Wife and I have been in a bit of dryspell lately. Finally had time yesterday. Enjoyed using multiple vibrators / bullets on my wife's pussy and clit, but decided to use a second bullet on her breasts and nipples while I used her favorite on her clit. She was overcome with the pleasure. I have never seen her react to breast play like that. Then I used both bullets on her pussy at the same time, working outside of both of her lips. Again, she was moaning and groaning with pleasure as I gently sandwiched her clit with two bullets, one on each side. By the end she was BEGGING me to fuck her with the big dildo to finish off her ecstasy. She came HARD and long. Afterwards she was so spent she slept for an hour in the middle of the afternoon. Bottom line, even OLD toys used in a new way can rev up your love life. And, don't forget to use a little vibe on the nipples! I so love my wife, and she asked for another round this afternoon!

  3. snagd says:

    Although my wife having the toy in her anus, we don't too much indulge in anal sex. We tried many times but we were unsuccessful, but finally, with stretches and lube, we mastered it. If she demanded it I would oblige. My problem is the anus needs a lot of lube, we need condoms but once the penis is in the penetration is very deep. If we don't use condoms, the semen is a problem as it all seems to leak out and if in the wrong place the women do get embarrassed. My wife prefers it for special occasions only and with condoms. She always keeps some handy, just in case.

  4. tgrcpl says:

    Awesome story. My wife has never used a toy until 5-6 years into our marriage. We needed to spice things up did some research and found out about toys. We went as a couple to the store and she picked out the one she liked.
    I'll be honest, there were a ton of emotions and thoughts seeing her with it the first time….

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